LG Refrigerator WiFi [Issues And Solutions]

The LG refrigerator WiFi App also called the SmartThinQ app is downloadable from the Google Play or Apple App Store for easy management of all your LG WiFi-enabled refrigerators.

How to Use LG Refrigerator WiFi

To start using WiFi on an LG refrigerator, take the following steps:

Step 1

Download the SmartThinQ app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Tap and open the downloaded app and sign in by creating a WiFi account.

If you have an existing WiFi account, just click on the ‘REGISTER option and select ‘REFRIGERATOR’.

Step 2

The following questions will pop up, one after the other, on the display, and to which you are expected to answer either ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. The answers to select are provided below after each question:

‘‘Does the refrigerator have a Tag On Logo?’’

Answer: No.

‘’Does the refrigerator have a SmartThinQ logo?’’

Answer: Yes.

‘’Does the refrigerator come with a touch screen?’’

Answer: Yes.

Step 3

Next, you’ll be required to choose the WiFi connection of your preference.

Step 4

When you make your choice, you’ll be required to key in your SmartThinQ identity and password. Click ‘DONE’ when you are through with this step.

Step 5

Locate the display panel on the exterior of the left door of the refrigerator and tap on it. The display panel will light up and display the Home Screen. Select ‘SETTINGS’ on the screen.

Step 6

The MENU will appear on the display. Navigate either right or left to the SETTINGS MENU and click on WIFI. The WIFI will provide you with wireless internet options to choose from and sign into.

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Step 7

Select and sign into the wireless internet option of your choice, ensuring it’s the same as the one chosen on the phone app. You may try to browse on it to confirm the connectivity.

Your LG refrigerator WiFi is ready to be used.

If these steps fail to connect your refrigerator to WiFi, contact LG for further assistance.

What Does LG Refrigerator WiFi Do?

When a WiFi-enabled LG refrigerator is connected to the internet via the SmartThinQ app, the uses are numerous, and we have listed some of them below:

1. Energy Monitoring

This feature helps you monitor and regulate the energy consumption of the refrigerator. It also shows the number of times the refrigerator doors are opened and even notifies you when the doors are not properly shut.

2. Settings

With the SmartThinQ, the refrigerator settings can be done remotely while it also permits you to enjoy several options provided by the manufacturer.

Smart Saving mode is one setting that effectively conserves the power consumption of your refrigerator. When it is in this mode, according to the Demand Response (DR) signal (usually received from the general public power supply company), the Smart Grid feature is activated.

To enjoy the Smart Grid mode, document your refrigerator with the public power supply company in your area. When your refrigerator gets DR signals from your public power supply, it triggers the GRID LED, which starts to control energy consumption.

In this mode, some of the high-power consuming parts of the refrigerator become temporarily inactive to conserve electricity at peak usage and become active during the off-peak periods.

Note that this mode automatically deactivates once the refrigerator is opened or the dispenser is used before the stipulated 10 minutes expires.

With your SmartThinQ app-enabled phone, you can also remotely determine the condition of your refrigerator’s temperature, ice plus, and fresh air filter.

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3. Smart Diagnosis

You can trace issues on the refrigerator through the Smart Diagnosis feature on the app, rather than relying on troubleshooting steps.

4. Managing Your Kitchen

The ability to control your LG refrigerator’s temperature from anywhere, even while on the go, is amazing. You can also control your refrigerator with simple voice commands.

With the aid of the SmartThinQ app, a voice command can show you the interior of your refrigerator while you are on the go. This could be quite helpful in the course of making decisions during your grocery shopping.

5. General Lifestyle

You can enhance your lifestyle as you could stay entertained, create a to-do list, check the weather forecast, adjust your calendar on the display panel, etc while still doing your kitchen chores. This is not making light of the fact that with the app, you can exchange and share shopping list(s) with another subscriber.

Is My LG Smart Refrigerator WiFi Capable?

The first set of LG Smart refrigerators were launched in April 2011, and if yours is older than that, then it doesn’t have WiFi capability.

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LG Refrigerator Not Connecting to WiFi

If your smart LG Refrigerator is not connecting to WiFi, the following are possible reasons:

1. Non-Functional Router

If your router is faulty or switched off, your refrigerator cannot access a network connection. Ensure the router is functional and well installed by testing with the other connected appliances or devices connected to it.

2. Poor Network Signal

If your router is far from the refrigerator, it’ll be difficult for the refrigerator to access a strong and stable network signal. To fix this, place your router nearer to the refrigerator or use a repeater to strengthen and stabilize your network signal to the refrigerator.

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Also, a poor network signal from your network service provider can cause your refrigerator’s wiFi not to connect. To resolve this, change the positioning of your router. If this doesn’t work, you may have to switch to some other network.

3. Limited Access To Router

Some routers have a limited number of appliances or devices that can be connected to them simultaneously. Determine how many devices your router can carry and put the refrigerator on another router.

4. Disconnected Network

Your LG Smart refrigerator will not connect to WiFi if your network choice isn’t listed on the WiFi on the display panel. Go to the WiFi Settings and ensure that the WiFi button on the display panel on your refrigerator is turned on.

Check to see if the network of choice is on the WiFi list by viewing the list. Here, the status of every connected network is displayed.

If the preferred network isn’t on the list, you may key in the network’s information manually and connect it to the WiFi.

LG Smart Refrigerator Default WiFi Password

The default password for 0000. You may also log into LG.com for online assistance.

LG Refrigerator WiFi Reset

If you wish to reset your LG refrigerator WiFi connection, take the following steps:

Step 1

Ensure that the e-mail address you used while creating the existing account is still functional.

Step 2

Go to your web browser and key in https://thinq.developer.lge.com/login.

Step 3

Go to RESET PASSWORD and key in the e-mail address that was used for the creation of the existing account. You’ll immediately receive a password resetting email from this site.

Step 4

Click on the link in the received email. It’ll take you to the password resetting page where you’ll reset your password.

Note that you will be required to use a password of not less than 8 characters, and 3 of the 8 characters must be lowercase letters, another 3 must be uppercase, non-numerical and numerical characters.

How to Turn Off LG Refrigerator WiFi

To disconnect your LG Smart refrigerator WiFi connect, go to the SMART GRID CONNECT on the display, press, and hold it for about 3 seconds, and the WiFi will shut down. Use your phone’s WiFi search to confirm that the WiFi is disconnected.

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