GE Refrigerator Light – Problems [Solved]

A GE refrigerator light could develop some problems, no matter how careful you are with it. But not to worry; this article helps you solve the problems.

GE Refrigerator light

GE Refrigerator LED Lights Not Working – How to Fix

If you find that the LED lights of a GE refrigerator are not working, the first thing to check is the bulbs. You can try changing the bulbs or light assembly and see if the lights start working.

If changing them does not fix the GE refrigerator light problem, then check the electronic control board. There could be a loose wire on it or some damage. Replace the control board if you find any damage to it.

However, the most likely cause of LED lights not working is a bad transformer. But due to the intricacy of finding and troubleshooting it, it is usually not the first part to check. And whether or not it is there depends on the refrigerator model.

Go to the back of the refrigerator and remove the grille at the bottom. You will see the water valve as well as wires, connectors and the water line. Right behind the water valve, out of plain sight, is the transformer. It controls the lights.

If yours has a transformer just as described here, then you may have to replace it in order to get the LED light working again.

To fix it, watch this demonstrative video…

If replacing the transformer seems too complicated, contact GE to report the LED lights issue and request service. Do the same if replacing the part doesn’t fix the problem.

GE Refrigerator LED Lights Dim – How to Fix

If the lights in any of the compartments are dim from the time you open the door, reboot the electronic control board.

Disconnect the refrigerator from the wall outlet. If you cannot reach the outlet, turn the circuit breaker off. Wait 5 minutes and reconnect the unit back to the wall outlet or turn the circuit breaker on.

Doing this resets the board so the lights become bright again. But if the reset does not brighten the lights, you need to replace the board.

Go to the back of the refrigerator and take the panel at the bottom off. You will see the board there. Disconnect the wire harnesses from the old board and connect them to the new one.

Usually, opening the door of the refrigerator causes the lights to come on full. But they begin to dim after 8 minutes.

The longer the door remains open, the dimmer they become. And after about 15 minutes, they go off completely.

Closing the door and reopening it restarts the timer of the LED lights. That is, they get bright again and start to dim after about 8 minutes.

If that is what is happening with the lights in your refrigerator, it is completely normal. You will notice that the transition is from bright to dim is smooth, like a controlled process. And it is applicable to both the freezer and the refrigerator.

However, if you are not sure about fixing the GE refrigerator light problem yourself, have a repair technician do it for you. But if you need a guide to instruct you on doing the repair yourself, use the chatbox to your right to speak with any of our technicians. No need for an expensive in-house call and no waiting period.

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GE Refrigerator Light Not Working – How to Fix

Check the following parts if your GE refrigerator light is not working:

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1. Light Bulb

Change the bulb in the refrigerator if the light is not working. A telltale sign is a dark spot on the bulb or a loose filament.

Replacing the bulb is usually the first and easiest thing to fix when you have such a problem. Therefore, do this before touching any other part of the light assembly.

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2. Light Socket

Test the socket using a multimeter to check if there is power going to it. If there is power and you are sure the bulb is working yet the bulb is not working in the socket, replace the socket. It is malfunctioning.

3. Door Switch

If a GE refrigerator light is not working, activate the door switch and see if the light starts working. If it does not, test the switch using a multimeter. This is to check for continuity. If there is no continuity in the switch, even when you activate it, replace it.

4. Light Switch

The switch for the light may be a faulty part. So, perform a continuity test on it using a multimeter. If you don’t find continuity in the switch, replace it. Otherwise, the light in the refrigerator will not work at all.

5. Light Board

Be sure that the board is getting the amount of voltage it needs to operate. If the voltage is enough, and all the other parts are in good working condition, consider replacing the board.

6. Light Assembly

When all the other parts check out fine, you may have to replace the entire light assembly to fix the GE refrigerator light. This is because it may be faulty. And since you may not get individual parts for it, replacing everything is the way to go.

My GE Refrigerator Lights Are Blinking – Quick Fix

If the lights in your GE refrigerator are blinking, unplug the refrigerator and wait about 10 minutes. This should reset the electronic control board.

Plug it back in and observe the lights for any changes. If there is no change and the lights continue blinking, replace the board. It powers the lighting and control panel.

You will find it at the back of the refrigerator, near the bottom.

GE Chest Freezer Green Light Not On – Quick Fix

If you find that the green light on the exterior of a GE freezer is not on, disconnect the power from the freezer and wait about 30 seconds. Reconnect the freezer to power and check the light.

If it is on, it means the unit needed a reset. But if the light is still not on, it means the unit needs ti to be serviced.

The green light indicates power. It shows that there is power going to the freezer and that the unit is on. It should not flicker or go off at all.

GE Freezer High Temp Light Stays On – Solution

If the light that indicates a high temperature inside the freezer is on, it means the temperature is high.

Check the door seal to see if it seals the door tightly. If it is loose, push it back into the frame using a flathead screwdriver. And if it is weak or broken, replace it with a new one.

A loose or damaged seal lets in warm air, which compromises the cold air inside. Over time, the freezer’s temperature will rise and the alarm will alert you to the change.

However, if the seal is working fine, check the evaporator fan and coils. There could be an ice buildup on and around them. If there is, the freezer’s temperature will rise because the fan coils won’t be able to release and circulate cold air inside the compartment.

Defrost the freezer manually to get rid of the frost or ice accumulation. Remove food items in the freezer and store them in an ice-packed cooler or another freezer. Place towels around the unit and open the door. Then, give it at least 12 hours to fully defrost.

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But you will have to find out why the frost accumulated. Do this by troubleshooting components of the defrost system. One of them has failed, most likely the timer, leading to the freezer’s inability to advance into the defrost cycle.

When All Else Fails…

In the event of not being able to fix the light by doing all of the above, then the light sensor or light control is faulty. You will have to replace the faulty one.

It could also mean that there is low refrigerant in the freezer. That is there is a leak in the sealed system.

However, before you go that far, find out the freezer temperature. Check the reading and see if it is between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, use a thermometer to check it. You should get the same reading.

So if it is within this range, change the sensor or control. One or both of them is broken, causing the light to malfunction.

But if the temperature is higher than 10 degrees when you use a thermometer, even though the setting is at the correct point, there is a leak. The refrigerant in the freezer is too low, leading to a rise in the temperature and causing the high-temperature light to stay on.

Report the issue to GE immediately and request service to replace the leaked refrigerant. Otherwise, buy a new freezer.

GE Freezer Light Not Working – Quick Fix

If you open the door or lid of your GE freezer and the light doesn’t work, replace the light bulb. This is the first step to take to fix the problem.

But if replacing the bulb does not fix it, then check the switch of the door or lid. Unplug the unit from power and check the continuity of the switch using a multimeter. If you find no continuity, replace the switch because it has failed.

Additionally, the light switch could be malfunctioning. Test it to check for continuity using a multimeter. If there is no continuity coming from the switch, replace it.

If the freezer has LED lights and they don’t come on when you activate them, replace the light board. This board is the same as the electronic circuit board.

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GE Ice Maker Flashing Green Light – How to Fix

If your GE ice maker’s green light is flashing, test the ice maker by doing the following:

Step 1

Turn off the ice maker and wait about 15 seconds before turning it back on.

Step 2

Locate the plastic paddle under it and push it in 3 times only. Do this within the first 15 seconds of turning on the ice maker.

Step 3

Before 3 minutes elapses, you should hear the ice maker begin to make ice. This is called the harvest state.

The rake in the ice maker should make one sweep and take it back to its normal position. If you look inside the machine, you would see its teeth even with those of the ice stripper.

Water should fill the ice mold and the green light should become steady, instead of flashing. All these will happen if the test runs successfully and completes.

However, if the ice maker’s harvest state lasts longer than 7 minutes, the machine will automatically initiate a mode called harvest fix.

In this mode, the harvest state should be completed before 30 minutes elapses. If this does not happen, the machine will automatically go into the fault state and the green light will start flashing. This means the ice maker is bad and should be replaced.

Summarily, if the green light on a GE ice maker is flashing, it means one or more of the following:

  • Something – most likely ice – is causing the ice maker rake to stick
  • The motor is not working or the rake keeps rotating
  • The harvest time lasts longer than 30 minutes
  • The heater of the ice maker is not working and the ice mold is not getting warm

Note: The body of the ice maker is usually hot when it is in the harvest state. So tread carefully if you want to touch it in that state.

No Power Light on GE Ice Maker – Quick Fix

Make sure the ice maker is turned on if you notice that there is no power light. Check the power switch close to the light. Move to the On position and see if the light comes on.

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Depending on the model you have, there are 4 different ways to turn a GE ice maker on:

1. Feeler Arm

Move the arm, which is a metal rod, down. That turns the ice maker on. Moving the arm to the Up position turns the ice maker off.

2. Slide Switch

The switch has ON and OFF labeled close to it. Moving the switch left or right either turns the ice maker off or on. The label will tell you in which direction to go in order to turn it on.

3. Toggle Switch

This is a type of switch you can move up or down instead of slide left or right. Move the knob of the switch to the top in order to turn on the ice maker. The power light of the machine will come on when you do this.

4. Control Panel

Some ice makers are controlled by the user-friendly panel in front of the refrigerator. Pressing the ice maker button and holding it for about 3 seconds turns it on if it is off. And repeating the process turns it off.

If you do all of the above and the power light still does not come on, then check the power wires that go from the main control board to the ice maker. Use a multimeter to check this. If there is no power, replace the board.

While it is rare, you may find that the board is shorted so cannot transmit power to the machine.

However, if there is power from the board to the ice machine yet the light does not come on, you may have to replace the ice maker.

The same is applicable if the ice maker is not working and the power light does not come on.

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GE Refrigerator Stopped Working with No Light – Fixed

If a GE refrigerator stops working and he lights are off, the most probable cause is the power supply. When there is no adequate power supply or no power at all, the refrigerator will stop working. And if the refrigerator stops working, the lights do not come on at all.

Start with the power outlet; it is likely to have failed, cutting the voltage supply to the refrigerator. So, use a multitester to check the output from the electrical socket. If it is too low, get an electrician to check the outlet and circuitry. There may be an extra appliancesharing the voltage, which reduces the supply to the refrigerator.

You must also check the power cord. The cord may be frayed or not properly connected to the wall outlet. pull it out and reconnect it to the outlet. Wait to see if there is any changes and if not, check for damage and consider replacing the power cord. Alternatively, move the refrigerator another part of the house with bette voltag supply.

Note that heavy appliances, such as a refrigerator or an air conditioner, usually need a dedicated circuit. If your GE refrigerator has to share a circuit with another heavy-duty appliance, there will not be enough to power both adequately.

Lastly, check the circuit breaker that powers the refrigerator. The breaker does not work for the appliance if there is a blown fuse. You may have to hire an electrician to test the fuses or replace the blown ones. Then, check to see if the refrigerator starts working.

If the problem persists, the problem may be with an internal component. Contact GE to report the issue and request service. This is especially true if your appliance is till under warranty. You will not pay any fee for the service.


A GE refrigerator light can develop one or more problems. But if you know what to do, it is also one of the easiest fixes in a refrigerator.

Following the fixes and solutions laid out in this article will help you fix problems with the light in your refrigerator, no matter the model.

But if you would rather have someone else troubleshoot and fix it, contact GE Cares, report the problem and request service.

Doing this is usually the best step to take, especially if the refrigerator is still under an active warranty.

Nevertheless, you have other options. Use the chatbox to your right to chat with any of our appliance technicians. There is no need for a waiting period or expensive in-house calls.

It is important to power down the refrigerator before running diagnostics on or fixing bad lights. It is a step in keeping you safe from electric shock.

Do this by unplugging the unit from the wall outlet to which it is connected. You can trip the circuit breaker if reaching the outlet is difficult.

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