Midea Refrigerator Error [Quick Fix]

Find out all you need to know about Midea refrigerator error codes from this article and how to fix them.

Midea WHS-121LSS1 Refrigerator, 3.3 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel

Midea Refrigerator Error Codes – How to Fix

Here, we have a list of the common Midea refrigerator error codes:

1. EA

This error code is an alarm for high temperature in the refrigerator section.

2. E1

This error code is an indicator that the temperature sensor of the freezer section has failed.

3. E2

The error code signifies that the temperature sensor of the refrigerator section has failed.

4. E3

The encasement sensor of the temperature variable chamber has failed if you see this error code.

5. E4

When you see this error code, be aware that the defrost sensor of the freezer has failed.

6. E5

When you see this error code, you know that the defrost sensor of the refrigerator has failed.

7. E7

The error code means that the ambient temperature sensor of the refrigerator has failed.

8. E9

There is a failure in communication.

As with other error codes and messages, it is important to contact the customer service center of Midea to request for service when your refrigerator shows error codes.

Additionally, it is clear many of the errors cannot be fixed without the help of a professional. So to avoid causing damage to the refrigerator, let a technician take a look at it and verify the real fault before fixing it.

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Important Note: Servicing your refrigerator at least once every 6 months will keep it in top shape. And it is easy to forget that refrigerator can and should be serviced. But if you do, any fault will be seen when it is still minor before it develops into something more serious.

Therefore, get a qualified refrigerator technician or a Midea service agent to service the refrigerator regularly. Doing this will save you time and money in the long run.

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