How to Install a Whirlpool Refrigerator…[Detailed Guide]

You will save costs if you know how to install parts of a refrigerator. This article is on how to install a Whirlpool refrigerator part.

how to install a Whirlpool refrigerator

How to Install a Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

If you have a new Whirlpool refrigerator and have never installed a water filter, there are instructions in the user manual that guide you on what to do. The first step is to purchase the correct type of water filter for your specific model.

Whirlpool manufactures refrigerators that install water filters in two locations. One location is in the upper right corner of the interior of the unit and the other is at the base grille. Therefore, the choice of a new filter depends on the filter housing location. 

Since you do not have to remove any filter to install a new one, you will have to open the filter door and fix the filter if it is inside the refrigerator. Otherwise, fix it in the base grille and turn the cap to lock it in place. Here is a guide on installing different types of water filters in your Whirlpool refrigerator.

How to Install Whirlpool Refrigerator Shelves

To ensure the refrigerator works as it should, you must correctly install the shelves in the unit. Pull the shelf out until it is fully extended and tilt it up in the front. Bend it to the side and carefully remove it from the refrigerator. Next, reverse the steps to install the shelf; bend it sideways and carefully glide it into the unit. Then, slide it into the rails and push it in until it is firmly in place.

Some shelves are easier to fix. All you have to do is give them a gentle push to see how well they sit on the rail supports. They slide out easily, so you do not have to bend them when removing them. So, pull them out of the refrigerator and push them back in, this time, ensuring they sit properly on the rails.

It is crucial to check the shelf hooks to ensure they fully engage on the supports. The back hooks are the most important; they must completely fit into the slots in the shelves’ supports. The supports are usually fixed to the back wall inside the refrigerator. 

They are fastened by screws, so ensure the screws are tight to prevent having loose supports. The shelves cannot properly balance if the supports are loose, so tighten them further if necessary. Always consult the user manual or use professional assistance if you have difficulty installing the shelves.

How to Install a Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Gasket

If you are installing a new door gasket on a Whirlpool refrigerator, putting it in the correct order is crucial. First, check to ensure the gasket track is clean; the track is the area into which the gasket will go along the door. Also, check for protruding parts on the gasket; they tell you the parts fit into grooves along the gasket track. Check out this article for details on installing a new gasket on a Whirlpool refrigerator.

How to Install a Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Line

Disconnect electric power to the refrigerator and turn off the water supply. You can unplug the power cord from the wall outlet or turn off the breaker that controls the unit. Then, use the shut-off valve in the wall or under the sink to cut the water supply to the refrigerator.

Next, get the quarter-inch copper tubing with the appropriate length. Ensure both ends of the tubing are cut in a square shape and if they are, get the compression nut and sleeve and slip them onto it. Now, insert one end of the copper tube into the supply outlet as far as it can go and tighten the compression nut using an adjustable wrench.

Channel the copper tubing’s free end into a container and turn on the water at the main valve. Leave the water running for as long as possible so that it can flush the pipe and remove dirt. It will also prevent any malfunction; this is how you know the tubing is not blocked.

When the water running out of the tubing is clear, turn the water off. Next, bend the water line to connect to the port dedicated to it on the back of the refrigerator. Remove the plastic cover on the port and fix the water line. Then, tighten the nut without making it too tight. You can use a tube clamp around the tubing to lower the strain on the coupling.

Turn on the water and wait for possible leaks, especially around the connection points. Tighten the nuts if there are leaks but keep them from being too tight. When the leaks stop, adjust the refrigerator to its position and reconnect it to electric power.

Important Notes

With a new Whirlpool refrigerator with an ice maker and water dispenser, you need a water line. It is important to note the correct size of the water line to use. You can always consult your user manual, but the best size is with a quarter-inch diameter. This size makes it easy to connect the water line to the supply fitting in the refrigerator.

Also, use copper tubes to keep the water and ice smelling and tasting fresh. The installation point should be where the temperature is not at the freezing point. Otherwise, the water supply line will frequently freeze and eventually get damaged. Once installed, dispense at least two gallons of water from the dispenser to flush the system. And throw out the first few ice batches from the ice maker.

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How to Install a Whirlpool Refrigerator Air Filter

To install a Whirlpool refrigerator air filter, you must find the air filter housing inside the refrigerator. It is typically on the back wall, behind a vented door inside the refrigerator section. If you already have food and other items stored, you will have to move them to access the housing. Follow this guide on how to replace the air filter on a Whirlpool refrigerator for detailed instructions on how to install yours.

How to Install a Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Handle

For new installations, the handles should be inside the refrigerator. The location will depend on the model, but you will not miss the handles once you open the door. If you are only replacing the handles, this does not apply because you need to buy new parts; use the unit’s model number to purchase replacements.

Remove the packaging from the new handles while they lay on a soft surface. Do this carefully to avoid damaging or scratching them. Next, remove the installation kit that came with the handles; it should contain an Allen wrench and extra screws. Check the screw slots on the handles to ensure there are screws in them. If any is missing, get a replacement from the provided kit.

Partially close the door and place one handle on the mounting studs on the door. The set screws should be on the outer part of the handle so that you can easily tighten them. When the handle is balanced in the studs, push it with gentle force against the door and use the Allen wrench to tighten the screw. Do it for both the top and bottom set screws.

When you think the screws are tight enough, give them an additional quarter turn to ensure a good fit. Close the door and open the other one to repeat the same process for installing the handle. The set screws on this handle must face the other handle, which means they must face right, while the screws on the other handle face left. Wiggle the handles to ensure they are tight before completing the process.

For a freezer drawer, you follow the same process. But since the drawer handle installs horizontally, it may be a bit difficult to turn the hex key to tighten the handle. So, put a small piece of painter’s tape on the refrigerator cabinet under the screw slot. That way, the hex key does not scratch the cabinet’s finish.

Mount the handle on the permanent mounting studs in the drawer, hang the handle, and tighten the screws using the hex key or Allen wrench. Ensure you hold the handle tightly against the drawer while tightening the screws to get the correct result. After tightening both screws, shake the handle to see if it jiggles at all. Give each screw a quarter turn to finish up.

How to Install a Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker

The first step is to check the installation manual that came with the ice maker assembly to see the list of tools you will need for the job. Gather these tools before you begin. Next, disconnect the refrigerator from electric power and move the refrigerator to give you access to the rear bottom panel.

If you already have food and other items in the freezer or any other part where the ice maker will be installed, clear them out and store them elsewhere. Check the installation point; there may be a plug you need to remove before a brand-new installation. This may vary by model. Also, check the back of the unit for the insertion point for the fill tube; remove the plug over the port.

Installing the Ice Maker Water Line

Now, locate the wire harness on the back wall of the freezer or refrigerator where the ice maker will go. While doing so, locate the point through which the fill tube comes into the unit. Next, slide the fill tube gasket onto the tube and insert the tube through the port on the refrigerator’s back. The spout should face down before securing the tube to the cabinet with two screws.

Fix a tube extension over the tube’s end that is inside the refrigerator. This step does not apply to all models; some use the open-mouthed fill tube without the tube extension. If there is a cover over the tube and harness you removed earlier, fix it back into place.

Get two retaining clips and peel off the tapes to expose the adhesive parts. Next, stick them along the back of the refrigerator, ensuring to space them accordingly. After that, remove the rear access panel; how you remove will depend on the model. Set the panel aside and connect the water inlet valve to the connector from the refrigerator. Align the inlet valve’s mounting bracket to the refrigerator frame and secure it with screws. One end of the ice maker water line should be fixed to the inlet valve at this point.

Now, fix and align the clamp for the ice maker water line over the spout on the back of the unit. Insert the metal insert into the tube’s end and slide it into the spout; tighten the screw on the clamp. The water line should extend down the back of the unit, so insert it into the two retaining clips to prevent it from dangling. Then, insert any loop on the water line behind the water inlet valve to prevent kinking or twisting.

Mounting the Ice Maker

There should be a hole at the back of the ice maker through which the fill tube inserts into the machine. If the hole is not readily visible, you may have to remove a plug to create the hole. Also, check the wire harness and remove the blind connector, and remove the plugs covering the screw holes on the wall. There are usually three holes; two at the top and one on the bottom.

If you own a top or bottom freezer model, thread screws into the top holes to enable you to hang the ice maker by the brackets. Do not tighten them but leave them loose enough to hold the ice maker. But if you own a side-by-side model, you will need to thread ¾-inch hex-head sheet metal screws into the top holes.

Set the ice maker inside the freezer or refrigerator and connect the wire harness on the ice maker to that on the rear wall of the compartment. For the top or bottom freezer model, hang the ice maker on the protruding screws. But for a side-by-side model, slide the mounting brackets under the clips fastened on the wall.

While hanging the ice maker, ensure the fill tube fits into the access hole on the back of the ice maker. For loose screws after hanging the ice maker, tighten the screws but do not overtighten them. Insert a hex-head sheet metal screw into the hole under the ice maker to secure the machine to the wall. This screw serves to help you straighten or level the ice maker when required.

Water Supply Line Installation

Your home may already have a water supply line and main shut-off valve for the refrigerator. If it does, skip this step. But if there is no shut-off valve and a water line for supplying water to the refrigerator, you need to install them.

Turn off the cold water supply and drill a hole in the closest cold water supply pipe using a quarter-inch drill bit. Ensure you file rough edges to make them smooth for the installation. Insert the shut-off valve into the bracket for the front valve and tighten it with your hand. Give it an extra ⅛ turn to ensure the valve is tight.

Next, slide a gasket over the valve’s turn and insert the tube end into the hole in the cold water pipe. Position the bracket for the rear of the valve at the back of the pipe and insert the holding the screws. Then, thread the mounting nuts onto the screws to secure them. 

Check the end of the copper tubing to ensure it is cut evenly and cleanly. Next, slide the compression nut and sleeve onto the end of the tubing. Insert the tubing into the valve’s outlet connector and tighten the nut with your hand. Use a wrench to tighten the nut further without making it too tight.

Now, check the other end of the tubing to ensure it is evenly and cleanly cut. Channel it into a container and turn on the shut-off valve you just installed. Allow the water to flow from the free end of the tubing to flush it until it is clear. Turn off the shut-off valve and clear water from the tubing. Next, slide the strain-relief clamp onto the tubing, followed by the compression nut and sleeve.

Remove the cap on the inlet fitting on the water inlet valve and insert the tubing into the opening. Thread and tighten the compression nut using your fingers before tightening it with a wrench. Now, open the shut-off valve again and check for leaks at the connection points. Tighten the compression nuts at these points until there are no more leaks if any. 

Put the rear bottom panel in place and secure it with the screws. Align the strain relief clamp on the tube with the appropriate hole and secure it with the correct screw. Allow the water supply line to loop behind the refrigerator so that water can freely flow and the unit can be moved without putting undue strain on the tubing.

Reconnect the refrigerator to electric power and move it back to its position. Once the unit is on, ensure the water is still on by checking the shut-off valve. Also, check to see that water is flowing into the ice maker. Then, give the unit time to make ice. Throw out the first few batches before using any ice from the machine.

This video demonstrates a modular ice maker installation in a Whirlpool refrigerator…

How to Install a Whirlpool Refrigerator

If you do not have a refrigerator you need to remove, it makes the job easier. All you have to do is move the new Whirlpool refrigerator in and set it up. However, if you have an existing refrigerator you need to move out, disconnect it from electric power. 

You may need to protect the floor while moving it, so lay cardboard pieces along the movement path. Turn off the water supply and ice maker if applicable. Then, roll up the power cord and secure it to the unit’s back with tape.

Next, empty the refrigerator if it is not already empty. Also, remove racks, bins, and shelves, and store them in a safe place. Tape the old refrigerator doors shut; you may have to remove them if the unit cannot fit through the door during movement. Then, load the refrigerator onto an appliance dolly and move it out of the house.

A freestanding Whirlpool refrigerator typically has a width of 24 inches to 40 inches, a depth of 29 inches to 36 inches, and a height of 62 inches to 72 inches. Therefore, measure the space where the unit will go in the house to ensure you have the correct dimensions. 

While measuring, remember to include a few inches of space around the sides, back, and top for proper air circulation. The floor must be flat and centered and the space must accommodate opening the door without hitting anything.

Installing the New Refrigerator

Get a helper to move the new refrigerator into the house. Before moving it, remove the bins, racks, and shelves, and tape the door shut so it does not open during movement. You may have to remove the doors entirely if the unit cannot fit through the house doors. When you reach the area for the refrigerator, properly position it and allow it to sit for some time. Do not connect it to electric power for at least one hour.

Follow the guide in this article for how to install a water supply line to the refrigerator if there is no existing one.  You may need professional help to fix it correctly because it may be complex. But if there is an existing water line connection, check the unit’s installation guide for parts that may not be available for the water line installation. Also, ensure the water pressure is right; the installation manual has the recommended pressure.

Once the water line is connected, allow the unit to sit for about 24 hours before connecting it to electric power. Ensure the ice maker is working for models with ice makers. The refrigerator must be connected to a dedicated wall outlet, not an extension. Push the power cord and water line out of the way to prevent kinking or entangling. Then, properly position the unit and power it.

Important Notes

Level the refrigerator after installing it. It helps the unit to function properly. Set a level atop the refrigerator and check all its sides. Remove the bottom front grille if there is a need to level the unit. Locate the leveling legs and turn it counterclockwise to raise it or clockwise to lower it.

Also, ensure the doors are level. Otherwise, they cannot properly seal. Leveling the doors apply to side-by-side and French-door models. Loosen the hinge on the affected door, align the door, and replace the hinge accordingly. Ensure you tighten the hinge after replacing it.

How to Install a Whirlpool Refrigerator Drawer

To install a crisper drawer in a Whirlpool refrigerator, locate the space for it. Get the drawer and slide it into the space as far as it can go. When it reaches the end, it will stop. If your refrigerator model has a deli drawer, place it in the space inside the refrigerator and slide it in until it goes past the drawer stop. 

How to Install the Base Grille on a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Many Whirlpool refrigerator models have the base grille installed by simply snapping it on the open front bottom. There are locking tabs fixed on both ends of the grille; the tabs lock the grille to the unit. Ensure it snaps when you install it.

Other models have base grilles you install with screws. The grille typically comes with the required screws, so locate the screw holes, insert the screws into them, and fix the grille to the base of the refrigerator. Then, tighten the screws to secure the grille to the unit.

How to Install a Whirlpool Refrigerator Door

If you want to install a new door on your Whirlpool refrigerator or you had to remove the door and need to fix it back, get the hinges and screws together so that you can easily reach them. Start with the right door if it is a side-by-side or French-door model, especially if the unit comes with a dispenser. Ensure the shim for the bottom hinge on one door is in place before positioning the hinge for tightening.

Place the bottom hinge over the shim and tighten the nuts on it. Next, carry the corresponding door and position it on the bottom hinge pin. Once balanced, close the door and align the top hinge. Thread the screws for the hinge through the screw holes and tighten them. If the left door does not have a dispenser on it, follow the same steps to align and install the door.

However, if the left door has a dispenser, get someone to help you insert the dispenser wire and dispenser tubing through the bottom hinge while you hold the door. Once the tubing and wire are through the hinge, align the door on the hinge and close it. Next, set the top hinge on it and fix the screws before tightening them.

Go to the bottom of the refrigerator and insert the dispenser tube into the water coupler. Fix the retaining clip and align the tubing retainer, securing it to the refrigerator with a single screw. Next, connect the wire harnesses or connectors and fix the clip over the grommet, securing it with a single screw. Check to ensure the doors are level; use the adjustment screws on the bottom of the affected door to lower or raise it if necessary.


Do you need to know how to install a Whirlpool refrigerator? This article is a detailed guide on installing the parts on the refrigerator or a new Whirlpool refrigerator. Learn how to install the door, drawer, door gasket, shelves, water filter, ice maker, and other parts from this guide. If you have further inquiries, contact the Whirlpool Service Center or hire a qualified appliance technician.

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