KitchenAid Refrigerator Door Adjustment – “How To” Steps

Sometimes, you may find that your KitchenAid refrigerator doors are misaligned, especially if it is a new installation. This article explains the KitchenAid refrigerator door adjustment steps for easy usage.

KitchenAid refrigerator door

KitchenAid Refrigerator Door Adjustment

KitchenAid has different types of refrigerators, such as double-door, side-by-side, French-door, and top-freezer models. However, the door adjustment steps for all models may be similar except for top-mount refrigerators. You will need a hex key to adjust the door on a French-door model. The refrigerator should come with one, but you can also purchase a set from any hardware store if it is no longer available.

For a French-door model, close both top doors and check which door needs an adjustment. Next, open the bottom drawer and locate the bottom hinge pin on that refrigerator door. The alignment screw is inside the hinge pin, so when you find it, put the shorter end of the hex key into the hinge until the alignment screw fully engages it. 

Turn the key to the right or clockwise to raise the door or turn it to the left or counterclockwise to lower it. Keep turning and checking the door until it is fully adjusted and aligned with the other one. You may want to account for the weight of items inside the door for the adjustment; too much weight can affect the door hinge and cause the door to become misaligned.

You can follow the same steps to adjust the door on a side-by-side model. The difference is that there are no drawers to open to access the bottom hinge. It is important to note that most refrigerators with side-by-side doors usually come with the refrigerator door slightly higher than the freezer door. This allows for the weight of items you will store in the door; when you fully load it, the door comes down to the same height as the freezer door.

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However, if you still need to align the door after loading it, open both doors on the side-by-side model to a 90-degree angle. Doing this is crucial because you must remove the bottom grill in front of the unit to access the leveling legs. You may need a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws on the grill before pulling it out.

Next, ensure the wheels are off the ground by turning the leveling legs until they are firmly rooted on the floor. Afterward, check the door to see if it is aligned. If it is still off, close the freezer door and leave the refrigerator door open. Get a 5/16-inch open-head wrench and use it to turn the adjustment screw on the bottom hinge. Turn it to the right or clockwise to lower the door and left or counterclockwise to raise it. The same steps apply to the double door model. Check out this article on a KitchenAid refrigerator door for more resources on fixing the door.

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Top-mount Models

The top-freezer models do not usually need a door adjustment, but you may need to adjust it from time to time. Get a flat-head screwdriver and slide it under the hinge cover on top of the refrigerator. Move the screwdriver until the cover comes loose, and you can remove it. 

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Next, loosen the hinge screws with a socket wrench or nut driver, and while they are loose, move the top door until it aligns with the bottom one and the space between the door even out. You may need someone to hold the door in that position while you tighten the hinge screws, or use a shim to secure the position until you tighten the screws. Finally, put the hinge cover back in place.

Note: The user manual has instructions on door leveling and adjustment. You will also find instructions on correctly positioning the wheels on the floor so that they do not roll while the refrigerator is in use. Contact the KitchenAid Service Center for a soft copy of the manual if it is no longer available.

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