Samsung Ice Maker Won’t Come Out [How to Fix]

If your Samsung ice maker won’t come out, there are ways to fix the problem. But first, find out why it won’t come out so you can fix it permanently.

Samsung ice maker won't come out
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Samsung Ice Maker Won’t Come Out – What to Do

If you find that the ice maker in your Samsung refrigerator will not come out, it means the machie is stuck. The most likely reason for this problem is ice formation due to several issues. The ice compartment may have cracks, the ice bucket gasket may be loose, or water leaks around the ice maker.

Do not try to force the ice maker to come out. The first step is to turn o the refrigerator and allow the ice maker to thaw. We discuss how to thaw the ice maker laer in this article. Another option is to use the test button; press it until the ice maker chimes and the ice tray turns as the machine goes into test mode. The ice maker will have time to reset and defrost if frozen.

Alternatively, put the ice maker into forced defrost mode before attempting to remove it from the refrigerator. However, get professional assistance from the Samsung Service Center or hire an independent technician if ice is not the problem.

How to Pull the Ice Maker Out of a Samsung Refrigerator

To pull the ice maker out of a Samsung refrigerator, take the following steps:

Step 1

Find out why it is difficult to pull out in the first place. If it is stuck for no clear reason, you need to get professional help to free it. But if it is frozen in place, defrost it before trying to pull it out.

To do this, set the refrigerator in the forced defrost mode. Doing this melts the ice quickly. The set of buttons to press to put the unit in the forced defrost mode differs from model to model. Consult the user manual of your refrigerator to determine how to do this for your specific model.

However, you can try the Energy Saver and the Fridge buttons. Press them simultaneously and hold them for about eight seconds. That is if the unit has these buttons. When you press them, the display will show FF. Press the Fridge button until you see Fd on the display. This indicates that the unit is force defrosting.

After about ten minutes, remove the unit from the forced defrost mode. Press the combination of buttons as before until the beeping stops and the display goes blank.

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By now, the ice around the ice maker has melted.

Step 2

Next, unplug the unit from the wall outlet. If there is no way to reach the wall outlet, turn off the circuit breaker that controls the unit.

Step 3

Take the ice bucket out of the unit. How you remove it will depend on the model of the refrigerator.

For some models, take the ice bucket out by fitting your hand in the opening under it, lifting it a little with your other hand on top of it and gently pulling it out.

For other models, simply slide the ice bucket out from under the ice maker.

When you remove the ice bucket, check to see if there is any ice left in the compartment of the ice maker. Leave the unit door open to melt it if there is. Avoid using a hair dryer or heat gun to melt it quickly as this could melt the plastic parts of the compartment.

Step 4

On the left side of the compartment of the ice maker, unscrew the single Philips screw that holds the cover of the wire housing in place. Lift the cover and pull it slightly forward to remove it.

Next. pull out the ice maker wiring from the ice maker compartment side. Now, disconnect the wire harness and remove it to cut power to the ice maker.

Step 5

The next step is to unscrew the ice tray screw with a Philips screwdriver. Using a flathead screwdriver, pry the ice duct tray to move it towards the right side. Then push it down gently to take it out of the way.

Doing this will expose a cooling coil under the machine if the model has one. Using the same flathead screwdriver, move the coil enough to be able to slide out the ice maker. Don’t force the coil or try to pry it loose. If you perforate or puncture it, it damages the unit beyond repair.

Step 6

Press the clip at the top of the ice maker to release it. Then, pull the ice maker towards you a bit, pushing it down as you do so. Doing this loosens the machine from the compartment.

Samsung Ice Maker Tray Will Not Come Out – Quick Fix

If the ice maker tray or bucket is stuck in the refrigerator, do not try to force it to come out. It may be stuck due to ice, and if you suspect ice buildup, turn off the ice maker and refrigerator so the ice can melt. Once the tray is loose, lift it out of the refrigerator and put it in the sink so the ice can melt.

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Dump the ice out, clean the tray with warm water to remove ice fragments, and thoroughly dry it before putting it back into the refrigerator. Failure to dry it thoroughly can cause another ice buildup in a short time. But if this method does not work, there may be a more serious issue that requires professional assistance. Contact Samsung for help.

How to Pull Out Ice Bucket from a Samsung Refrigerator

For older ice maker models, there is a lever or button towards the top part of the ice bucket used to release it. Next, put your hand under it in the opening and pull it out.

For newer models, simply hold it at the bottom, in the opening, lift and pull it out. If there is any resistance, wiggle the bucket a bit to loosen it.

However, if it is stuck because of ice, thaw the ice quickly. Then, check to see if water spilt around the bucket and adjust the ice maker so water does not spill anymore.

But if there is a wire dangling out of the ice maker, report the issue to Samsung and request service. You can also chat with our technicians to ascertain what the dangling wire means and how to fix it.

Watch this video to see how to easily pull out the ice bucket from a Samsung refrigerator…

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How to Thaw Out a Samsung Ice Maker

To thaw out a Samsung ice maker, unplug the refrigerator to defrost it manually. If you cannot unplug it from the wall socket, trip the circuit breaker for that part of the house. Next, remove every food item from the unit and store them in another refrigerator or freezer.

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Place thick towels or rags around the unit to absorb water from the melting ice. Open the door of the unit and leave it open for the duration of the defrost process.

At the end of it, clean the ice maker and the refrigerator thoroughly, making sure they are completely dry. Then, turn the unit back on by plugging it in or turning on the circuit breaker.

Doing this thaws the ice in the ice maker.

Another option is to set the unit in the forced defrost mode. How to do this depends on the specific Samsung refrigerator model you own. So consult the user manual to determine the keys to use.

However, if your unit has the Fridge and Energy Saver buttons, press both simultaneously and hold them until the display shows FF, which means forced freeze. Release the buttons and tap the Fridge button until the display shows Fd, which means forced defrost.

The process takes between 5 to 10 minutes, in which time the ice around the ice maker melts as the heating system comes on. The unit will alert you when the defrost is done so use the same button combination to remove it from the mode.

You can also use the hair dryer method. While we do not advise using this method, it is quick and easy. But you run the risk of melting the plastic parts in and around the ice maker compartment with the heat from the dryer. And if this happens, it damages the refrigerator beyond repair.


If your Samsung ice maker won’t come out, this article guides you on what to do. But remember to unplug the refrigerator if you want to pull out the ice maker. Otherwise, you could electrocute yourself or damage the ice maker.

If fixing or pulling the ice maker out proves difficult, contact Samsung to request service. This is especially true if the unit is still under active warranty so you don’t void it.

Alternatively, chat with our technicians for quick and easy service, as well as fixing any other appliance you may have.

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