Samsung Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice [How to Fix]

Is your Samsung ice maker not dispensing ice? There are a few possible reasons for this and this article discusses them and how to fix the problem.

Samsung ice maker not dispensing ice
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Ice Not Dispensing from a Samsung Fridge – What to Do

If your Samsung fridge is not dispensing ice, do the following:

1. Check the Ice Bucket

Be sure that the ice bucket has ice in it. If there is no ice in the bucket, the fridge cannot dispense ice. And if there is ice in the bucket but it is clumped or fused, the fridge won’t be able to dispense it.

So throw the ice out and give the ice maker time to make fresh ice. This time, be sure to dispense the ice as soon as it is made. And use the ice regularly to prevent clumping.

Additionally, when putting the ice bucket back in, ensure it seats correctly. If not, there will be no ice in the bucket, even though the motor is working to push the ice out. Consequently, the fridge won’t be able to dispense ice.

2. Check the Opening of the Dispenser

Take the ice bucket out and inspect the opening. It is possible pieces of ice got stuck around it and over time, froze there.

Therefore, empty the bucket, replace it and pour warm water through the opening to melt the ice. When the water runs clear and free, empty the ice bucket, dry it completely and replace it.

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3. Check the Child Lock

To determine if the child lock is on, check the padlock icon on the control panel. If it is lit, it means the lock is on. The dispenser and the display lock when the child lock is on. So the fridge cannot dispense ice even if it wanted to.

Consult the user manual of the fridge to find out how to disable the child lock for your model.

4. Check the Wiring

If you had to remove the doors of the fridge at some point and the unit has not been able to dispense ice since then, check the wiring. And if you cannot hear the auger motor turning when attempting to dispense some ice, the wiring could be faulty.

Read the instructions on how to attach the doors in the user manual for the fridge in order to reconnect the wire harness correctly.

5. Check the Auger Motor

Remove the ice bucket and turn the auger manually. If it turns without a hitch, check the continuity of the auger using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, replace the auger. And if the motor has power but is not running, replace it.

If you follow all these steps yet the fridge still cannot dispense ice, contact the Support center of Samsung and request service on the fridge.

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Watch this video for a demonstration on how to fix a Samsung ice maker that is not dispensing ice in a french door refrigerator…

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Samsung Refrigerator Does Not Dispense Water or Ice – Solutions

If a Samsung refrigerator does not dispense water or ice, check the following parts:

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1. Water Inlet Valve

Ensure that the pressure water to the inlet valve is up to 20psi. Otherwise, the valve won’t open to supply water into the ice maker. And if there is no water in the ice maker or in the refrigerator, it won’t be able to dispense water or ice.

Adjust the pressure if it is low so the valve can work. But if the pressure is right, check the continuity of the inlet valve using a multimeter. Replace it if there is no continuity.

2. Door Water Tube

Disconnect the tube at the door. You will find it at the bottom. Next, blow air into it. If the air does not go through the tube, it means there is ice in it.

Defrost the ice using warm water. Then, check the temperature in the freezer. It should be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, at least. If you have to increase it, it should not exceed 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because if the temperature in the freezer is too low, the tube will freeze.

3. Door Switch

Test the door switch using a multimeter to check for continuity. If there is no continuity even when the door switch is activated, replace the switch.

The switch turns the water and ice dispenser off whenever the door of the refrigerator is open. So if the switch is defective, it will turn off the dispenser. Consequently, the refrigerator won’t be able to dispense water or ice.

4. Dispenser Control Board

Before checking the control board, be sure to check different parts of the dispenser for faults if the dispenser is not working. But if the entire system has failed, it is likely the control board is the problem.

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Therefore, contact a refrigerator repair agent to determine if the dispenser control board has failed and to replace it accordingly.

5. Water Filter

If the water filter in the refrigerator is old or needs to be replaced, it can restrict how freely water flows to the dispenser. It can also affect the ability of the ice maker to make ice because the water won’t be clean.

Replace the water filter as soon as possible. And replace it every six months to keep the water pure and the dispenser working optimally.

6. Dispenser Switches

Test the switches with a multimeter to determine if each one has continuity. If any of the dispenser switches is faulty, replace the switch. This is because the switches are responsible for sending voltage to the dispenser. If even one fails, the dispenser won’t be able to dispense water or ice.

Fixing any faulty part of the dispenser should fix the problem. But if the Samsung refrigerator is still not able to dispense water or ice, contact the Samsung service center to request service.

Important Note

If your Samsung ice maker is not dispensing ice and the refrigerator is still under an active warranty, have a Samsung repair agent come out and fix the dispensing problem. But if the problem cannot be fixed, replace the refrigerator.

Alternatively, chat with any of our appliance technicians to explain the problem. They are qualified with the experience to guide you on what to do.

Remember that there are some troubleshooting steps that need the refrigerator to be unplugged. But there are others that don’t require the unit to be unplugged.

And even when unplugged, be aware that there are parts of the refrigerator that retain current for some time. So, handle the unit carefully.


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