Samsung Ice Maker Dripping Water [How to Fix]

Is your Samsung ice maker dripping water? This article details what causes this problem and how to fix it quickly and easily.

Samsung ice maker dripping water
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Samsung Ice Maker Dripping Water – What to Do

If you find the ice maker in your Samsung refrigerator is dripping water, do the following:

1. Check the Dispenser and Water Filter

Check the water line for cold water from your unit and tighten every connection. If the dispenser is bad, it won’t be able to hold water; you will see water leaking from the fridge down to the floor.

And if the water filter is old or improperly installed, replace it or reinstall it properly. To reinstall, check the user manual for the refrigerator to see instructions on how to do it.

A water filter should not exceed 6 months in use. If it is more than 6 months, it won’t function properly anymore and could cause water to leak.

There is also the filter housing. Check to see if it has any cracks or if water is dripping from it. If it is, report the issue to Samsung for immediate service. This is because it could damage the whole refrigerator.

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2. Check the Defrost Drain

Take a look at the defrost drain of the refrigerator. Usually, it is in the freezer section of the unit. The drain should be clear and unblocked. If there is any layer of ice or debris over it, clear it and make sure nothing is inside the drain which can push water back.

Pour hot water over the drain and inside it to clear it. You can also use a stiff wire to clear it if there is debris in it. To make sure it is clear, pour a mixture of vinegar and water down the drain until it runs free and clear.

Water flows back into the freezer after the defrost cycle if the drain is blocked by ice or dirt. So when it starts leaking, it may look as if the ice maker is dripping water.

3. Check the Water Line

Move the refrigerator so that you can access the back freely. Run a check on the thin white tube, which is the water line, that runs from a point at the back of the unit to a point under the sink in the kitchen.

As you run this check, you will be able to see if there are holes or cracks in the tube. This will explain the dripping you see, seemingly from the ice maker. And wherever there is a connection along the tube, make sure to tighten it in order to avoid any leakage.

4. Check the Ice Maker and Refrigerator

Ensure that the ice maker is level. You can use a bubble or you can use a laser level to help you determine if the machine is level or if the non-symmetry is part of the manufacturing design. Whichever is the case, the compartment floor must be level so that water does not flow out, making it look like the ice maker is dripping.

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If you are not sure about how to use the level or how to determine the symmetry of the ice maker compartment, have a professional technician assist you.

Additionally, check to ensure the refrigerator is level. The bubble or laser level works for this, too. With the level, read the bottom of the unit to determine if it is level. If it is not, extend the feet to make it level. But if you are not sure about how to extend them, use other items such as books to raise the unit while you wait for professional help.

An uneven unit can tilt the ice maker out of alignment and cause water to drip from it. It can also cause water from the defrost cycle to stay in the unit because it cannot find the defrost drain. Over time, it begins to leak from the refrigerator.

5. Check the Water Valve and Ice Mold

If the water inlet valve is not properly aligned to pour water directly into the ice mold in the ice maker, it will pour the water out of the mold and cause water to drip from the ice maker. Therefore, make sure that the valve and the ice mold are properly aligned.

6. Check for Ice Buildup

Look inside the door chute to see if there is any piece of ice lodged there. If there is, use a wooden spatula to gently but firmly break it into tiny pieces so it can flow out. But if you cannot see into the ice chute, pour some hot water down the chute so that it can dislodge any ice in it.

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Ice buildup in the chute is likely to happen because of the nature of its work. Freezers are cold and ice makers carry ice so it is important to be prepared for this. If ice stays too long in the chute without being delivered, it will melt and freeze again in a misshapen manner. Thus, it will become difficult for ice to get past it.

Important Note

If a Samsung ice maker is dripping water, it is important to find a long term fix instead of a temporary one. Following the guide above will fix the problem but if it continues, contact Samsung to report the issue and request service.

As an alternative, chat with us. We have qualified technicians who are available and ready to answer your questions to help you fix the problem permanently.

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