Galanz Refrigerator Freezing Everything [How to Fix]

If you find that your Galanz refrigerator is freezing everything, read through this article to find out how to fix it easily and quickly.

Galanz GLR31TGNER Dual Door Fridge, Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat with True Freezer, 3.1 Cu Ft, Green

Galanz Refrigerator Freezing Everything – What to Do

The following are the steps to take to fix your Galanz refrigerator when it starts to freeze everything:

1. Test the Gasket

Take a sheet with the thinnest possible width you can find. This could be paper or Nylon (polyamides). Place this sheet across the door jamb and close the refrigerator’s door against it. Now, pull the sheet. If the sheet slips out easily, then, it shows the weakness of the gasket.

Replace the gasket immediately.

This test is to check the pressure of the gasket on the jamb. If this pressure is insufficient, the door will not be closed air-tight. And if it is not air-tight, humid air from the surroundings will seep into the refrigerator. When this happens, frost will be formed, and this will make everything freeze.

The solution hence is to remove the weak gasket and replace it with a new and more efficient gasket.

2. Correct the Temperature Settings

The temperature setting recommended for each of the sections differ. In the freezer section, the setting is 0 degrees F. In the fresh food section, the setting is 40 degrees F. If, upon checking the settings, you find it different from the above recommendation, then correct it.

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If the refrigerator’s temperature defies the changes in settings that you are making, then, check the temperature control thermostat.

3. Check the Temperature Control Thermostat

Use a digital multimeter to check the thermostat for continuity. The multimeter has two probes corresponding to the negative and the positive poles of the thermostat.

Touch these two poles with the probes and turn the control knob from one extreme to the other. At the off position of the knob, the multimeter should read “O.L.”.

As you set towards the other extreme, the meter should begin with 0.000. If this change in reading fails to happen, then the thermostat is faulty. Replace the thermostat.

4. Load the Refrigerator with Sufficient Content

If the refrigerator is nearly empty, do not put your fresh food at the bottom of the refrigerator. For an empty refrigerator, cold air coming from the freezer falls to the refrigerator’s bottom. This makes everything at the bottom of the refrigerator get all the chill and, therefore, freeze.

5. Check the Damper Control

By just looking, you can tell if the damper control is broken or stuck in an open position. When the damper is open, it allows cold air into the refrigerator. When it is closed, it restrains cool air from the refrigerator.

So, if the damper is broken or stuck open, the temperature continues to drop, beyond the recommended temperature setting. This will make the food therein get frozen.

You have to replace the broken damper control assembly as soon as possible.

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6. Test the Thermistor

Check how well the thermistor is working by testing its resistance or its continuity. Use the multimeter in both cases.

The resistance of a good thermistor varies directly as the refrigerator’s temperature varies. If the resistance proves contrary-wise, then the thermistor is faulty. Now, test for continuity. If it fails to show continuity, it is faulty. Therefore, replace it as soon as you can.

The function of the thermistor is to read the air temperature and send it to the refrigerator’s control board. If the thermistor is faulty, it reads and sends the wrong temperature to the control board.

Now, the control board supplies voltage, proportionate to the wrong temperature, to other components. Hence, even in low temperatures, the compressor and evaporator fan work at full velocity. This results in over-freezing.

7. Place Your Food Avoiding the Vents

Place your food some distance from the vents of the freezer. They should also not be facing the vent of the freezer directly.

The air coming from the freezer vent is cool enough to freeze food placed close to it or facing it. But if you place the food some distance from that vent, the food will not get frozen.

8. Inspect the Main Control Board

The main control board hardly gets faulty. So, if there is a problem of over freezing, check all the other relevant components. You must satisfactorily prove that each of the other components is working perfectly. Only then can you hold the main control board responsible for the over freezing.

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This video shows the top reasons why your refrigerator is over freezing…

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Whenever your Galanz refrigerator is freezing everything, think of two things: the temperature settings and the components. It is important you set the temperature at the correct point.

As for the components, replace any which you find faulty. However, when you order these parts, remember to specify the number of the refrigerator’s model or the serial number of the part.

If you need someone to talk to concerning the repair of your Galanz refrigerator, we have qualified refrigerator repair agents available here. Chat with any of them today.


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