How to Make Ice in an LG Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

In this article, we discuss how to make ice in an LG refrigerator. If you have been having trouble with it, look no further for a solution.

How to Make Ice in an LG Refrigerator

How Long Does a New LG Refrigerator Take to Make Ice?

A new LG refrigerator takes about 24 hours to make ice. It is the time it needs to cool adequately to be able to freeze the water in the ice maker and produce ice.

However, remember to throw the first few batches of ice out as they may taste strange or may not be clean. Afterward, you can use the ice.

How Long Does It Take for an LG Fridge to Make Ice?

It takes between two to three hours for an LG fridge to make ice. Since it is not a new fridge, it must have been working for longer than 24 hours. So it is cold enough for the ice maker to work at producing ice.

Which LG Refrigerator Makes Round Ice Cubes?

An LG refrigerator with a Craft Ice ice maker makes round ice cubes or ice balls. The Craft Ice ice maker in select LG refrigerator makes round ice that melts slowly.

Because the ice is not the usual ice from your in-door ice maker, it takes between 18 to 30 hours for the ice maker to produce only 3 pieces of craft ice that are 2 inches across.

As with all LG refrigerators with ice makers, a new refrigerator with the Craft Ice ice maker needs time to make the first batch of ice.

In some cases, it needs longer than 24 hours for this to happen, as long as 48 hours. This is the time in which the refrigerator cools enough to freeze the water in the ice maker.

The first batch of Craft ice may be smaller than normal and not fully rounded. The middle line on the produced ice as well as the bottom and top indentations may vary from one Craft Ice ice maker to another. But they are normal.

After about 2 batches of ice, the ice maker will produce round ice, fully formed. Additionally, the ice bucket in a typical Craft Ice ice maker can hold about 25 pieces of ice before the ice maker stops making ice as its sensor senses that the bucket is full.

This is because Craft ice is bigger than the ice cubes you get from the in-door ice maker. Therefore, if you need more ice, reduce the ones in the ice bucket so the ice maker can resume production.

Furthermore, the sizes of the ice balls mean you will hear them dropping into the ice bucket. This is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about.

Here is a video describing the Craft Ice ice maker…

How to Get LG Refrigerator to Make Ice

If you are looking to get your LG refrigerator to make ice, make sure the unit has an ice maker. If it does not come with an installed ice maker, it means the model cannot make ice.

However, if the refrigerator has an ice maker, turn it on. There is usually a switch on the left side of the machine to turn on or off. Turn it on and check the temperature in the freezer. You may also check the feeler arm by the side of the ice maker to be sure it is down. Only then would the ice maker make ice.

The temperature in the freezer should be lower than 19 degrees. Typically, a freezer should be set between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit for proper food storage. But for the ice maker to make ice optimally, set it at -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

After this, check the water supply to the refrigerator and ice maker. Turn on the water valve that supplies from the housing supply to the unit. Then, turn on the water inlet valve. Turn both valves fully open.

Take a look at the water line to check for twists or kinks. Loosen and straighten the line if it is twisted or kinked. Additionally, make sure the refrigerator or any other object is not resting on it. Otherwise, it may get damaged and the only fix is to replace it.

Furthermore, ensure the ice bucket is fully inserted under the ice machine. Avoid opening the door of the refrigerator for a few hours so the ice maker can produce ice.

If you set all these in order yet the refrigerator does not make ice, reset the machine. You will find a button underneath the left side of the machine for testing the ice maker. Press and hold it until the tray starts turning. It should begin ice production after this test.

If your ice maker model does not have the test button, it must have a tiny hole to the left. Insert a small piece of metal, preferably a paper clip, into the small hole. Apply pressure to the hole until the tray starts turning.

However, if the test or reset does not get the ice maker to work, the machine may need to be serviced.

How Much Ice Does an LG Refrigerator Make?

An LG refrigerator makes about 10 cubes of ice every ninety minutes. So in twenty-four hours, the ice maker in the refrigerator produces about 120 to 130 cubes of ice.

However, this figure can change depending on the model and cooling capacity of the refrigerator.

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LG Refrigerator Making Ice Slow – How to Increase Ice Production

In the event of your LG refrigerator making ice slow, do the following:

1. Set the Temperature Correctly

For quicker and better ice production, set the temperature of the freezer at -4 degrees Fahrenheit. LG advises that freezers are set below 19 degrees Fahrenheit but for the best results, it should be at 0 degrees.

Setting the freezer between -4 and 5 degrees makes it freeze faster. Consequently, the ice maker freezes water quicker.

2. Turn On the Water Valves

Check the main water valve that supplies water from the house to the refrigerator. It may be shut accidentally. Even if it is open, it may only be halfway so.

Therefore, open the valve fully. Then, check the water inlet valve at the right bottom back of the refrigerator. It may also be only partially open or shut completely.

3. Check the Water Line

If the refrigerator or any other heavy object is standing on the line, water may flow in trickles to the ice maker. As a result, you will find that the ice maker is producing ice too slow.

In the same vein, if there are kinks in the line, or it is twisted, water won’t flow as it should. Therefore, check the line and straighten it if necessary. The same applies if any heavy object is resting on it.

4. Change the Water Filter

A blinking water filter indicator alerts you to the fact that it is time to replace the filter. Be sure to check the control panel for the indicator.

But if the indicator is not blinking, it is still necessary to check the filter. If it is older than six months in use, replace it.

You may need to replace it more often if you use the ice and water of the refrigerator regularly, if your main source of water supply is not very clean, or if you live in a dusty area. The same applies if your area sees a lot of construction.

And when buying the new filter, get one that is compatible with an LG refrigerator – always use brand filters.

Before installing it, check the head for any damages or dirt. Additionally, be sure to install it properly.

5. Activate Ice Plus or Express Freeze

To activate the Ice Plus feature, touch the display on the panel. Then, swipe the display or tap it again. You will see several options, among which is the Settings.

Tap Settings and touch Refrigerator Manager under it. The Ice Plus option will appear. Touch it once to activate it. The function will run for 24 hours before it shuts off automatically.

To activate the Express Freeze feature, simply press the button labeled Express Freeze and the function will begin. Much like the Ice Plus feature, the Express Freeze will also run for 24 hours before it shuts off automatically.

The Ice Plus feature in your LG refrigerator speeds up the time in which the refrigerator cools and freezes. In general, it improves the icemaking and freezing capacity of the unit.

If you have a large amount of food or drinks to cool or want lots of ice cubes within a short period, the feature causes the compressor to run for three hours without stopping.

Consequently, cold air increases and cools everything, including the ice maker. Ice is produced quicker this way. The same applies if you activate the Express Freeze feature.

Note: The Ice Plus feature appears only in LG InstaView refrigerators while the Express Freeze feature appears in most newer model LG refrigerators.

6. Replace Ice Maker Module

The module of the ice maker may be bad. And if it is bad, the water inlet valve won’t work properly at filling the ice maker with water. So you may find the ice mold empty or only partially filled.

It may be difficult to find the module as a single part. If you don’t, replace the ice maker.

If the refrigerator is new, it may only need time to pick up speed. A new refrigerator does not make the first batch of ice until after 24 hours. This is the time it needs to cool enough to freeze water and other items.

How Do I Reset My LG Refrigerator after Power Outage?

To reset your LG refrigerator after a power outage, consult the user manual of your refrigerator to determine whether or not the unit has a dedicated reset button. If it does, locate and press it to reset the unit.

Otherwise, unplug the unit from power and wait about 30 seconds to one minute before plugging it back into power. Doing this resets the refrigerator’s control board.


The icemaking process in an LG refrigerator is pretty straightforward. But if you are stumped and are looking for how to make ice in an LG refrigerator, this detailed guide shows you the steps to take.

Do note, though, that an LG refrigerator automatically makes ice for the most part. So if following this guide does not fix the problem you are experiencing, contact LG Support and report the issue.

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