LG Refrigerator after Power Outage [Issues & Solutions]

Refrigerators and other electrical appliances don’t handle power outages well. So, it is important to check your LG refrigerator after a power outage to see if it is working properly.

LG Refrigerator after Power Outage

LG Fridge Beeping after Power Outage – What to Do

If you find your LG fridge beeping after a power outage, check the internal temperature. This is especially needed if the outage lasted for a few hours.

If the temperature is not as cold as it should be, the temperature alarm may be what you hear. Turn the alarm off and give the fridge some time to cool.

If the alarm keeps beeping even after the fridge’s temperature lowers, then unplug the unit for about 10 minutes. There may be a malfunction in the alarm system or main control board and a reset might help.

You can opt to shut the alarm off, that is disable it until you can find out why it keeps beeping. To do this, find the button for Alarm Lock on the control panel; it should be on the extreme right of the panel.

When you do, simply press the button once to shut off the alarm. Be aware that this means the alarm won’t alert you when the door has been open for too long or when the temperature is rising.

Other Steps to Take…

Also, make sure the door of the fridge is tightly shut. If it is even slightly ajar, the door alarm will sound until you close it properly.

Additionally, ensure the fridge is not overstuffed and the door is not out of alignment. Rearrange items in the unit, if you have to, so that air can circulate better and the door can close and seal fully.

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However, if this does not stop the beeping, which is rare, contact LG and report the issue before requesting service.

How Do I Reset My LG Refrigerator after a Power Outage?

To reset your LG refrigerator after a power outage, disconnect it from electric power for about 30 seconds. Afterward, reconnect it and you will hear the compressor kick into action. Doing this stabilizes the system and resets the refrigerator.

LG Refrigerator Not Cooling after Power Outage – How to Fix

Reset the refrigerator by unplugging it from its dedicated wall outlet for about 30 seconds. Afterward, plug it back into the wall outlet. The compressor should kick into action and the refrigerator should begin cooling.

If the reset does not fix the cooling issues, then check the circuit breaker for the refrigerator. It may have tripped off during the outage or if there was a surge.

Turn it back on if it is off and see if the refrigerator starts cooling. But this only applies if the internal light of the refrigerator is not on.

Other Parts to Check…

Make sure the power cord is fully plugged in and the compressor is running efficiently. Also, make sure the power outlet is sending enough voltage to the unit.

Next, check the evaporator coils for frost accumulation. The power outage should have melted any frost on them but it helps to be sure.

If there is frost on them, it would explain the inability of the unit to cool. You will have to unplug the refrigerator again and allow all the frost to melt before plugging it back in.

Finally, check the main control board. It may be malfunctioning due to the power outage. And when it begins to malfunction, it affects the cooling capacity of the refrigerator because it controls the functions of the components.

LG Refrigerator Not Working after a Power Outage – How to Fix

If you find that an LG refrigerator is not working after a power outage, locate the circuit breaker that controls the refrigerator. The breakers are usually outside the house.

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Check to see if it is tripped and turn it back on if it is. Sometimes, a power outage tampers with the breaker and turns the refrigerator off.

If the circuit breaker is not tripped, then check the power outlet. Make sure it is still working and the power cord is not the issue. Also, make sure it is transmitting the required amount of voltage to the refrigerator.

If the outlet is the GCFI type, check the switch. This outlet can trip if there is a power outage in order to protect the refrigerator. Turn the switch on and see if the refrigerator starts working again.

Other Parts to Check…

If the outlet is working well, the power cord may have damages. Remove the cord and inspect it for frays or damages. Replace the cord if you notice any damage. You may also want to try a compatible replacement plug. If the refrigerator begins working, then the old plug may have bad internal wiring.

Sometimes, a component inside the refrigerator becomes defective during the outage, causing the unit not to work. If all of the above does not solve the issue, troubleshoot the start relay, start capacitor, temperature control thermostat, compressor, and main control board.

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LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice after a Power Outage – Solved

If the ice maker in the LG refrigerator has an arm or paddle, make sure it is in the on position. The arm should be down for the ice maker to work. But if it has a switch, ensure it is working and is turned on.

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If the ice maker is on, check the water line for any piece of ice that may be stuck inside it. Find the point where water enters the ice maker; the opening should be free. If there is ice or debris clogging it, that would explain why the ice maker is unable to make ice.

Remove the ice or debris and try an icemaking cycle.

Factors to Consider…

There is also the temperature to consider. After a power outage, especially one that lasted some hours, the refrigerator may not be as cold as it needs for the ice maker to work. You may have to give the unit some time to coll adequately for the ice maker to work.

Otherwise, try lowering the temperature by adjusting the setting one degree at a time. This might help cool the refrigerator faster to make ice.

In addition to all the above, the water inlet valve may have damages. Due to the fact that electricity controls it, the outage may have damaged the solenoid so it is no longer receiving power. And if the solenoid does not work, the ice maker won’t fill with water to make ice.

Therefore, test the solenoid with a multimeter to see if it is getting enough power. Replace the valve if the solenoid is not working or it is receiving power yet the valve is not filling the ice maker with water.

Check Internal Components…

Lastly, the power outage may have burned one or more components in the ice maker. If you have the skills to check each component, you may be able to find the defective one and replace it if there are individual replacement parts.

But if you are not sure which component is defective but the ice maker is not working, replace the entire assembly or have a service technician check the ice maker and recommend a fix.

Important Note

Always contact LG for service and repairs for issues with your LG refrigerator after a power outage. This is especially true if you have an active warranty on the refrigerator.

Alternatively, chat with our appliance technicians. They are readily available to help you with your appliance problems; you don’t need an appointment or waiting period.

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