How to Remove Frigidaire Freezer Drawer [Quick Guide]

If you need to remove your Frigidaire freezer drawer, this article will guide you on how to do this easily.

How to Remove Frigidaire Freezer Drawer

How to Remove Frigidaire Bottom Freezer Drawer

To remove the drawer from your Frigidaire bottom freezer, follow this guide:

Remove Door

Open the freezer drawer and unthread the screws holding the door panel to the door rails. Use a 3/8″ socket.

Now, place the front panel of the drawer door on a non-scratching surface. If you have none, overlay any flat surface with a carton or towel.

Remove Freezer Basket and Ice Bucket

To remove the basket, lift it at the back first. Then, lift the front part of the basket and carry out the entire basket from the drawer. Do the same for the ice bucket.

Inside the freezer drawer, the basket is resting on a frame. Release the retaining clips holding the basket frame to slide it out.

Remove Freezer Drawer

To remove the freezer drawer, unthread the two hex-head screws on the left and right sides of the drawer. Do not remove the screw at the center of the freezer drawer; it is a factory adjustment.

Next, holding the two sides of the drawer, lift it. That will separate the freezer drawer railing from its railing assemblies.

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In some models, the drawer may not have screws but retaining clips securing it. Just remove the retaining clips and remove the drawer.

Afterward, unscrew the roller support bar, and push the railing assemblies back to their locking position.

If you want to reinstall the freezer drawer, follow these steps in reverse order.

Here is a video to guide you in removing the bottom freezer drawer…

Keep in mind that the freezer drawer is heavy so you need to be careful when lifting it. Additionally, you may need an extra hand to help support the weight when you want to reinstall the drawer.

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How to Remove Drawers from Frigidaire Refrigerator

Here is how to remove a drawer from a Frigidaire refrigerator:

Carefully lift up the glass covering the drawer and set it aside in a secure location.

Next, pull the drawer out. Then, from the drawer’s front part, use both hands to slightly lift it. You will notice the drawer release from its side supports.

Now, take out the drawer carefully from the appliance.

Note that removing the crisper and deli drawers on your Frigidaire refrigerator follows the same steps.

How to Remove Frigidaire Freezer Basket

If you want to remove the basket inside your Frigidaire freezer, here is how to do it:

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First, open the freezer drawer completely. Next, lift the basket from the back, then the front, and remove the basket from the freezer drawer. This method will work if your appliance is a Frigidaire bottom-freezer.

However, for models like the upright freezer, the process of removing the basket is different. When you open the appliance, slide out the glass covering of the basket.

Then, proceed to slide out the basket. Halfway through, you may need to slightly lift the basket up to free it from its stopper.

See this video below for further guidance…

For further clarification, check your user manual. If you have misplaced it, contact Frigidaire to send you a soft copy.

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