Engel Fridge Compressor [Problems and Solutions]

If you find your Engel fridge compressor giving you problems, this article will proffer solutions that may fix them.

Engel SAWSB47F-E-T Integrated Fridge CK-47 12/24V

Engel Fridge Compressor Cutting In and Out – What to Do

Here are things to do when your Engel fridge compressor is cutting in and out:

1. Check the Power Cord

If the power cord has any signs of damage, breach, or burns, it may trip the compressor on and off. The reason is, if the power cord has any damage, it may stop sending adequate voltage from the outlet to the fridge.

So, ensure this is not the case, and replace the power cord if it is damaged.

2. Check the Start Relay

The start relay is a component that kick-starts the compressor. So, when it malfunctions, it will keep trying to start up the compressor unsuccessfully.

To determine if the start relay is working, detach it from the compressor and give it a little shake. If you hear a rattling sound, it may mean the start relay is faulty.

Alternatively, use a multimeter to check the start relay for continuity. Then, change the start relay if it does not have continuity.

3. Check the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils dissipate heat when the refrigerant is passing through them. However, when they are dirty, the condenser coils will not carry out their functions effectively. Hence, the compressor starts overheating and shuts off at intervals to cool down.

Therefore, when you check the condenser coils and find that they are dirty, clean them. Use a condenser cleaning brush for the cleaning.

4. Check the Overload Device

The function of the overload device is to measure the current the compressor draws. It then trips off when the current is high, causing the compressor to cut in and out.

Furthermore, when the overload device finds any signs of a problem with the compressor, it starts to trip off.

Therefore, if you suspect this is the problem with your compressor, get a technician to take a look at it. Or contact Engel for a service repair.

Engel Fridge Noisy Compressor – Solved

If your Engel fridge compressor is noisy or rattling, it could mean either of these:

1. Weak Mounting Brackets

Check the mounting brackets of the compressor; they could be weak. If that is the case, the compressor will shake while it is running. As a result, have contact with the frame of the fridge. Hence, the rattling sound.

Use an insulation foam between the fridge frame and the compressor to stop the noise.

But if the problem is not with the mounting brackets, then the compressor may be due for a change.

2. Old and Worn-out Compressor

If the compressor is very tired, it will start to rattle or make a loud knocking sound. But unfortunately, you cannot repair it, since repairing the compressor may require opening it. And, because the compressor is hermetic, disconnecting the pipe will release the gas inside the compressor.

So consider replacing the compressor now because, in no time, it will pack up. A fridge technician should help you with the repair since the repair is not for non-skilled service technicians.

However, if you are not sure if the rattling is from the compressor, check the basket inside the fridge.

3. Basket Problem

If you are using the basket inside the fridge, it could be contributing to the rattling noise. Place a foam around the edge of the baskets to serve as a cushion. That will help reduce the noise.

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Engel Fridge Compressor Not Working – What to Do

Is your Engel fridge compressor not working? Here are the things to check:

1. Start Relay

Remove the start relay and shake it lightly. If the relay rattles, it is most likely faulty. Otherwise, use a multimeter to test the start relay for continuity. That will further confirm the condition of the start relay.

The start relay can develop a fault on its own. And if it does, the compressor will cease to function.

If the start relay is faulty, change it to get your compressor working again.

2. Thermostat

Use a multimeter to test the thermostat for continuity. If there is no continuity, the thermostat is faulty and not sending voltage to the compressor. You have to replace it.

3. Overload Device

Determine the working condition of the overload device, and change it if faulty. When the overload device stops working, the compressor will stop too.

4. Power Connection

Ensure the fridge is connected to a power source, and the power source is okay. Try to connect something else to the power outlet to see if it works.

As you already know, no appliance can work without a source of power.

Additionally, check the fuse and the polarity of cables and connectors, and ensure nothing is wrong with them.

5. Compressor

When the compressor is weak, it may stop working. So, if the other issues raised above are not the problem with the compressor, then this is.

Buy a new compressor. And if your warranty is still active, then you’re in luck. The repair could be free.

How to Test Engel Compressor – Quick Guide

Here is an easy way to test your Engel Compressor:

Use an amp clamp to clamp around the positive (+) wire, and measure the negative (-) of the amp. Then, use the reading to check what you have on the maximum amps draw stated on the label.

With that, you will know the condition of the compressor.

Alternatively, see the video below. It can serve as a visual guide…

How to Fix Engel Fridge Compressor

Fixing the Engel compressor involves a technical procedure that only service technicians can do. So, we recommend you take the unit to a domestic fridge repairer to work on it.

Moreover, repairing the compressor is uneconomical. So, you are better off buying a new one.

Contact the Engel service center to buy a replacement part. Then, ensure the new compressor is a match with your fridge model.

If you still have an active warranty, you may be lucky to get a free repair from Engel or pay very little for the repair.

Engel Fridge Compressor Problems – Solutions

Here are some problems your Engel compressor may have and their solutions:

1. Compressor Rattle

If the compressor is rattling, it is either the mounting brackets are loose, or the compressor is weak. If the problem is with the mounting brackets, tighten them. Alternatively, put an insulation foam between the compressor and the fridge frame.

However, if the compressor is the culprit, buy another one and replace the old compressor.

2. Compressor Running Non-stop

The cause of a compressor running non-stop is a leaky gasket, ambient temperature, and frequent visits to the unit. These factors increase moisture inside the fridge.

Consequently, the compressor will work harder to stabilize the internal temperature of the appliance.

Therefore, fix a leaky gasket, open the fridge less frequently, and place the unit in a colder environment. That should solve the non-stop running problem.

3. Compressor Not Working

If the compressor stops working, there is a possibility that either the start relay, overload device, or thermostat is faulty. Additionally, the power source could be a contributor too, or the compressor is weak.

So, find out why your Engel compressor is not working and repair it accordingly.

4. Compressor Hot

While it is normal for the compressor to be hot when it is running, if it overheats, check it. The common causes for an overheating compressor are a faulty thermostat, faulty RV fridge fan, or warm internal temperature.

To stop the compressor from overheating, change any faulty component that may lead to overheating. Furthermore, set the temperature of the appliance according to the recommendation of the manufacturer.

How to Replace Engel Fridge Compressor

Replacing the compressor on your Engel fridge requires some technical expertise. Regarding this, you may need to hire a service technician for the repair or contact the Engel service center.

However, if you can boast of your DIY talents, follow the steps in this video to replace the compressor.

Important Notes

Always disconnect your appliance from the power source before working on it. It ensures your safety from electrocution. Then, allow the compressor to cool down before working on it to reduce the risk of scalding.

Furthermore, always consult your user manual to confirm what you are troubleshooting. For further assistance with your compressor problems, contact the Engel service center, or chat with our experienced technicians.

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