LG Refrigerator Shelf [Issues & Solutions]

Setting up and removing an LG refrigerator shelf tend to be quite easy. But if you find yourself having issues with the shelf, this article is for you.

LG Refrigerator Shelf
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LG French Door Refrigerator Shelf Adjustment

To adjust the shelf in an LG french door refrigerator, do the following:

Start by emptying the shelf. Make sure there is no item on it before adjusting it.

For the adjustable shelf at the top, lift it up and pull it towards you until it does not rest on the mounting supports at the center and sides of the unit anymore.

Next, slide it in and set it on the mounting supports on the level you want it. Make it sits tightly on the supports before leaving it.

For the middle shelf, grab either end of it and slide it out towards you until its mounts do not rest on the support rails anymore. Lift the shelf up and remove it completely from the unit.

Next, set the shelf on the level you want it, and make sure the mounts hang on the rails in order to palace it properly. Then, push the shelf in a backward manner until it hits the back of the unit.

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This video demonstrates how to remove and adjust the shelves in an LG refrigerator…

LG Refrigerator Shelf Broken – How to Fix

The only fix for a broken LG refrigerator shelf is to replace it with the right replacement part. Be sure to purchase one using the model number of the refrigerator and buy from trusted dealers or from LG.

LG Refrigerator Bottom Shelf Removal

To remove the bottom shelf in an LG refrigerator, remove every item on it. Next, take the crisper or vegetable drawer out from under it.

Then, balance the fingers of one hand under the shelf while holding the outside edge with the other hand. Lift it gently and pull it toward you. Then, slide it out of its position.

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LG Fridge Shelves Breaking – Quick Fix

Contact LG Support to report the issue of your fridge shelves breaking. But before doing that, ascertain that you are not being hard on the shelves. Also, make sure you don’t wash them in hot water while they are still very cold from the fridge.

How to Remove Shelf from LG Refrigerator

For the top shelf, lift it up and pull it towards you until it does not rest on the mounting supports at the center and sides of the unit anymore. Lift it out of the unit completely.

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For the shelf in the middle, grab either end of it and slide it out towards you until its mounts do not rest on the support rails anymore. Lift the shelf up and remove it completely from the unit.

LG Refrigerator Shelves Cleaning – What to Do

To clean LG refrigerator shelves, remove them and set them in the sink. If they are cold, which they are most likely to be, allow their temperature to rise to room temperature. Then, run warm or hot water over them.

With mild soap and a soft cloth, wash the shelves and softly scrub them to remove stains. After giving them a thorough washing, run clean water over them to rinse off the soap. Make sure to run the water until the shelves are squeaky clean.

Dry the shelves with s lint-free cloth or simply set them out to air-dry. Afterward, reinsert them into the refrigerator.

If your refrigerator shelves are made of plastic, you can wash them in the dishwasher using the normal dishwashing cycle.

While this is safe, it is more important to preserve the shelves than to go for convenience. This is because if the shelves get damaged, it is not exactly cheap to replace them.

LG Refrigerator Top Shelf Freezing – Solutions

Check the setting of the temperature in the refrigerator. If it is set lower than the recommended point, the top shelf is likely to freeze faster than other shelves.

This is because the shelf is close to the air vents. The same applies if you place water-rich food items on the top shelf too close to the air vents.

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Adjust the temperature to a more food-friendly setting. And avoid storing food that freezes easily on the top shelf, close to the air vents.

A more serious reason for an LG refrigerator top shelf freezing is a leak in the sealed system. Once the gas in the refrigerator begins to leak, the top shelf starts freezing.

If you want to be doubly sure, open the inside back panel of the freezer section and check the evaporator coils. If only one section of the coils has frost on them, contact LG Support to report a suspected leak in the sealed system.

How to Remove Glass from LG Refrigerator Shelf

To remove the glass from an LG refrigerator, push it up from the bottom, disengage the sides and back, and pull it toward you. Gently lift it off the refrigerator and place it aside.

Watch this short demonstrative video…


An LG refrigerator shelf is one of the easiest parts of the refrigerator to remove and replace if you know what to do. Fortunately, this guide helps you with LG refrigerator shelf problems, providing easy solutions.

However, if your glass shelf cracks or breaks, always replace it with the right part. Ensure you buy from a trusted OEM dealer or from the brand LG.

And if any part of fixing a troublesome shelf is difficult, consult your user manual, contact LG, or chat with our appliance technicians…

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