Haier Refrigerator Freezing Everything [How to Fix]

Do you notice your Haier refrigerator freezing everything quickly? Find out the reason why this is happening and how to fix it from this article.

Haier Refrigerator freezing everything
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Haier Refrigerator Freezing Everything – Quick Fix

Do the following if your Haier refrigerator keeps freezing everything:

1. Reset the Refrigerator Temperature

To reset your Haier refrigerator, disconnect the fridge from the power supply and leave it for 10 minutes. Then, plug in the refrigerator again.

Resetting a Haier refrigerator is not difficult at all. This is because it does not come with temperature reset buttons or knobs. Therefore, just turning the refrigerator off and on automatically resets it.

Also, the type of Haier fridge you have does not affect this process. This implies that the temperature of any kind of Haier fridge can be reset by the simple process of restarting or rebooting it.

If it still freezes everything after restarting it, you can refer to the user’s manual for more information about how to fix the temperature settings.

2. Check the Thermostat

To check if the thermostat is working properly, switch off the fridge and get a suitable screwdriver to loosen the screws at the back of the fridge. Find the thermostat beside the compressor. Detach it gently from the wire connector, then use a multimeter to check for continuity.

To use a multimeter to check the level of continuity or resistance level of a thermostat, clamp the probes of the multimeter on each other to confirm it is working.

Next, fix the probes on the wires of the thermostat and check the result on the multimeter. If the value on the multimeter goes beyond zero, it means the thermostat is defective and needs immediate replacement.

To replace it, buy a thermostat that suits your model of Haier refrigerator, unplug the fridge, and undo the screws behind the fridge. Pull out the square frame and locate the thermostat capillary plastic tube. Gently, bring it out, disconnect it from the wire connector, and place it aside. Install the new one in the right position and reassemble the removed parts.

However, if you are using a digital or analog multimeter, it is important to know the settings. Before using it, be sure that the knob is turned to the lowest value. Besides, you can use sound if your multimeter has the sound option.

The thermostat regulates the degree of hotness and coldness in the refrigerator. It works by controlling the circulation of cold air into the fridge. When it becomes faulty, the compressor will continue releasing cold air into the fridge without any regulation thereby causing the fridge to freeze up everything.

Therefore, once it starts malfunctioning, it is advisable to get a new one.

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3. Inspect the Thermistor

To inspect the thermistor, unplug the fridge. Loosen the frame with a suitable screwdriver. Locate the thermistor usually at the back and carefully disconnect the thermistor from the wires. Then, use a multimeter to check its ohms or level of continuity.

To use a multimeter to check a thermistor, get a cup of cold water. Place the thermistor in the water and attach the wires to the probes of the multimeter. After that, look at the reading on the multimeter. If the resistance level on the screen shows zero it implies that it is still working well and vice versa.

To fix it, get a suitable thermistor for the Haier refrigerator brand, loosen the screws at the back of the fridge, and locate the thermistor. Detach the old one from the wires and remove it. Test the new thermistor with a multimeter and connect it to the wire. Place it in position and drive in the screws.

It is important to note that the use of cold water to test the thermistor is an imitation of the cold temperature in a refrigerator.

What a Thermistor Does…

A thermistor sends signals and temperature readings to the control panel. When it is faulty or malfunctioning, the fridge has no regulation. The evaporator and compressor will keep working longer than usual. As a result, there is continued release of cold air into the fridge causing it to freeze up everything.

Sometimes, the fault could be caused by a shift in the wires. This can be repaired by reconnecting them appropriately. However, in a situation where the thermistor is damaged, a replacement will be needed.

Testing a new thermistor with a multimeter before fixing it will help you know if it is working perfectly. Additionally, after fixing a new one, test-run it for about 24 hours to be able to check if your fridge has stopped freezing everything.

This video shows how a thermistor works…

4. Replace the Gasket

To replace the gasket or door seal of your Haier refrigerator, purchase a gasket that suits your door frame and size. Get a suitable screwdriver, spread a blanket or rug on the floor, then place the fridge flat on it. Remove the cap covering the screws on the door, undo the screws and detach the door from the fridge.

After that, place the door aside and remove the frame inside it. Use a screwdriver to remove the old gasket. Fix the new one starting from the bottom, reassemble the frame, and attach the door back to the fridge.

However, to know if your gasket is faulty do a paper test. Place the paper in between the door and the fridge, if it falls out it implies that the door seal is defective.

The gasket is a rubber-like elastic that helps the fridge retain moisture and freshness. Also, it prevents the influx of cold air into the refrigerator. A faulty gasket will allow the refrigerants to keep working for a long while to maintain the temperature in the fridge.

Additionally, a leaking door gasket can cause energy waste.

5. Rearrange the Content

To arrange items properly in your refrigerator, put perishable items like fruits and vegetables in the middle, place food items at the bottom of the fridge, and place drinks at the top of the fridge.

Furthermore, when stacking your fridge do not place anything directly in front of the air vents. The air vents aid the flow of air in between the freezer and the refrigerator. When an item is placed in front of it, it is directly exposed to cold air. With time, it starts freezing up.

The way you place items goes a long time to influence the freezing process. If you put vegetables at the bottom of the fridge it would freeze up in no time.

So, rearrange items in the refrigerator, spacing them properly and putting them in the proper places.

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Important Note

If your Haier refrigerator is freezing everything and you have checked other parts of the unit and cleaned the condenser coils, check the control board.

The control board is the main engine of the refrigerator. It regulates and controls the evaporator and compressor. If it begins to malfunction, it allows the evaporator and condenser fans to work without any regulation. As a result, there is a continuous flow of cold air into the refrigerator.

To fix it, disconnect the unit from the power supply, loosen the screws at the back of the fridge, and locate the control board. Detach the wires from the nodes carefully. Then, install the new one.

Most times, it may be difficult to fix a new one yourself. So, you may need the service of a professional refrigerator repair agent. We have qualified ones here ready to assist you.

Alternatively, contact the Haier Service center to report the issue and request service. This is especially needed if your unit is still under an active warranty.

Always follow the directions and instructions stated in the user’s manual. They will give you more helpful suggestions on how to stop your refrigerator from freezing everything.