Samsung Ice Maker Will Not Stop Making Ice [How to Fix]

If your Samsung ice maker will not stop making ice and you don’t know what to do, this article guides you on how to fix it.

Samsung ice maker will not stop making ice
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Samsung Ice Maker Keeps Making Ice – Solution

Here are steps to take to fix a Samsung ice maker that keeps making ice:

1. Check the Shut-off Arm

Lift the shut-off arm of the ice maker up to the off position and check the ice maker. This position should stop the production of ice and it is even automatic. But if lifting it up to the off position does not stop ice production in the ice maker, the arm needs to be replaced.

2. Check the Ice Bucket

Take a look at the ice bucket to be sure it is correctly and properly inserted. You will be able to determine this if there is ice around the ice maker even when the bucket is not full enough for the ice maker to detect it.

Take the bucket out and insert it again, this time making sure it fits correctly and clicks into position. Consult your user manual to know how to correctly insert it. After this, run the ice making cycle again and see if this resolves the issue of overproduction of ice.

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3. Inspect the Water Inlet Valve

Check the ice cubes which the ice maker produces. If they are not as neatly formed as before, the problem could be with the inlet valve. In addition, if the valve is defective, it won’t close when the ice mold is full but will keep supplying water to the ice maker, thereby increasing the production of ice.

You can replace the valve yourself if you have the know-how or you can opt for professional help.

Samsung DA62-00914B Water Valve for Refrigerator

4. Check the Feeler Paddle

You will find the paddle under the ice maker. Check to see if it is frozen or is stiff from poor lubrication. If it is frozen, thaw the ice using a safe heat source or turning the refrigerator off for a little while. But if it is poor lubrication, consult a professional for ways to oil it properly.

In the event none of the above is the reason why the paddle is malfunctioning, simply buy a new paddle, loosen the bolt holding the old one in place and secure the new one with the bolt.

Once the ice bin or ice bucket fills with ice, the feeler paddle has the job of cutting off the flow of ice until the ice bin empties. But if it is faulty or malfunctioning, it won’t be able to stop ice flow.

5. Clean the Ice Maker

Turn off the water supply to the refrigerator and unplug it from the wall outlet. Allow the ice maker to thaw a bit, especially a frozen ice maker. Then, clean it to remove any residual ice or dirt.

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Be careful not to use hot water or to scrub the machine as these could damage it. Use a soft cloth soaked in warm or cold water and a mild cleaning agent. Dry the ice maker thoroughly so there is no residue left from the cleaning process. Then turn it back on.

An ice maker with too much ice or dirt could malfunction and one of the ways it shows this by producing ice non-stop.

6. Reset the Ice Maker

Most Samsung ice makers have a Test or reset button, located on different parts of the ice maker, depending on the refrigerator model.

Therefore, locate the button on your ice maker, press it and hold it until there is a chime or until the motor of the ice maker starts to torque.

This indicates that the ice maker test has started. For those that chime, a second chime indicates that the ice maker has reset or has passed the function test.

Resetting the ice maker usually resolves many issues, including not being able to make enough ice or making too much of it.

When All Else Fails…

If doing all of the above, including resetting it, does not stop the ice maker from making too much ice, it is time to call in the professionals. Contact Samsung service center to request service. Alternatively, chat with any of our technicians who have the expertise to solve the problem or advise you on what to do.

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Important Note…

If your Samsung ice maker will not stop making ice, it is important to know when to unplug the refrigerator before checking the ice maker. If you want to reset it, you need the unit to be plugged in. But if you want to clean the ice maker, make sure to unplug the refrigerator.

If the unit is still under warranty, contact Samsung to service the ice maker without paying anything. However, be sure you don’t cause the fault; that voids the warranty.

Additionally, be aware that maintaining ice makers reduces the chances of damage. Therefore, run a maintenance check on the ice maker from time to time. If you don’t know how to do this, have a professional run the checks for you.


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