How to Turn Off a GE Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

If you have been looking for how to turn off your GE refrigerator, look no further. This article guides you on how to easily do this.

how to turn off a GE refrigerator

How to Turn Off a GE Refrigerator

To turn off a GE refrigerator, move the refrigerator slightly away from the wall behind it. This way, you will be able to access the water valve.

Turn the water valve off and switch off the wall outlet to which the refrigerator’s power cord is connected. You may also choose to just unplug the unit without switching the outlet off.

If your refrigerator has a dispenser, do well to dispose of the remaining water in the reservoir.

Note: It is not necessary to turn off your refrigerator unless you won’t be around for more than four weeks.

If you have one of the older refrigerator models with direct cool technology, remove everything in it to reduce its electricity consumption in your absence. You can leave just about two-three bottles of water in it. Then, increase the temperature.

But for the modern ones with inverter technology, consider leaving the refrigerator running. That is if you won’t be absent for more than two-four weeks. Their electricity consumption is less than 300 units per annum.

How to Turn off Ice Maker in a GE Refrigerator

The following are ways to turn off a GE ice maker, depending on the refrigerator model:

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1. Toggle Switch

Locate the switch behind the ice bucket. You will have to take the bucket out before you can access the switch. Some models will require that you remove the freezer top-shelf before removing the ice bucket in order to prevent ice spillage.

This type of switch has to be toggled to either turn it on or off. You will notice I and O at the switch’s top and bottom respectively. When you toggle it to I, the ice maker turns on. But when you toggle it to O, it turns off.

Put the ice bucket back in place.

Note that this toggle switch can only be toggled either up ‘ON’ or down ‘OFF’.

2. Slide Switch

If you have this model, you’ll find the switch labelled ON/OFF in front of the ice maker. The switch has a knob that you can slide either left or right horizontally.

To turn off the ice maker, slide the knob towards the left. And to turn it back on, switch it to the right. The green power light will come on to tell you the ice maker is on.

This switch is usually found on the french door and bottom-freezer models, though a few other models have it.

3. Wire Feeler Arm

With this model, raising the arm on the ice maker’s side switches it off. Lowering the arm switches it on.

This type of ice makers is usually found on side-by-side and top-freezer refrigerators models and are non-electric.

4. Control Panel

Modern GE refrigerators have their ice makers’ ON/OFF selection displayed on their LCD touchpad control panels. Refrigerators of this model can have their ice makers’ turned off or on from the display panel.

This video shows how to turn off a GE refrigerator ice maker in different models…

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How to Turn Off Turbo Cool on a GE Refrigerator

To turn Turbo Cool off on your GE refrigerator, go to the control panel on the exterior of the left door of the refrigerator. Press the button labelled TC and hold it for about three seconds. The turbo cool function will switch off.

Note: After a few hours of functioning, the Turbo Cool function will automatically switch off.

How to Turn Off GE Side-by-Side Freezer

You cannot turn off just the freezer section in a GE side-by-side refrigerator model. You will have to turn off the refrigerator, too.

What you can do is to switch off the temperature controls by putting both compartments in the Off mode. However, this does not totally cut off power from your refrigerator.

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GE Ice Maker Won’t Turn Off – What to Do

If your GE ice maker will not turn off, do one or more of the following:

1. Fix the Feeler Arm

Check to see if the spring that controls the arm is broken or loose. If it is loose, pop it back into place. But if it is broken, you may have to replace the ice maker.

Some GE refrigerator ice makers have feeler arms. Their job is to detect when there is enough ice in the bucket so they can shut off the ice maker.

The arm automatically prompts the ice maker to either stop production or propel it to produce more. If it is broken, the ice machine will malfunction and result in a non-stop production of ice. As a result, an overflow will occur.

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To prevent such, never put anything order than ice in the bucket. And if it is broken, you may reach out to GE for a replacement.

2. Free the Feeler Arm

Inspect the arm to see if ice or any other object is obstructing it. If there is, remove such an object and check the arm to see if it moves smoothly.

The arm may be obstructed, making it difficult for it to go up when the ice bucket is full. Hence, the continuous production of ice and an overflow will occur.

It can also get stuck in the down position, causing the ice machine to stop making ic even when it is ready to make more.

3. Properly Position the Ice Bucket

Make sure to properly push the bucket into the freezer, to touch the back. And ensure there is no gap between the bucket and the ice maker.

Otherwise, there will be a continuous production and an overflow of ice. A gap between the ice maker and bucket will mean the arm won’t be able to touch the ice maker. The arm dropping into the bucket is a signal to stop ice production.

Some refrigerator models come with a freezer shelf that, when installed, will elevate the bucket to be right underneath the ice maker.

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Following this guide on how to turn off a GE refrigerator will help you solve the problem with the unit.

Also, whenever you are fixing your ice maker, turn it off to prevent damages or wastage.

If you will leave the refrigerator off for a long time (3 to 4 weeks), make sure to evacuate the water in the reservoir as it may become contaminated.

For the refrigerators with display panels, adjusting the temperature settings to the ‘OFF’ mode does not stop the power supply to the refrigerator. To cut off the supply, you either unplug it or power down the circuit breaker.


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