How to Remove a Whirlpool Refrigerator…[In-depth Guide]

A refrigerator is a convenience for every home. You will find it working almost all the time, so it is not surprising to have a faulty part. This article discusses how to remove a Whirlpool refrigerator part.

how to remove a Whirlpool refrigerator

How to Remove a Whirlpool Refrigerator Light Bulb Cover

First, disconnect the refrigerator from electric power and open the door. You will see the light on the ceiling of the refrigerator. All refrigerator lights have covers to protect the light from moisture and other damaging agents. Remove the cover by checking for screws. Some have screws securing them, while others simply snap into place.

If there are screws, get a screwdriver, loosen the screws, remove them, and take the cover off. But if there are no screws, the cover snaps on and off. Get a small screwdriver and pry the cover off. Carefully do this so that you do not break or crack the cover.

How to Remove a Whirlpool Refrigerator Light Bulb

Removing the light bulb in a Whirlpool refrigerator is pretty easy. If it is a regular bulb, remove the cover and unscrew the light bulb. The LED light is a bit more complex. This article on replacing the light in a Whirlpool refrigerator explains the process in detail.

How to Remove a Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

Locate the filter housing to remove the water filter from your Whirlpool refrigerator. Some refrigerator models have the filter at the base grille, while others have the filter inside the refrigerator, at the upper right corner.

There are different types of water filters recommended by Whirlpool for its refrigerators. If you use Everydrop or Whirlpool filter 1, remove it by locating the filter housing inside the refrigerator, in the upper right corner, or in the grille at the bottom front. Lift the filter door and simply pull out the filter.

For Everydrop or Whirlpool filter 2, the filter housing is in the refrigerator, in the upper right corner. Open the door of the housing and pull down the filter. Then, turn it counterclockwise or to the left to loosen and remove it.

For Everydrop or Whirlpool filter 3, the filter is in the base grille, to the left of the refrigerator’s bottom front. It has an ejector button you can push to release the filter. So, locate the button, push it, and release the filter. Then, pull it out of the housing.

Everydrop or Whirlpool filter 4 is usually inside the refrigerator, in the upper right corner. There is a tab that allows you to release the filter. Pull the lever forward and down to open the cover if it is on the bottom of the filter cover. But if the tab faces forward, push it and pull down the cover. Then, turn the filter counterclockwise or to the left to release it before pulling it out.

Filter 5 fits in the front bottom grille; there is a handle on the filter that you can turn to release. It is usually horizontal, and you have to turn it counterclockwise or to the left until it is vertical. This loosens the filter so that you can remove it from the housing. Remember to remove the handle from the old filter before discarding it because you will need it for the new filter.

Note that these are the ways to remove filters from the refrigerator. This is true even if you are not using the Everydrop or Whirlpool filters. However, if you have difficulty removing the filter in your unit, contact the Whirlpool Service Center to report the issue and request service.

How to Remove Whirlpool Refrigerator Doors

Depending on the model, there are different methods for removing the doors on a Whirlpool refrigerator.

Side-by-Side Model

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power by unplugging the unit or turning off the breaker controlling the unit. If the refrigerator has a dispenser in the door, turn the water off; use the saddle valve under the sink or on the wall at the back of the unit.

Pull out the bottom grille; hold each end, push inward, and pull the bottom out. Keep the grille in a safe place and pull out the water line connected to the dispenser; you will need to pull the connectors apart. But this step applies only if the refrigerator has a dispenser. Otherwise, skip it.

You will find the water line behind the grille, so remove the line connected to the door dispenser by unclipping the retaining clip. Next, loosen the union nut that connects the hose tip to the water supply tube with a pair of pliers. Disconnect the hose from the supply tube and remove the metal fitting with the spring from the tube. Then, slide the nut off the hose tip and keep everything in a safe place. Again, skip this step if your refrigerator has no door dispenser.

A single screw secures the cover of the hinge at the top of the refrigerator. Unmount the screw using a quarter-inch socket wrench and remove the cover. Now, use a 5/16 inch socket wrench to remove the screws that hold the top hinge in place. Be careful to hold the door when the hinge becomes loose; you may need someone to help at this point. Once loose, lift the door up and off the bottom hinge and set it aside.

Go to the other door and unmount the screw securing the hinge cover. Remove the cover and unmount the screws on the hinge. Next, remove the hinge and support the dor while doing so. Lift it off the bottom hinge and set it aside. With this door, you do not need to remove any water line or connectors.

French-door or Bottom Freezer Models

If you want to remove the doors on a bottom freezer or French-door model, disconnect the refrigerator from electric power. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the single screw holding the hinge cover in place. Set it aside and use a 3/16 hex key wrench to unmount the two screws on the top right hinge; do not remove the locator screws.

Set them aside, open the right door, and lift it off the bottom hinge. You may need a helper because the door tends to be heavy. Leave the bottom hinge in place. Now, go to the left door and remove the hinge cover screw with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Lay the cover and screw aside and disconnect the connectors at the hinge.

Start with the water line connection. How you remove the line will depend on the connection. But pull the outer ring back while pulling the water line in the other direction; do it gently. Some models have a clip on the water line you can lift to disconnect the line. Once done, disconnect the wire harness and remove the green ground wire, ensuring all the wires and water line remain attached to the hinge.

Get the 3/16 hex key wrench you used earlier and unmount the two screws on the hinge, leaving the locator screws in place. Then, lift the door to remove it from the bottom hinge and set it aside in a clean and well-cushioned area, away from traffic.

Open the freezer drawer to its full extension and get a quarter-inch hex driver. Use it to remove the two screws fastening the drawer front to the glides. Next, lift the front of the drawer to release the studs from the bracket slots of the glides. Then, set the drawer front aside.

Top Freezer Model

Turn off the refrigerator by powering down the breaker or unplugging the power cord from the outlet. Get a hex-head socket wrench and unmount the 5/16 hex-head screws from the hinge at the top of the door. Lift the freezer door off the middle hinge and set the door aside.

Next, remove the washer from the middle hinge. Use the same hex-head socket wrench and an open-ended wrench to unmount the screws from the middle hinge. This loosens the refrigerator door from the cabinet, so lift it off the bottom hinge and set the door aside. Get a hex-head wrench and remove the four 5/16 inch hex-head screws at the bottom hinge to remove the hinge.

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How to Remove Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Handles

To remove the door handles on a Whirlpool refrigerator, empty the door bins of every item. It makes the job easier if the door does not hold any item, so it is lighter to hold. You may also consider unplugging the refrigerator; working on an appliance without electric power is usually safer, no matter how minor the repair is.

Next, get a piece of painter’s tape and place it on the refrigerator surface close to the screws. It protects the stainless steel finish from scratches while you work. If the refrigerator is a side-by-side or French-door model, it is best to open the doors before removing the handle for better access.

Get a hex key and insert it into the screw hole on the top part of the handle. Turn the hex key counterclockwise or to the left to loosen the screw. Do the same for the screw at the bottom of the handle. When the screws are loose, lift the handle up and off the mounting studs and place it aside with the screws.

The same process works for the other door if you need to remove the handle. The refrigerator’s user manual contains instructions on what to do to remove the door handle; it is usually an easy process. However, contact Whirlpool for another manual for your specific model if you no longer have the manual.

How to Remove a Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker

Turn off the ice maker using the metal shut-off arm. If your model has a power button, use it to shut the ice maker off. Next, turn off the refrigerator; unplug it from the wall or turn off the breaker controlling it. In addition, turn off the water supply to the refrigerator using the main supply valve.

Remove items around the ice maker. You may not need to store food items in another refrigerator because removing the ice maker will not take long. However, if ideal, store food in an ice-packed cooler or refrigerator. Also, remove shelves that may be in the way.

Locate the two screws holding the ice maker to the wall of the freezer. Get a quarter-inch nut driver and loosen the screws without completely removing them. The ice maker may dangle at this point because of the loose screws, but it will not fall off. Look under the ice maker to see the single screw holding it to the wall. Use the nut driver to loosen and completely remove this screw. Set this screw aside in a safe place if you plan to reuse it.

Now, lift the ice maker to unhook it from the screws on the wall. The machine hangs by mounting brackets on the screws so that you will be unhanging the brackets. Once off the screws, check the back of the ice maker, and you will see a wire connector. Disconnect it by unlocking the central locking tab and pulling the male and female parts apart. Now, you can completely remove the ice maker from the refrigerator.

Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for the refrigerator. It is a simple process but if you have difficulty, use the services of a professional appliance technician.

How to Remove a Whirlpool Refrigerator Drawer

There are different drawers in a Whirlpool refrigerator. If you want to remove the crisper drawer, simply pull it out of the refrigerator. Then, lift it up and out to remove it completely. The same is true for the deli drawer if available. Sometimes, it may be crucial to clean them, so consult the user manual for instructions on removing the drawers.

However, if you want to remove the freezer drawer on your Whirlpool refrigerator, pull it out to its full extension. Remove every item in the drawer and store them elsewhere. Next, remove the baskets from the freezer and use a Phillips-head screwdriver to loosen the screws on each side. The screws connect the slides on the side of the drawer to the back part of the front of the drawer. There is no need to remove the screws; give them only four turns to loosen them.

Now, lift the front to release each drawer’s front from the screws. Once the drawer front is out, you can pull the rest of the drawer completely out of the refrigerator. This method may differ from model to model, so check the fitting and follow instructions in the manual to remove the drawer.

How to Remove the Ice Dispenser Cover on a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Unplug the refrigerator from the outlet before removing the ice dispenser cover. There is usually a slot along the bottom edge of the cover; you may have to run your hand along the edge to find it. When you do, insert a small putty knife or flat-head screwdriver into it.

The knife or screwdriver will help you lift the plastic trim on the front of the dispenser. Do this carefully so that you do not damage the trim. Continue to lift the trim with the tool you have until you work your way around the front of the dispenser. Carefully lift it off and disconnect the wire harness behind it before completely removing it.

How to Remove Waste Water from a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Disconnect the unit from electric power and move it if necessary. You may need someone to help you move it because of the weight. Create enough space at the back to allow you to work. Next, get a Phillips-head screwdriver or a flat-head screwdriver and unmount the two screws holding the tray to the back of the unit.

Once the screws are off, gently pry the plastic tray off the retaining part. Apply gentle force until the two ends are loose. Then, wiggle the plastic tray until it comes out from under the refrigerator. Throw the water in the tray out and clean it before putting it back under the unit.

Note: Removing the waste water is not a general rule for all Whirlpool refrigerator models. It applies to the Ice Magic model.

How to Remove the Ice Bin from a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Different Whirlpool refrigerator models do not have the same method of removing the ice bin. For many of these models, grab the ice bin at the bottom, lift it a little, and pull it out from under the ice maker. Some models require you to hold the handle, slightly pull it down and bend it outward. Then, you lift it out of the refrigerator.

A few models have the ice maker and bin in the door. Open the ice compartment by pressing the locking tab up. Once open, put your fingers into the opening to the bottom right of the ice bin, pull the latch outward, and lift it out of the compartment. Consult the refrigerator’s owner’s manual for the steps to remove the ice bin from your specific model.

How to Remove the Bypass Cap on a Whirlpool Refrigerator

The bypass cap or plug fits into the position of the water filter inside the refrigerator. When installed, you turn it clockwise or to the right at a 45-degree angle. The cap becomes horizontal. To remove it, turn the cap counterclockwise or to the left to position it vertically. Then, pull it out because it is loose at this point.

This video demonstrates its removal…

How to Remove the Bottom Grille from a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Look for a locking tab at each end of the grille. All you have to do when you find the tabs is to grab the grille and pull it to unlock the tabs. Then, you can remove the grille from the base of the refrigerator. Bear in mind that the grille can be stiff on some models because of the tightness of the locking tabs. 

For models where you cannot pull the grille off by grabbing both ends and pulling, flex the top part outward. Place your fingers along the top edge, apply some force, and push it out toward you. Keep pushing it in that manner along the top until the grille is fully out.

A few models use screws to secure the base grille to the bottom of the refrigerator. So, you will need to get a screwdriver and unthread the screws at each end of the grille. Once you remove them, you can easily pull the grille out.

How to Remove the Crisper Drawer from a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Open the refrigerator door and locate the drawer. Pull the drawer forward, slightly lift the front part, and slide it out of the refrigerator. The process is basically the same across most Whirlpool refrigerator models.

How to Remove a Whirlpool Refrigerator Drip Pan

Many models of the Whirlpool refrigerator brand have the drip pan, also called the drain pan, at the bottom back, next to the condenser. You have to open the bottom back access panel to reach the pan. However, on some models, access to the pan means removing the base grille at the front of the unit.

For a drip pan accessible from the back, you can slide it straight out from under the refrigerator. There are usually no tabs securing it in place. But if the pan is accessible from the front, it may slide out on rails. Nevertheless, it is also easy to remove. Carefully remove the pan, no matter the location, because it may contain some water.

How to Remove Whirlpool Fridge Door Shelves

Open the fridge door and remove any items stored on the door shelves. The shelves on the door are easy to remove. Lift them up, give them a little nudge underneath to detach them from the liners, and remove them.

How to Remove a Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Line

If you want to remove the water line from the dispenser in a Whirlpool refrigerator, start by disconnecting the unit from electric power. Also, turn off the water to the unit. Using a small flat-head screwdriver, depress the tabs that secure the dispenser controls. Before completely removing the connections, check how they are made for future connections.

Use a 5/16-inch wrench to disconnect the water line from the spigot. Next, remove the line from the retaining clip and use a Phillips-head screwdriver to loosen the single screw that holds the top hinge cover. Lift the cover off and unlock the ring from the coupler. Then, pull the water line off.

Some water lines connect through the back of the refrigerator into the ice maker. If your model works that way, go to the back of the unit and unclamp the line running up the back of the cabinet. Next, locate the connection point; you will see a ring holding the line that runs on the side of the unit. Press the outer ring in to release the water line from the connection.

How to Remove the Platter Pocket from a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Not every Whirlpool refrigerator model has a platter pocket, so you do not need to worry if there is none. But if it does, note that you will need to remove the door of the refrigerator before removing the platter pocket. Follow the guide on removing the doors in this article.

When the door is off, locate the pull-out platter pocket and pull it out until it fully extends or stops moving. Find the retention clips on the sides and disengage them from the bottom. Once the clips are fully disengaged, pull the platter toward you and out of the unit.

How to Remove Glass from a Whirlpool Refrigerator Shelf

To remove the glass from the shelf in a Whirlpool refrigerator, open the door and remove the shelf. You can simply slide the shelf out if it is a standalone type. 

But if it sits on top of the crisper drawer, remove the drawer before the shelf. Next, glide the shelf forward and once it is free of the back supports, tilt it sideways and remove it from the refrigerator. Locate the retainer clips at the back; they should be at the edges of the frame. Press the clips one by one and when the clips are free, you can slide the glass out of the frame.

Now, put it down on a clean and safe work surface, placing it face-down. Use a flat-head screwdriver to depress the peg on one side of the frame while pushing the center track on the frame sideways. Once the track is free on that side, move to the opposite end and do the same.

Push the center track to the middle once it is free from the frame so that you can lift it out of the shelf. Next, depress the three tabs holding the track at the edge of the shelf frame the same way you did those of the center track. Do the same for the track on the opposite side. Locate the retainer clips at the back; they should be at the edges of the frame. Press the clips one by one and when the clips are free, you can slide the glass out of the frame.

How to Remove Scratches from Whirlpool Stainless Steel Refrigerator

To remove scratches on the stainless steel surface of a Whirlpool refrigerator, get a soft, microfiber cloth. Dab some vegetable oil on it and rub it over the area with scratches. Ensure you go in the direction of the grain to avoid adding more scratches or soiling the finish. If the scratches are light, this method should diminish or remove them.

However, if the scratches are more defined, you can use a non-abrasive Scot Brite pad with an automotive rubbing agent. Put several drops of the rubbing agent on the pad and go in the direction of the grain, applying only gentle pressure.

You can also use wet fine-grit sanding paper to remove more defined scratches. Always keep the sandpaper wet and go in the brush or grain direction. Note that you must keep going in one direction; do not go back and forth. Afterward, apply a rubbing compound to finish the task. This method works only for a plain stainless steel refrigerator finish. It must never be used for fingerprint-resistant stainless steel or the simulated type.

How to Remove a Stuck Water Filter from a Whirlpool Refrigerator

If the stuck water filter is located inside the refrigerator and has a pull tab or push button, open the filter housing fully. Ensure there are no shelves or items in the way. Give the filter a firm turn to the left or counterclockwise and pull it out when you do. The stuck filter should come out of the housing. 

But if the filter is the type where the door opens and the filter pops out, ensure the door is fully open. Next, turn the water to the refrigerator off and purge the system with water in the water line; use the dispenser to do this. Purging or flushing the system will ease the pressure and allow you to remove the filter. After that, pull the filter again to remove it.

Bottom Grille Filters

If the filter goes in the bottom grille, determine the type of filter. Some use eject buttons while others have caps to turn before removing the filters. If the filter has an eject button and is stuck, press the button and hold it to see if the filter ejects. Push the filter and press the button again; it should disengage from the housing.

If the filter remains stuck, remove the base grille to have better access to the filter. Press the eject button again and see if the filter moves. If it does, push it back in and press the button one more time. Doing this makes removal easier in the future.

For filters that turn before you can remove them, get a small piece of cloth and place it over the filter cap. Next, get a pair of regular pliers and lock them onto the cap. The cloth protects the cap from damage from the pliers. Then, give the cap a quarter-turn counterclockwise or to the left.

If that does not work, remove the grille to have better access to the filter. Follow the same steps and turn the filter again. This time, it should come out of the housing. However, do this carefully to avoid damaging the cap, filter, or filter housing. Contact the Whirlpool Service Center if none of the above works for your specific model. Alternatively, hire an independent technician to check the unit.


If you are looking for how to remove a Whirlpool refrigerator part, follow this in-depth guide. You will find detailed instructions on how to remove various parts of the refrigerator for replacement or cleaning. The guide explains how to remove a stuck water filter, water lines, dispenser cover, and glass from the shelf. It even has resources on removing scratches on the stainless steel finish.

Your user manual comes in handy in many of these instructions. If you do not have the manual, contact Whirlpool for a hard copy or search for an online copy. The guide helps you save money on repairs and labor costs. However, you can always get professional help from an appliance technician if you have difficulty with any step.

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