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Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler — Extensive Review

Koldfront is a known consumer appliance brand that manufactures the Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler.

Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler -- Close-upThis brand is one of the several brands owned by its parent company, Living Direct. Avallon and EdgeStar are two of the other brands owned by Living Direct.

However, Koldfront was founded by Rick Lundom who simply wanted to change how things were done in the industry.

Rick had spent a considerable amount of time with his grandfather. During that period, his gramps taught him how to sell appliances and equipment that were manufactured by known brands at the time. One day, he grew tired and bored with the whole process and decided to start a manufacturing company.

This was how Koldfront was born. And from that day till now, the brand has been producing different appliances including wine coolers like the one we are reviewing.

Other products in Koldfront’s range include dishwashers and air conditioners.

In this review of its 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler, we will let you in on what we have learned so far about this product. Our aim is to ensure that you are armed with all the information you need before you make that purchase.

Who knows? This may be the wine cooler you’ve been looking for the whole time.

Come with us!

Who Needs the Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler?

The Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is probably what you need if you are in the market for a wine cooler that can cool different wines at different temperatures at the same time.

And if you are also keen on a wine cooler that won’t take up much of your real estate, then it may be the wine cooler to consider.

With this wine cooler, you are also assured of efficient cooling. That is, you will always be able to tell the difference between wines stored in either of its two zones.

More so, if you are particular about the safety of your wines and you want to prevent unwanted hands from getting into your unit, then you will like that this wine cooler comes with a lock and keys.

What’s more? This wine cooler holds temperatures well, is easy to install and use, and it is a really low noise level cooling appliance.

So, if the already mentioned features are what you are looking for in a wine cooler, then you just may have found what you are looking for.

But, let’s show you more about these features in detail as well as the downsides of this wine cooler. You can rest assured that at the end of this review, you will be in a better position to decide on whether or not this wine cooler is suitable for you.

Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

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Features of the Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Efficient Dual Cooling

One of the perks of the Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is that it is not just a wine cooler with a fancy dual cooling feature to separate wines. It is actually efficient at bringing wines to two different temperatures at the same time.

The first zone of this wine cooler, which is the top section, has a temperature range of 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. This already assumes the ideal section for a user to cool the red wines.

The second zone, which is the bottom section, has a wider range of 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit that makes it the perfect section to cool the white wines and champagnes.

But it is not just the zoning that makes this wine cooler worth trying but that this feature actually works.

What’s more, users can take joy in the sheer facts that temperatures are held constantly in this unit. This means the chances of temperature fluctuations in it are next to inexistent.

That said, what about the noise level?

Well, for starters this wine cooler is not a silent one. It actually hums. However, if it is any consolation, the humming is often very low and soft that it may require the user to get close to hear the sound that it sometimes makes.

Removable Shelves

The Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler features 6 removable shelves altogether.

Each zone in the wine cooler has 3 plastic shelves trimmed with beechwood; each of which is able to hold up to 3 wine bottles. And right under the last shelf in this section is a space created to accommodate 3 more bottles on the floor of the section.

So, this brings the maximum number of wines that can be stored in the zones to 12 bottles each.

Here’s something we would like you to know about the shelving system in this unit:

First, this wine cooler’s shelves are designed for 750ml Bordeaux wine bottles. This means that if your collection is comprised of this wine style only, then you can get up to 24 wine bottles.

However, the possibility of being able to store up to 24 wine bottles may reduce when larger bottles start getting into the mix.

Now, in such cases, the fact that the shelves are removable makes it possible to even accommodate larger wine bottles in the first place. But doing this is what potentially affects the maximum capacity of the wine cooler.

Another important thing to note is that the shelves aren’t entirely wooden. The slats are made of plastic and trimmed with the beechwood material.

That said, pulling out a bottle will require you to open the door of the unit at an approximate angle of 180 degrees.

Safety Lock

The safety lock is one feature that you will greatly appreciate if you are looking forward to restricting access to the wines that will be stored in this wine cooler.

This will be especially useful if you have little children around you and you don’t want them getting into the unit.

Also, if the purpose for which you are getting this wine cooler is to have an assortment of wines at an event that you’ll be hosting, we are almost sure that you won’t want just anyone to go into your wine cooler. It is in such instances, that this lock will be a lifesaver.

For all it’s worth the glass door is see-through, so whoever needs to get a peek into your collection can do that without actually opening the unit’s door.

Attractive Design

The Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler also has a nice design. This includes a towel-bar handle to open the unit, a see-through glass door for a nice view of the bottles lying pretty on the shelves.

This dual zone wine cooler also has interior LED lights that cast a soft and beautiful glow on the bottles.

More so, the blend of the color of the cabinet, the handle and the metal trim around the glass, make the wine cooler look really nice in any space.

So, you have no worries when it comes to how well it blends with furniture and other existing appliances.


For a 24-bottle wine cooler, the Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is quite compact and takes up only a small space in a room.

The fact that it is a freestanding wine cooler allows the user to install it in just about any space provided there’s ample clearance for ventilation.

Pros of the Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

  1. Has an efficient dual cooling feature.
  1. Shelves can be removed to accommodate large wine bottles.
  1. Holds temperatures well and is precise.
  2. Has a nice and modern design that makes it suitable in almost any space.
  3. It is able to cool red and white wines at the same time.
  4. Features safety lock to restrict access to the wine collection.
  5. Has a compact design.
  6. Produces a low and soft hum that – heard in close range but can be ignored.

Cons of the Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

  1. There are no instructions on how to fix the handle and some of the screws for that purpose are flimsy.
  2. It reverts to default factory temperatures after power loss.

Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler -- Shelf

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If You are Keen on a Wine Cooler with Temperature Memory Function, You May Want to Try the Kalamera 30-Bottle Wine Cooler.

Temperature retention function is probably one feature you are particular about especially if you want to be sure that a power blip won’t alter your temperature settings.

This is why we recommend this 30-bottle wine cooler by Kalamera.

In the event that a power blip occurs while you are away, this wine cooler will continue to cool your wines at the temperature you set it to before the power blip once power is restored.

Now, even though one of the benefits of this wine cooler is larger capacity relative to the featured product, unlike the featured wine cooler, this one is a single zone wine cooler. So, if you don’t mind having to give up the dual cooling feature, then this wine cooler should be perfect.

Thankfully, it has a wide temperature range of 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it doesn’t matter if your goal is to have red wines or white wines cooled in it, it is up to the task.

You may want to read more about this wine cooler here.

Would you Prefer a Wine Cooler with Metal Shelves? Then Check Out the Ivation 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler.

The Ivation 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is an alternative that we will gladly recommend if you are in the market for a wine cooler with the same major features as the featured product but with metal shelves instead.

So, there you have it!

These two wine coolers are actually alike in a number of ways – capacity, zoning, installation type, as well as the cooling system. However, they differ in the sense that unlike the featured product, this 24-bottle dual zone wine cooler by Ivation has metal shelves.

Each of these shelves is also scalloped to create a holding effect for the wine bottles and prevent one from rolling into the other.

What’s more, the unique design of this wine cooler is quite classy and may be something you would like. So, you may want to check it out to see if this is, in fact, what you want.

Ivation 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler -- Side

You can read more about this wine cooler in this review.

Thinking Of A More High-End Option? Then Try The NewAir 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The reason this wine cooler qualifies as a more high-end option is that it offers more features to justify its heavier price tag.

For starters, it offers a larger capacity for those who have more wine bottles to cool than the featured product offers to accommodate.

And being a dual cooling wine cooler, you can also decide to cool all sorts of wines in it simultaneously at two different temperatures. Thankfully, it has a reliable and powerful compressor cooling system that assures the user of effective zoning as the wines are cooled.

The NewAir 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is also a stylish wine cooler with wooden shelves to hold the bottles. And in the event that large wine bottles need to be stored in the unit, these shelves can be removed to make it happen.

NewAir 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - Side

You may want to read more about this wine cooler here.

Quick Comparison

 Featured ProductTemperature Memory FunctionWith Metal ShelvesMore High-End Option
ProductKoldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine CoolerKalamera 30-Bottle Wine CoolerIvation 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine CoolerNewAir 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler
Dimensions33.5 inches x 14 inches x 22.25 inches14.9 inches x 33.9 inches x 22.4 inches16.9 inches deep x 20.5 inches wide x 29.1 inches high23.5 inches x 32.2 inches x 22.4 inches
Capacity24 Bottles30 bottles24 bottles46 Bottles
Cooling SystemThermoelectricCompressorThermoelectricCompressor
ZoningDual ZoneSingle ZoneDual ZoneDual Zone
Installation TypeFreestandingBuilt-in or FreestandingFreestandingBuilt-in or Freestanding
Available Sizes24-Bottle30-Bottle24-Bottle46-Bottle
Available ColorsBlack/Stainless SteelBlack/Stainless SteelBlackBlack/Stainless Steel
Shelves6 Plastic Shelves trimmed with Beechwood6 Wooden Shelves3 Chrome Scalloped Shelves5 Beech Wood Shelves

Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler -- Open

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What Users Are Saying About The Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

A good number of the users’ comments on the Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler have been positive with a few critical ones here and there.

On the good side, the attractive design was a plus to the aesthetics of some users’ spaces. This includes the black and stainless steel blend of the cabinet, the metal trim on the door and the handle.

Also, some users loved the fact that the controls are easy to use. They could easily control the temperature in each of the two zones and also monitor the operating temperature in the zones at any given time from the display screen.

Some users also appreciated the low noise level and efficient dual cooling of this wine cooler. It was good to know that they could tell the difference between a wine bottle cooled in the top zone and another cooled in the bottom zone at different temperatures. However, a good number of customers would have loved it more if the wine cooler had a temperature memory function rather than returning to default temperature after a power loss.

Meanwhile, the safety feature was another part of this wine cooler that some users, especially those with little kids, loved. They could simply lock the unit and rest assured that no adventurous or inquisitive child in getting into the unit or opening the door every minute. #

All that said, one common drawback that most users noticed about this wine cooler is the flimsiness of the screws that are meant to hold the handle on the door in place. More so, users found it strange that there were no instructions to guide them on how to fix the handle in place.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, the Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is worth considering because of its stylish design, effective dual cooling, quality construction, and safety feature.

So, while we wish Koldfront delivered better on some of the features it offers, we like the others that were delivered well.

First, we like that the temperatures in either of the two zones are often very constant. Wines are stored at different temperatures at the same time. And a sample check from bottles in each zone shows that the dual cooling feature is efficient.

Also, even though this wine cooler is originally designed for Bordeaux style wines, the fact that the shelves are removable makes it easy to accommodate larger wine bottles.

Moreover, the lock feature of this wine cooler allows users to put a restriction on who gets access to their wine collections. Not everyone can resist the temptation to want to open the cooler to check what’s in it. Now, imagine that everyone who gets to the wine cooler opens it. It won’t be long before the temperature in the cooler starts rising and the wines get affected.

That said, it will be better if the screws and washers that come with the handle are heavy duty and not flimsy. Plus, some instructions on how to fix the handle would have been better.

Nonetheless, this wine cooler’s benefits outweigh its cons. So, we think it is worth considering.

Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler -- side

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