Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working [Solutions]

A Kenmore ice maker not working can be frustrating, especially when you need some ice. But there are quick ways to fix the ice maker issues, and we will explain this in this article.

Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working

Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working After Power Outage – What to Do

If you find that your Kenmore ice maker is not working after a power outage, check the power switch, feeler arm, waterline, and the set temperature. These contribute to stopping the ice maker from working, as this article explains in detail.

Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker Arm Not Working – How to Fix

If the arm on the Kenmore ice maker you own is not working, start by checking if any debris or ice fragment keeps it stuck. Move the arm up and down, and check for unrestricted movement. If there is any restriction, channel some heat to the arm in the event of ice obstruction.

But if the heat does nothing for the arm, it may mean that the component is broken and needs a replacement. To replace the arm, take the following steps:

Step 1

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power. You can unplug the appliance from the wall outlet or turn off the circuit breaker. Then, turn the water supply off.

Step 2

Lift the ice bucket out from under the ice maker. Simply grab it, lift it a little, and pull it out. If you have unrestricted reach to the ice machine at this point, you can begin removing the arm. But if you don’t, you may have to remove the freezer door for better access.

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Step 3

Using a flat-head screwdriver, pry the end closest to the unit’s door free. When it is free from the body of the machine, pull off the other end.

Fix the new arm to the ice maker, starting with the right side end. Slip it into the rear hole and push in to secure it. Make sure it rests against the housing. Then, move it several times to ensure it is secure and working.

Step 4

If you had to disassemble any part of the unit, reassemble it, and turn on the water supply. Finally, reconnect the refrigerator to electric power.

If you would rather follow a video guide, here is one that demonstrates how to replace the arm on the ice maker…

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Kenmore Refrigerator Water and Ice Maker Not Working – Solved

There are several reasons the water dispenser and ice maker stop working at the same on a Kenmore refrigerator:

1. Water Inlet Valve

Before checking the inlet valve, ensure the water pressure is up to 20 or 30psi. If the water pressure is low, the inlet valve won’t open to supply water to the ice maker, and the dispenser won’t work.

Run water directly from the waterline and check how quickly a glass fills up. If it fills within 10 seconds, the water pressure is sufficient and is not causing the inlet valve to malfunction. But if it is too low, remove the water filter and use a bypass plug.

Try dispensing water again; if the pressure improves, you know the water filter needs a replacement. But if the pressure remains the same, check the inlet valve.

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Run a test on it to check whether or not it is getting power. Use a multimeter for the test. If it is getting power yet is not able to supply water, replace the valve.

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2. Temperature Setting

Take a look at the temperature setting to be sure it is at the right point. Sometimes, you accidentally set it wrong or nudge the thermostat. Other times, the thermostat may malfunction or external factors cause the temperature issue. And if the temperature is too high, the ice maker won’t work, even if the water does.

Adjust the temperature to 0 degrees Fahrenheit for the freezer, and 37 degrees Fahrenheit for the refrigerator. Allow about 24 hours to pass so the unit can adjust to the new setting. If the ice maker does not start working when the temperature drops low enough, you know it is not a temperature issue.

Ensure the cold control thermostat is functional and the door gasket is sealing properly. If either of them is faulty, replace the faulty one.

3. Water Filter

Check the change filter indicator on the refrigerator’s control panel or in the door. Replace the filter if the indicator is yellow or orange. If the indicator is not on, determine when you last replaced the water filter.

A clogged water filter stops the flow of water to the ice maker and water dispenser. Even if water flows, it may only be in trickles. It is vital to replace the filter every six months unless you have a filtered water supply from the main source or an in-house filtration system.

4. Door Switch

Activate the switch and run a continuity test on it using a multimeter. If you find no continuity in the door switch even when activated, replace the switch. It turns the water dispenser off when you open the door. If it stops working, the water won’t work.

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5. Dispenser Switches

Test the dispenser switches using a multimeter to find any defective ones. Replace the defective one if you find any. There is more than one switch that controls how voltage flows to the dispenser. If one or more of the switches fails, the water dispenser won’t work.

6. Dispenser Board

Before checking the board, make sure all the dispenser components are in good working condition. If just one part of the system stops working, the entire system has not failed so the board is not the origin.

7. Ice Maker

The ice maker itself may be defective, making it unable to produce ice. Newer models may have individual ice maker replacement parts on sale but older models may not have such parts available. This factor will determine whether or not you will replace the defective parts or the entire assembly.

Why Is My Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working?

Your Kenmore ice maker is not working for one or more of the following reasons:

  • High Temperature
  • Faulty Water Inlet Valve
  • Defective Ice Maker

This article discusses how to fix each problem.

We would like to note here that a frozen waterline can keep the ice maker from working. Water won’t flow into the ice maker even if the water inlet valve is fully functional and the temperature is right. In addition, the water filter may impede water flow and cause the ice maker not to work if it is old, damaged, or the wrong type.

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Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working and Red Light Blinking – Solved

The ice maker control or emitter switch may be defective, triggering the red light and ice maker issues. This article discusses different ways to troubleshoot a Kenmore refrigerator ice maker with the red light blinking, depending on the model.

Bottom Line

Is your Kenmore ice maker not working? Find a fix as quickly as possible using this guide. If all else fails, contact Kenmore to service your ice maker and refrigerator. Alternatively, use the chatbox to your right to contact us so we can connect you to an appliance technician for immediate assistance.

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