How to Reset a Lec Medical Fridge [In Minutes]

How do I reset my Lec medical fridge? How do I reset the temperature? These are common questions among Lec medical fridge users. And as always we are here for you.

In this article, we will discuss how to reset a Lec medical fridge. We will also show you how to reset your fridge’s temperature.

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How to Reset a Lec Medical Fridge

To reset your Lec medical fridge, locate the power button on the display panel. Press it to power off the fridge. After a few minutes, preferable 3-5, switch the fridge back on.

If you are not satisfied with the result of this, you may reset the fridge manually. Simply switch off the power socket to which the fridge is connected to. Remove the fridge’s power cord from the socket and leave it for some minutes. Connect the power cord back to the fridge after a few minutes wait and then turn it back on.

Other great medical fridges are am-1 medlab and Accucold. Check out this Accucold medical fridge below.

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Note: A medical fridge is not to be confused with a regular mini fridge. For a shopping guide of the best mini fridges, check out this article.

How to Reset the Temperature of a Lec Medical Fridge

To reset the temperature on your medical fridge, follow the steps below:

Step 1:Lec medical fridge has a load and air temperature. If an “H” symbol is displayed then it is reading the air temperature. If there is no “H” symbol, then it is reading the load temperature. To view the minimum or maximum air temperature, press the enter button.

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Step 2: To reset the air temperature, press and hold the up and down arrow keys together for about five seconds. The temperature will reset and the current air temperature will be displayed.

Step 3: To view the load temperature, press the enter button thrice. The “H” symbol will disappear, indicating that the load temperature is being displayed.

Step 4: Again, press and hold the down and up arrow keys together for five seconds to reset the load temperature.

Check out this video for a visual representation of the above instructions

You can also change the temperature scale of your fridge from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Follow the steps below to do this.

Step 1: Press menu for about 3 seconds

Step 2: Next, press the down arrow key twice. The panel should display “SCL”

Step 3: Press enter for a second. The panel will display the current scale. For instance, if the current scale is Celsius, “CEL” will be displayed.

Step 4: Press both the up and down arrow keys once. The new temp scale will be displayed.

Step 5: Finally, press the enter key for one second to save the change.


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