GE Refrigerator Hot [Issues Solved]

It is normal for a refrigerator to feel warm sometimes. But when it is hot and constantly so, something is wrong. If you have a GE refrigerator that is hot, this article discusses possible causes and fixes.

GE Refrigerator hot

GE Refrigerator Hot Between Doors – How to Fix

If you find your GE refrigerator hot between doors or even around the freezer door, do the following:

1. Clean the Condenser Coils

Dirty coils cause a refrigerator to heat up. This is because they have to remove heat from the refrigerant that goes through the system.

The dirt on them reduces their capacity to remove this heat. And as a result, the refrigerant takes the heat into the refrigerator and makes it warm. A continuation of this process eventually makes the unit hot to the touch.

Therefore, clean the coils. This should a yearly or bi-yearly process so that the coils don’t accumulate dirt. Use a condenser brush or a leaf blower for the cleaning and sweep up debris laying around.

2. Switch Mullion or Electric Heater Off

If your GE refrigerator is one of the older models, it may have an electric heater. Check to see if you will find a switch with ‘Power Saver’ or ‘Energy Saver’ on it. If you do, switch it off. Doing this turns the heater off.

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The heater keeps condensation and moisture away from the interior of the refrigerator. However, in some cases, when it is on, you will find that the area between the doors or the frame is hot.

So if you find that the refrigerator’s internal temperature is rising, turn off the heater. But turn it to the right if the weather is humid or hot.

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3. Move the Unit Away from Wall

Improving the flow of air around the refrigerator sometimes helps fix the problem. So, take a look around the unit. Inspect the space between it and the wall behind it. If the space is too small or non-existent, move the unit to create at least 2 inches of space.

4. Keep the Door Closed

Opening the door of the refrigerator too often will reduce the cool air inside. In a bid to keep things cool, the refrigerator will run longer. This is especially true if the ambient temperature is hot or humid.

Consequently, the unit will heat up because it has to constantly run. And you are likely to feel the heat most between the doors.

Therefore, avoid opening the door too often. It helps to make a list of what you want from inside the unit before opening the door. Not only does this reduce frequent opening but it also cuts down the time you will hold the door open.

5. Don’t Store Hot Food

Hot food in the refrigerating section or even the freezer increases the run time of the unit. This is because it will need a longer period to coll the temperature of the food and normalize its own temperature before beginning the freezing process.

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Therefore, allow food to cool completely before putting it in the refrigerator. If it won’t go bad, allow it to sit out overnight so you are sure it is cold.

And avoid overfilling the refrigerator. It has the same effect as putting hot food in it. That is the refrigerator will have a longer run time in a bid to cool the items. Besides, cold air will have a hard time circulating, making the cooling process even longer.

Watch this video to learn how to fix a refrigerator that is hot between doors…

Important Notes…

A perfectly normal refrigerator will feel warm. This is not a cause for concern. The refrigerant generates a bit of heat while flowing through the tubing. But this heat is not debilitating to the refrigerator.

However, if your GE refrigerator is hot, not warm, and remains so for more than 24 hours, something is wrong.

If none of the fixes above works, contact GE Cares for assistance and service. As an alternative, use the chatbox to your right to speak with any of our appliance technicians. No appointment or expensive in-house call is needed.

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