Samsung Ice Maker Error [How to Fix]

A Samsung ice maker error is not uncommon but it can be a bother. Therefore, this article details what to do when there is an ice maker error.

Samsung ice maker error
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Samsung Ice Maker Error Codes – Quick Fix

The following are error codes common with a Samsung ice maker and how to fix them quickly:

1. 8E

This error code indicates that something is wrong with the sensor of the ice maker in the freezer compartment.

To fix it, remove the drawer of the freezer compartment. Remove the cover of the ice maker by grabbing it on both sides and wiggling it slightly to loosen it from the ice maker.

Next, remove the two screws holding the ice maker in place using a Philips screwdriver. Now, grab the machine and pull it towards the door of the freezer to release it.

Once released, you will discover that there is a wire harness holding it from getting released completely. Disconnect the harness and remove the ice maker assembly completely out of the compartment.

Using a flathead screwdriver, release the bracket that holds the sensor in place. Disconnect the sensor from its place and install the new one.

Now, retrace your steps to fix everything back in its place. After this, check to see if the ice maker is working properly.

If you are not sure about fixing this yourself, call a refrigerator repair agent to check the sensor and replace it if it is necessary.

2. 14E

This code indicates that there is an error with the sensor of the ice maker. To fix it, replace the sensor. But if you are not sure about fixing it, contact Samsung to request service or call an independent repair agent to fix it.

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3. 39E, 39C

These codes mean that the ice maker has a function error. It could mean that the ice maker assembly is defective so should be replaced or some parts have failed which also means that the ice maker should be replaced.

4. 40E, 40C

The fan in the ice room has an error if this code appears on the display. To fix it, replace the ice room fan.

To begin:

Step 1

Force defrost the unit so that any ice around the ice maker melts and gives you easy access to the ice maker. The button combination to use will depend on the model of the Samsung refrigerator you own. But many models have Fridge and Energy Saver buttons.

Therefore, press both buttons at the same time and hold them for about 8 seconds. Next, press the Fridge button until the display shows Fd, which means forced defrost. Continuous beeping indicates that the unit is defrosting.

Allow the defrost cycle to run for about 10 minutes before taking the unit out of the mode. To do this, press the same buttons for the same length of time as before. Then, press the Fridge button until the display is blank and the beeping stops.

Step 2

Next, unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet or trip the circuit breaker. Then, remove the ice bucket and check to see if there is still ice in the ice compartment. If there is, leave the door of the unit open so that it can melt.

Do not use any heat source, such as a blow dryer or a heat gun. Any of these could melt the plastic in the compartment and damage the unit beyond repair.

Step 3

After this, remove the ice maker. With a Philips screwdriver, remove the Philips screw holding the cover of the wire housing in place. Next, pull the cover forward towards you; this releases it. Then, lift it out of the way.

Pull the wire out of the side of the compartment. Then, press down on the holding clip on the wire harness to release it from the housing.

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Step 4

Using the same Philips screwdriver, remove the screw holding the ice duct tray in place. With a flat blade screwdriver, move the tray slightly to the right so that you can pull it down with the screwdriver. Do this carefully and gently as the tray can be stiff and any force can cause it to crack.

Moving the tray out of the way exposes the coil under the ice maker. With the flat blade screwdriver, gently pry the coil down enough to be able to slide the ice maker out from the top of it. Do this carefully so as not to puncture the coil.

After this, release the clip at the top of the ice maker that locks it in place. Then, pull the ice maker down and out to remove it from the unit. However, releasing the ice maker will depend on the model you have.

Step 5

Press down on the clip of the wire harness in order to release the harness and remove it. Remove the auger motor by prying the locking clip up with a flat blade screwdriver. Next, grab the front blade and pull it out gently.

Push in the sides of the ice maker compartment so that the auger motor assembly does not get snagged there.

Next, remove the 3 wire harnesses and grasp the wire firmly to remove it from the retaining clips.

Step 6

Lift the side of the fan that does not have the tabs, making sure the wires snag on nothing as you remove the fan.

Take the new fan and insert the wires. Then, put the fan under the retaining tabs, pushing down on the side that is not under the tabs. Now, feed the wires along the side of the auger motor into the clips, tracing the path you took earlier.

Reconnect the wire harnesses to the center plug and start reassembling the auger motor and the ice maker into the compartment.

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Samsung DA97-12540G Refrigerator Auger Motor Assembly






Note: Make sure to get the right fan motor according to the model of the Samsung refrigerator you own.

Watch this video for a visual demonstration of replacing the fan of an ice maker…

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Samsung Ice Maker Sensor Error – What to Do

If the error code 2 or 14E shows on the display of the unit, it means the ice maker’s sensor has an error.

To fix it, simply replace the sensor which is usually inside the ice maker. Remove the ice maker from its compartment and take the sensor bracket out to reveal the sensor.

It is possible that the bracket holding the sensor secure has broken. If this is the case, the sensor would fall into the ice maker and get crushed in the process of ice making, leading the the error.

Make sure to buy the right ice maker sensor for the refrigerator model you own. Search for parts using the model number so that you get to choose from the right options.


A Samsung ice maker, much like many other ice makers, can develop different errors. But they are usually easy to fix. In fact, in some cases, resetting or testing the ice maker fixes the error or fault.

However, if you find that a Samsung ice maker error is not fixed after troubleshooting and replacing any faulty part, contact the Samsung Service center to request service.

To replace the ice maker sensor, remember to disconnect the refrigerator from the wall socket or shut down the circuit breaker. This is an important first step in safety.


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