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How to Defrost a Haier Refrigerator [In Minutes]

Here, we show you how to defrost a Haier refrigerator and how other defrost components work.

how to defrost Haier refrigerator
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How to Defrost a Haier Refrigerator

To defrost your Haier refrigerator, do the following:

Step 1: Take out all the food and other products in the unit. Then, remove all the shelves and every other moveable part in it. Unplug the refrigerator.

Step 2: Press the defrost button. It is on the temperature control inside the refrigerator. Be sure to place the drip tray under the freezer section in order to collect water during the process. The defrosting process will take a few hours, depending on the ice buildup.

Step 3: Keep an eye on the drip tray because water is likely to fill it quickly. Empty it as needed so it doesn’t spill over.

Step 4: When the ice has completely melted, empty the drip tray and clean the interior of the refrigerator. Put back all the shelves and parts you removed earlier.

Step 5: Turn on the refrigerator, set the temperature and return the food into the refrigerator.


What to Do If the Defrost Button on a Haier Refrigerator Is Stuck

If the defrost button on your unit is stuck, try and pull it out with pliers or any other pointed object. Don’t pull too hard or you could damage it completely.

You can also wait for it to thaw if the button is frozen or you thaw it yourself with warm water.

However, if the button is stuck and none of the above is applicable to it, then it could be broken and needs to be replaced.

This video details how to troubleshoot a faulty defrost timer…

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How to Defrost Your Haier Mini Fridge

To defrost your Haier mini fridge, do the following:

Step 1: Remove every item inside the fridge and unplug it.

Step 2: Open the door and place a tray or pan close to the door, on the floor. This is for the dripping water as the ice melts. Additionally, you can place towels or rags close in order to absorb water.

Step 3: Leave the door open and the fridge unplugged overnight.

Step 4: In the morning, dry the fridge, empty the tray and wash the towels or rags. Also, clean the fridge and shelves with water and mild soap with a little baking soda. This will sanitize it.

Step 5: Plug it back and put in all the items you removed earlier.

How to Stop Defrost in a Haier Refrigerator

Automatic defrost stops by itself. Therefore, you cannot stop it manually. But if your refrigerator defrosts too often, then something is wrong with the control board. Get a qualified technician to look at it and repair it.

How to Defrost a Haier Refrigerator – Related FAQs

Where Is the Defrost Button on a Haier Refrigerator?

The defrost button on this unit is found on the temperature control housing inside the refrigerator.

How Long Is the Defrost Cycle on a Haier Refrigerator?

The defrost cycle on this unit runs for about 20 to 30 minutes, once or twice every day.

Where Is the Defrost Drain on a Haier Refrigerator?

The defrost drain on this unit is at the center point of the rear wall of the freezer section. It is at the point where the floor of the freezer slopes up to meet the back of the freezer.

Where Is the Defrost Timer on a Haier Refrigerator?

The defrost timer on this unit is within the compartment that holds the temperature controls in the refrigerator.

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