Samsung Ice Maker Is Stuck [How to Fix]

If your Samsung ice maker is stuck and you find it difficult to get it out, learn how to fix this problem in this article.

Samsung ice maker is stuck
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Ice Maker Stuck in a Samsung Refrigerator – Quick Fix

If you find that the ice maker in a Samsung refrigerator is stuck, it could mean that the ice maker is frozen in place.

To remove it, defrost the refrigerator manually. Here is how to do it:

Step 1

Unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet. If you cannot reach the outlet, power down the circuit breaker for that part of the house.

Step 2

Take every food item in the refrigerator out and store them in another refrigerator or in a cooler. This depends on the time it will take to melt the ice around the ice maker.

You don’t have to defrost the whole unit. So if the ice does not take long to melt, it may not be necessary to store the food elsewhere, unless it will go bad.

However, if you are going to defrost the whole unit, it is best to take the shelves and bins out, too. Doing this makes it easy to clean the refrigerator after the defrost process. You can also take the opportunity and wash the bins and shelves.

Step 3

Leave the door or doors of the refrigerator open for the duration of the defrost process. It makes things faster. Place towels close to the front edge of the unit to catch dripping water.

Step 4

Check the ice maker to see if the ice has melted enough to enable you to move it. If it has, you can stop the defrost process unless you want to defrost the unit.

Step 5

Clean up any puddle of water that may have collected on the floor of the room. Clean the ice maker and refrigerator thoroughly, making sure to dry them completely. Doing this prevents moisture from freezing and causing frost buildup.

Step 6

Put the shelves and bins back and restore the food. Plug the refrigerator back into the wall outlet or power up the circuit breaker.

Alternatively, use a hair dryer to melt the ice around the ice maker if it is frozen in place. While this is not recommended because of the risk, it is a fast method. But if the heat destroys the plastic in or around the ice maker or in the refrigerator, it cannot be repaired.

It is important to point out here that there are usually different reasons why an ice maker freezes in place. One of them is a crack in the ice maker, from which water leaks out and freezes around the machine.

Another one is the water line not correctly fixed. It could cause water to back up and freeze around the ice maker, causing it to stick.

Contact the Samsung Service Center to request service if the ice maker is stuck in ice, if ice covers it or if it is stuck for no apparent reason.

Note: Smart refrigerators such as the Family Hub models and others that easily connect to SmartThings have a firmware update that prevents the ice maker from freezing. And if this has already happened before the update, it resolves the problem. But if the problem occurs despite the update, contact Samsung immediately.

Samsung Ice Maker Arm Stuck in Up Position – What to Do

If the control arm or shut-off arm of a Samsung ice maker is stuck in the up position, try the following:

Unplug the unit to defrost it manually. It is possible the arm is stuck in ice. This is especially true if you don’t dispense ice regularly from the ice maker.

There is a possibility that there is a mechanism problem in the housing. So try to take the ice maker out and remove the screws that hold the gear and motor mechanism in place. If the lever is no longer in place, it will explain why the arm is stuck in the up position.

Realign all the parts properly and put the ice maker back. Then, give it a little time before turning the ice maker on to see if the arm is unstuck.

However, have a professional come and take a look at the arm to determine why it is stuck. Contact Samsung or any of our experienced technicians for assistance. And remember that regularly maintaining the ice maker prevents problems.

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Samsung Ice Maker Bucket Stuck – Quick Fix

If the ice bucket of a Samsung ice maker is stuck, check to see if the model is the type that uses a lever or button. If it is, pull the lever or press the button to release the bucket. Then, lift it out of the unit. You can use the user manual to determine how to remove the bucket for your specific model.

If that is not the case, try wiggling the bucket gently to release it. But if it is still stuck, it could be frozen. Manually defrosting the refrigerator can take care of this but you have to find out why it got stuck in the first place.

Therefore, contact Samsung to report the problem and request service.

Samsung Ice Maker Stuck on Crush Mode – What to Do

Adjust the temperature in the freezer to a higher point if a Samsung ice maker is stuck on crush mode.

The reason why the ice maker seems to be producing only crushed ice is that the temperature is too cold, causing the ice to become too brittle. Therefore, it shatters when it is leaving the ice maker.

But increasing the temperature in the freezer can solve the problem.

Well, here is another method to try if you can work your way around the ice maker…

Ice Stuck in Samsung Ice Maker – What to Do

If there is ice stuck in your Samsung ice maker, turn off the machine and allow the ice to melt. Another method of removing the ice is to test or reset the ice maker; press the Test button on one side to run the test for about six minutes. This should loosen the ice so that it drops into the ice bucket.

Several issues can cause ice to remain stuck in the ice maker ice storage bin. If the ejector blades in the ice machine or the auger in the ice bucket fail to work, you cannot dispense the ice. Also, infrequent use of the ice in the storage bin or ice maker causes it to clump and freeze in the machine.

A frequent occurrence of ice getting stuck in the ice maker or ice bucket may eventually damage the machine. So, turn off the ice maker or disconnect the water and turn it off if you do not regularly use ice. If ice is already stuck in it, turn off the machine and refrigerator and allow the ice to melt naturally. Do not attempt to remove the ice forcefully, or you may damage the ice maker.

You can contact the Samsung Center to report the ice maker issue or hire an independent technician for further assistance. You may need professional help to fix the auger or ejector blades.


There have been complaints from people saying that their Samsung ice maker is stuck. This guide should help you fix the problem. But if you find that it is not working, call Samsung service center as soon as possible.

For some of these steps, it is important to disconnect the refrigerator from electric power in order to avoid electrocution. However, for others, you need the power supply. Use it carefully.

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