Haier Refrigerator Freezer Not Freezing [Quick Fix]

This article shows you how to solve the problem of a Haier refrigerator freezer not freezing. Read to learn more.

Haier refrigerator freezer not freezing

Haier Refrigerator Freezer Not Freezing – How to Fix

If your Haier refrigerator freezer is not freezing, below are the parts of the freezer to troubleshoot in order to find the cause of the problem:

1. Evaporator Coils

You could find the evaporator coils dirty or frosted up. If they are dirty, clean them thoroughly. But if there is ice on them, you can thaw the ice with a hair dryer or any other relatively safe source of heat.

However, the safest way is to manually defrost the freezer. To do this, you need to empty the freezer of all contents and store those that perish easily in another freezer. You can also store them in a well-insulated cooler after wrapping them in newspapers.

Unplug the freezer and leave it without power for some hours. How long you leave it will depend on how much ice has accumulated on the coils and in the freezer. You can even leave it unplugged overnight. Plug it back when all the ice is melted and be sure to set it to the right temperature.

But you should be aware that ice on the evaporator coils is an indicator that some other part of the freezer is malfunctioning. The first place to check is the defrost system. And the first component to check is the defrost heater. With a multimeter, test the heater for continuity. If you don’t find continuity, replace the heater.

But if you find continuity, then test the defrost timer. Using a flathead screwdriver, turn it counterclockwise until the heater comes on. If this happens, then you know that the timer is defective and should be replaced. You don’t have to manually move it before it goes into the defrost mode; it should be automatic.

The problem could be with the defrost thermostat if the defrost timer and the defrost heater are working fine. A defrost thermostat that is faulty will not be able to sense that the evaporator coils are cold enough for the heater to warm. So it won’t be able to allow the defrost heater to enter the defrost mode in order to warm the cooling coils.

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The evaporator coils see to it that the refrigerant that goes through them evaporates into vapor. They cool the refrigerant before the condenser coils condense it. If the coils have an ice buildup on them, they will not function effectively. As a result, the unit will not cool properly.

2. Start Relay

Turn the freezer off by unplugging it and detach the start relay from the side of the compressor. Check its continuity by testing it between its run and start terminal sockets. If there is no continuity, replace the start relay. Additionally, if you smell any burnt odor, replace the relay.

The start relay provides for the compressor the power it needs to run. If it is defective, the compressor may not run or may run but not as efficiently as is needed.

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3. Temperature Control Thermostat

A temperature control thermostat in good working condition should produce a click when it is turned from the highest temperature setting to the lowest temperature setting. If there is no click, the thermostat could be defective. To be absolutely sure, check for continuity in the thermostat using a multimeter. If there is no continuity at any temperature setting, replace the thermostat.

The refrigerant system of the freezer will be unable to run efficiently if the condenser fan motor, the compressor and the evaporator fan motor don’t run. And these cannot run without getting voltage sent to them by the thermostat. A defective thermostat cannot send voltage so the freezer will not cool or freeze.

4. Evaporator Fan Motor

Under normal circumstances, when you open the door of your freezer, the evaporator fan stops running. However, when you activate the switch of the freezer door, the motor of the fan starts running again. This is despite the fact that the door is still open. But if you activate the switch yet the motor doesn’t start running, you know that the motor is bad and must be replaced.

The freezer will have no cold air if the evaporator fan doesn’t work. And the fan cannot work if the motor is faulty. The cold air you feel inside the freezer is circulated by the evaporator fan. A faulty fan means a freezer that won’t be cold.

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5. Condenser Coils

If the condenser coils are not visible behind the freezer or under it, then you don’t have to clean them because they are within the walls of the freezer. But if the coils are visible, clean them. More likely than not, they are dirty.

Condenser coils with dirt on them cannot efficiently dissipate heat from the freezer. It will take the freezer longer to cool with the excess heat or it may not cool at all. Ensure you clean them once every 6 to 12 months in order to keep them effective.

6. Condenser Fan Motor

To check the condenser fan motor for faults, start by checking the blades of the fan. Remove any external object restricting them from turning freely and clean the blades.

But if nothing is restricting the blades, try spinning them with your hands. If you encounter any stiffness or resistance, it means that the bearings of the motor are worn and the motor should be replaced.

However, if the blades spin without a hitch and nothing is restricting them externally, check for continuity in the motor using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, replace the motor.

A malfunctioning condenser fan motor won’t be able to power the fan so that it can draw air through the condenser. The unit will not cool if this happens.

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Other Freezer Parts to Troubleshoot

If none of the parts we have listed above has a fault that could cause the problem of a Haier freezer not freezing, you can check the compressor, the user control and display board or even the main control board. On a few occasions, one or more of these parts can become faulty and cause the freezer to stop freezing.

The freezer’s sealed system could also cause the freezing issue if it is leaking. You can be sure it is the sealed system if only one shelf in the freezer is cooling or only one area of the evaporator coils has frost on it. Contact a professional refrigerator repair agent to check it. The only solution to this is buying a new freezer.

Technical Parts to Check

Before you begin to check these technical parts of the freezer, there are a few easy things to check:

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1. Air Circulation

Avoid placing items too close to the freezer fan. Doing this makes it difficult for cold air to reach other items, causing a freezing problem.

So, rearrange the items in the freezer to make for better circulation of air. Make room for the freezer fan to blow air and for the air to circulate. This may sound simple but it helps the freezer’s capacity to cool.

2. Freezer Temperature

Ensure that the temperature setting of the freezer is at the right cooling point. 0 degrees Fahrenheit is typically the right temperature point for a freezer but if it has to go higher, 10 degrees Fahrenheit is the maximum point if you want the freezer to keep cooling or freezing.

So, if it is higher than the recommended point, adjust the freezer accordingly and give it time to cool.

3. Door Seal

A dirty, broken or worn door seal will let warm air into the freezer. The cold air will become compromised and the freezer’s cooling capacity will reduce.

Because of this, run a test on the seal of the freezer door. Replace the seal if you notice any weakness or leak. And if the seal is dirty, use mild soap and warm water to clean it thoroughly. Dirt can cause the door seal not to close as tightly as it should.

4. Freezer Content

An overfull freezer will reduce the freezer’s ability to cool. This is because the cold won’t have room to circulate and cool the items in the freezer.

Therefore, don’t store too many items in the freezer. Leave room enough for air to move around. And don’t store hot food in the freezer. It will take longer to cool and it will reduce the coolness of existing items in the unit. Allow it to cool before putting it in the freezer.

Be aware that you can fix the freezing problem of whatever type of Haier freezer you own by following the steps detailed in this article.

Quick Note

Call a qualified refrigerator technician to take a look at your Haier freezer that is not freezing. You can also contact Haier customer service center to request assistance, especially if the Haier freezer is still under warranty.

Always unplug the freezer from its dedicated wall socket before attempting to troubleshoot or repair it. And if you cannot unplug it from the wall socket, shut the circuit breaker that controls that part of the house down. This is the first step in keeping both you and the unit safe.


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