Kenmore Refrigerator Dispenser Problems [Solved]

With this comprehensive article, gone are the days when you struggled with Kenmore refrigerator dispenser problems. Not only will you learn how to troubleshoot and fix your Kenmore refrigerator dispenser without any professional assistance, but you will also get answers to some of the most pressing questions regarding Kenmore refrigerator dispensers.

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Kenmore Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working – What to Do

If your Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser is not working, troubleshoot the following parts to know the source of the problem and fix it:

Water Inlet Valve

Water is supplied to the dispenser via the water inlet valve. So, if the inlet valve is broken, twisted or if there is insufficient water pressure, water will get to the dispenser. If the water inlet valve is not broken or twisted, check if the valve pressure is up to 20psi.

Also, conduct a continuity test using a multimeter to know if the water inlet valve is defective and needs replacement.

Water Supply Tube

Circulating air through the water supply tube will help you know if it is frozen or not. To do this, first, detach the water supply tube from the bottom of the refrigerator door. If air does not circulate through the water supply tube, that means it is frozen and needs to be thawed.

Also, ensure that the freezer temperature is between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Setting the freezer temperature below that range, your freezer will become very cold and freeze the water supply tube again.

Then again, you do not want the freezer temperature to be above that range to avoid making the freezer excessively warm.

Water Filter

If the water inlet valve and the water tube check out, the next component to troubleshoot is the dispenser water filter. Perhaps the water filter is clogged, thereby preventing the flow of water to the dispenser. Inspect the water filter, take it out if it is clogged, and install a new one.

Note that refrigerator manufacturers and repair experts recommend that you change your dispenser’s water filter every six months, even if it is not yet clogged. This ensures that water flow is not restricted at all and to make clean water available to you when you need it.

Dispenser Switch

The dispenser switch allows for voltage transmission to the dispenser, and if it is defective, the dispenser will not be able to function.

Apart from physically inspecting the dispenser switch to see if it is burnt, you can carry out a continuity test and replace it if the test indicates no continuity.

Dispenser Control Board

If you have troubleshot the Kenmore refrigerator’s aforementioned components and everything checks out, then the problem most likely lies with the dispenser control board. A faulty dispenser control board will not supply the needed power for the entire dispenser system to function.

Testing the dispenser control board is quite tricky, so you might want to leave it for an expert if you do not understand how electrical circuits work.

Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Not Working – How to Fix

If the ice dispenser on your Kenmore refrigerator is not working, here is how to troubleshoot and fix it:

Ice Crusher Blade

Perhaps the ice crusher blades are broken, bent, or jammed by ice, and that is why the ice dispenser is not working. Physically inspect the blade to see if it is defective. If they are, replace them.

Ice Bucket Auger

The rotary action of the auger motor helps to push ice toward the dispenser door and through the chute when the ice dispenser lever is pressed. If the auger is not connected to the auger motor or is broken, it will not move ice to the dispenser chute. You cannot repair a defective auger, so replace it.

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Dispenser Solenoid

The door flap opens and closes to release ice due to the action of the dispenser solenoid. Having a broken dispenser solenoid means that the door flap will not be able to open or close.

To know if the dispenser solenoid is responsible for the ice dispenser problem, conduct a continuity test. You can also inspect the dispenser actuator pin to see if it spins freely.

If the dispenser actuator pin does not rotate freely or if the test indicates that there is no continuity in the dispenser solenoid, you have to get a new one.

Dispenser Door Motor

Cold air is prevented from leaving the freezer with the help of the dispenser door motor. If the dispenser door motor is broken, the dispenser door will not open, and you will not get ice when you need it.

To know if the dispenser door motor is the root cause of the ice dispenser problem, first check if it is receiving power and still won’t work. If that is the case, replace the dispenser door motor. In addition, you will need to replace the dispenser door motor if a continuity test shows that it lacks continuity.

Dispenser Actuator

The dispenser actuator works hand-in-hand with the dispenser switch to power the dispenser auger motor. The switch will not work if the dispenser actuator is not functioning.

Conduct a continuity test to know whether the dispenser actuator is defective or not. If the test shows that the dispenser actuator is defective, get a replacement.

Auger Motor

The auger motor helps to spin the blades of the auger, and they, in turn, push the ice down the dispenser chute. This mode of operation will be disrupted if the auger motor is not working.

You can always know if the dispenser auger is not working by turning the ice bucket auger with your hands. If you notice any resistance in the rotation of the auger blades, then the auger motor needs to be replaced.

That being said, a continuity test will the best way of knowing whether the auger motor is defective or not. If the reading of the multimeter shows the dispenser auger motor does not have continuity, replace it.

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Dispenser Lever Broken – How to Fix

First off, unplug the Kenmore refrigerator from its power outlet before performing any repairs. To replace the broken refrigerator water dispenser lever, pull out the drip tray, insert a putty knife behind the bottom of the dispenser façade and push it out.

At this point, take note of how the dispenser switch wires are connected before disconnecting them from the switch. After that, remove the screws holding the light and switch housing in place.

Press the tabs to release the housing and hold it out of your way with a tape. Unscrew the screws securing the strain relief and retainer in place. Now, remove the old dispenser lever or arm and insert a new one in the same position.

After that, realign the strain relief and retainer on the pins holding the housing and the slide. Ensure that the setup is secured with the appropriate screws. Next, remove the tape, put the light, switch housing in its original position, and secure it with the screws.

Now, reconnect the wires to the appropriate terminals on the dispenser switch. Align the top of the dispenser façade to the top edge of the light, switch housing, and ensure it snaps into place. Place the drip tray in its original position, plug the refrigerator power cord into its power source.

Also, check if the refrigerator water dispenser lever is now functioning properly. If you carefully followed the procedure, you should not have any problems.

Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Flap Not Opening or Closing – What to Do

If your Kenmore refrigerator ice dispenser door flap is not opening or closing, it means the flap is defective and needs to be replaced. To replace the door flap, first, unplug the refrigerator from its power source to prevent electrocution.

After that, pull out the drip tray and insert a putty knife behind the refrigerator dispenser façade. Push the façade down and pull it out with the putty knife.

After removing the façade, take note of the orientation of the dispenser switch wires because you will have to rewire them after the door flap is installed.

Disconnect the wires from the switch and remove the screws securing the light and switch housing. Depress the tabs to release the light switch housing and tape them to keep the tab out of your way.

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After that, depress the tab on the top of the ice guide and lift it out. Lift out the old ice chute door and detach it with a small flathead screwdriver.

Now, install the new ice chute door and ensure it snaps into place before reinstalling the ice guide. Rotate the guide up and snap in the upper tabs.

At this point, remove the tape and place the light switch housing in its original position. Secure the light and switch housing with the screws you removed earlier and ensure the wires are reconnected in the appropriate terminals.

Next, align the top edge dispenser façade on the top edge of the housing and ensure it snaps into place. Finally, replace the drip tray and plug the power cord back into its outlet.

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Dispenser Leaking – Fast Fix

If your Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser is leaking or dripping, even when you are not using it, know that the tubing is damaged. The tools needed for this job include a utility knife and a needle-nose plier. You will also need to have vinyl tubing and quick-connect couplings.

After getting the necessary tools and materials, the first thing you have to do is unplug the refrigerator. After that, place a bowl beneath the water dispenser and pull the lever down to dispense water into the bowl.

Once that is done, disconnect the leaking tubing using the needle-nose plier. Next, cut the damaged section of the tubing using the utility knife. It is advised that you do not use a side cutter to cut the tubing because it will cause distortion.

Push the ends of the tubing you just cut into the quick-connect coupling, and the leaking will stop.

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Dispenser Slow – How to Fix It

If you notice that your Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser is slow, first bring the refrigerator forward to allow you to have access to the water supply line. Ensure that the water supply line is straight and not twisted or restricted by any other kitchen appliance.

After that, check if the water valve is open. If it is not, open it so the flow of water will not be restricted. When moving the refrigerator back to its original position, ensure that the water supply line does not get twisted in the process.

If the water supply line is not the source of the slow dispensation, check the water filter. To do this, pull out the water filter from the dispenser and check if it is clogged. A clogged water filter will prevent the free flow of water.

If the water filter is clogged, get a new one to replace it. That said, you should replace the water filter of your refrigerator dispenser at least once in six months, even if it is not clogged at the moment.

That said, if the water filter checks out, press the dispenser lever to dispense water into a bowl and observe the flow for about three minutes.

You will notice a spluttering and irregular flow of water if air is trapped in the water line. If that is the case, allow the trapped air in the supply line to escape.

What is more, if the water supply line and the water filter are not the cause of the slow dispensation, the water inlet valve pressure is the cause. If the pressure of the inlet valve is not up to 20psi, water will not dispense as quick as it should be. Check if the water inlet valve is defective. If it is, replace it.

Kenmore Refrigerator Water and Ice Dispenser Sticking – Solutions

If the buttons of the lock mode, control panel, and light are stuck, they will malfunction. The lock mode button helps to activate or deactivate the lock mode of the Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser. Press and hold down the lock mode button for about five seconds before releasing it. This should unstick the button.

If the button on the control panel is stuck, the control panel, like the brain of the refrigerator, won’t send signals to the various parts of the dispenser to perform their respective functions.

If you cannot find your way around the control panel because of its complex wiring, it is best to hire a technician to do the job.

Lastly, if it is the light button of the refrigerator that is stuck, you have to carefully pull out the small lip on the exterior of the light switch. After that, press and release the light button several times to ensure it does not get stuck again.

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Check out the video below to learn more about fixing a Kenmore refrigerator dispenser that sticks open…

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Kenmore Refrigerator Water Dispenser Keeps Running — How to Fix

If you have a Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser that keeps running, the water inlet valve is the culprit. For the water inlet valve to shut off properly, it needs a pressure of at least 20 psi.

Having anything below the specified pressure will cause the water inlet valve not to close properly when you turn off the power.

Consequently, the water inlet valve will start filling the water dispenser with water and cause an overflow. So, if you notice that your water dispenser keeps running, first check if the water pressure is at the recommended level. If it is, then know that the water inlet valve is defective and needs to be replaced.

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Dispenser Making Noise – How to Solve It

If you hear any noise coming from your Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser, the water filter and water inlet valve may be responsible for the problem.

To fix this problem, you will need a water filter bypass plug, a small container, a screwdriver, a new water inlet valve, and a new water filter housing.

Once you have all the needed tools, detach the water filter from the water filter housing. Install a water filter bypass plug in place of the detached water filter. Use the water dispenser and listen for the noise. If you hear the noise, replace the water filter.

If the water filter is not the source of the problem, troubleshoot the water inlet valve. Move the refrigerator away from the wall if it is placed there and turn on the water dispenser.

Locate the water inlet valve at the bottom of the Kenmore refrigerator, and listen for the noise. If you notice that the noise is coming from the water inlet valve, replace it.

Kenmore Refrigerator Dispenser Problems – Related FAQs

How to Clean the Ice and Water Dispenser on Kenmore Refrigerator

To keep your Kenmore refrigerator dispenser safe and in good working condition, clean it at least once a month. To keep the water and ice dispenser of your refrigerator free from bacteria, disinfect the appliance with white vinegar.

If, for some reason, you cannot get white vinegar, ensure that you chemical you use for the cleaning is not harsh. Before starting the cleaning process, unplug the refrigerator.

Dip a small towel in the mixture of white vinegar and hot water (4 cups each) and use it to wipe the drip tray, the faucet, and dispenser taps. Next, flush the dispenser reservoir with the vinegar and hot water mixture.

Wait for 20 minutes and flush the reservoir again with only hot water. This will dislodge any vinegar residue in the reservoir. Plug the refrigerator power cord back into its outlet.

How to Remove Ice Dispenser Cover on a Kenmore Refrigerator

To remove the ice dispenser cover on a Kenmore refrigerator, first, go to the slot on the left or right side of the plastic trim and insert a flathead screwdriver into the slot. After that, you can pry the ends of the plastic trim to separate it from the refrigerator.

Before you can completely detach the plastic trim from the refrigerator, unwire the cables connected to the control panel. But then, take note of how the unwiring process because you will have to rewire the cables when you are done with your repairs.

How to Replace Kenmore Refrigerator Dispenser Control Board

To replace a defective Kenmore refrigerator dispenser control board, first, disconnect the refrigerator from the electric source. After that, detach the drip tray and the dispenser housing from the refrigerator dispenser.

Next, disconnect the cables connected to the dispenser housing and remove the cover of the control board. If you know the wiring will be difficult for you to remember, take a photograph of it so you can rewire it later.

Once that is done, place the new control board in the position of the old one. Ensure it snaps into place before reconnecting the wire harness on the dispenser housing.

After that, secure the dispenser housing with mounting screws and reattach the drip tray to its original position. Finally, restore the power to the refrigerator.

How to Replace a Kenmore Refrigerator Dispenser Switch

To replace the dispenser switch on a Kenmore refrigerator, start by disconnecting the refrigerator from its power source. Once that is out of the way, pull out the drip tray, insert a putty knife at the bottom of the dispenser façade and pull it out.

At this point, take note of the orientation of the dispenser panel switch wires because you will reconnect them after the replacement. You can now detach the dispenser switch that needs to be replaced. Install the new dispenser switch by connecting it to the wire harness and position the dispenser switch on the mounting pins.

Ensure that the dispenser switch snaps into place before reconnecting the disconnected wires to the appropriate terminals on the dispenser panel switch. Reattach the dispenser façade and the drip tray before restoring the electrical power of the refrigerator.

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