Zanussi Fridge Freezer Compressor [Issues Solved]

Like many other refrigerators, a Zanussi fridge freezer compressor develops issues. How do you solve them? This article explains solutions.

Zanussi Fridge Freezer Compressor
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Zanussi Fridge Freezer Compressor Not Working – How to Fix

Take the following steps to fix the compressor of a Zanussi fridge freezer:

1. Check the Fan Motor

Clean the blades to remove debris and any other dirt that may keep them from turning well. Then, turn them to see how well they turn. If there is any restriction, it may be an indication that the motor’s bearings are worn.

But to be sure, take the fan and check its continuity with a multimeter. If you find no continuity, replace the motor.

The fan blows and cools the condenser coils and the compressor. This way, they don’t overheat. However, if the motor fails or the blades get damaged, the fan ceases to work. The compressor overheats and with time, stops working altogether.

2. Check the Condenser Coils

Go to the back of the fridge freezer and check the coils. If your refrigerator model has the coils underneath the unit, then look under it. You may likely find them dirty because of where they are located and if you’ve never cleaned them.

Take a condenser cleaning brush or vacuum cleaner with a soft brush and clean the coils. Do this carefully but thoroughly. Make sure to get all the dirt and debris on them.

When you do this, you will notice the fridge freezer begins to cool better. And it may get the compressor working again.

An overload of heat can cause the compressor to temporarily shut down and not work. And significantly dirty coils easily transfer heat to the unit, and the compressor works harder to keep the temperature cool due to the excess heat.

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3. Check the Thermistor

With a multimeter, run a resistance check on the thermistor. You should find the resistance changing as the fridge freezer temperature changes.

However, if the resistance remains unchanged as the unit’s internal temperature keeps changing, or there is no continuity, replace the thermistor.

The compressor, which is part of the cooling system, gets a supply of power from the control board. And the control board knows when to supply power to the cooling system through the temperature readings sent by the thermistor.

But if the thermistor becomes defective, the reading would be wrong. Consequently, the control board may send too little or too much power.

4. Check the Start Relay

Unplug the fridge freezer from power and unmount the relay from its position on the compressor.

Next, shake it a bit. It is a small box so this is easy to do. If you hear or feel the relay rattle, it is damaged. This fact is further cemented if the relay has a burnt odor.

However, if you want to make absolutely sure, check it with a multimeter to see if there is continuity between the run and start terminals. If you don’t find continuity, replace the relay.

The compressor has a hard time starting and running if the start relay fails. The same is true for the overload or start capacitor. A number of things could cause the failure of the relay namely, power surges.

5. Check the Compressor

Sometimes, the fault is from the compressor. It may just have failed, making it stop working. This is especially true if the fridge freezer is old.

Find a certified technician to come out and check the compressor. If it has failed or something else is causing it not to work, the technician will advise you accordingly.

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Note: You may want to check the cord of the fridge freezer, especially if nothing else seems to be working in the unit. Also, check the main control board for damages. A damaged control board can affect the running of the compressor.

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Zanussi Fridge Freezer Noisy Compressor – What to Do

If you find that the compressor on your Zanussi fridge freezer is noisy, check the start relay. A faulty relay will cause the compressor to make clicking noises as it tries to start.

Test the relay with a multimeter to check its continuity. If you find no continuity, replace the relay so the compressor can run smoothly.

Another thing to check is the springs on which the compressor stands. When they are loose, they tend to cause the compressor to shake and make a vibrating noise as the fridge freezer shuts off. The same is true if the springs are weak.

Therefore, replace the springs if you notice they are weak or loose upon inspection. If you are not sure how to do this, have a service agent do it.

Additionally, ensure there is enough space around the fridge freezer so it does not hit the surfaces around it when it shuts off. Space also helps the flow of air to keep the coils and compressor from overheating.

It is important to note here that a compressor makes a noise when operating normally. It is a low and comfortable hum. But if the humming sound increases and becomes too loud, report the issue and request service.

Sometimes, the condenser fan motor makes a noise as the bearings begin to wear out or something gets caught in the blades. Due to its closeness to the compressor, it is easy to presume the noise is from the compressor.

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Therefore, be sure the noise you hear is not from the motor of the condenser fan or even its blades.

Zanussi Fridge Freezer Compressor Hot – Quick Fix

Clean the condenser coils to remove dirt and dust. When they are clean, they can effectively and efficiently dissipate heat from the refrigerant so it doesn’t carry into the unit.

If the heat goes into the unit, the temperature would rise. The compressor starts to work harder to lower the rising temperature, making it run constantly. The constant running makes it too hot.

And if the condenser fan stops working, the compressor would overheat. This is because the fan keeps the compressor from getting too hot while it is working. Therefore, check the fan blades and motor.

In addition, be sure the door gasket is in good working condition. If it is not, replace it. Otherwise, the internal becomes compromised by warm air, the temperature increases and the compressor begins to run constantly to fix the temperature issue.

Check for any source of heat close by that may be affecting how well the fridge freezer cools. This also affects how the compressor runs and subsequently, how hot it becomes.

Also, check food storage. If you frequently store hot food in the fridge freezer, it would have the same effect as leaving the door open for a long period or having a leaky gasket.


Fix a Zanussi fridge freezer compressor as soon as you notice it is not running efficiently. Following the steps laid out in this article helps you do it.

However, if you are in doubt or are unsure, contact Zanussi, report the issue, and request service. This is especially needed if the unit is new.

You can also choose to use any of our technicians who are readily available. Chat with them at no great cost to you.

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