How to Reset a Jenn Air Fridge [In Minutes]

In this article, we will show you how to reset a Jenn Air fridge in easy-to-follow steps. We will also discuss other things that you need to know about your Jenn Air fridge.

Is There a Reset Button on a Jenn Air Refrigerator?

There is no reset button on a Jenn Air refrigerator, but it has an On/Off switch. You can use this switch to turn the refrigerator on and off, but you can also use it to reset the appliance. Find the steps for resetting the appliance in the next section.

How to Reset a Jenn Air Fridge

To reset a Jenn Air fridge, remove the grille panel at the top. You will find the on/off switch of the refrigerator. Turn it off, and turn it back on to reset your refrigerator.

There is a specific method for removing the top grille to reach the power switch. So, find the steps to remove it below:

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How to Remove a Jenn Air Grille Panel

Step 1: Open the fridge’s door

Step 2: Put your two hands under the panel, grasp the lowest edge of the grille panel with your fingers

Step 3: Pull out the grille panel until it stops.

Step 4: Finally, lift it to remove it from the fridge.

How to Reset Filter Light on Jenn Air Refrigerator

To reset a Jenn Air fridge filter light, locate the “reset filter” button, press and hold it for about 3 seconds. Ensure to do this after changing the water filter of your fridge.

How to Reset a Jenn Air Fridge Water Filter

To reset the Jenn Air water filter is to reset the timer of the water filter and we have discussed this above. However, resetting the water filter timer is often done after changing the water filter.

You know it is time to change your water filter when your water filter indicator displays “change filter”. To change your water filter, follow the steps below:

How to Change a Jenn Air Water Filter

Step 1: Press the eject button or open the hatch (depending on your model)

Step 2: Pull out the filter from the housing

Step 3: Remove the cap from the filter by turning it anticlockwise till it stops.

Step 4: Put the water filter cap on the new filter. Make sure the filter is properly aligned with the cap.

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Step 5: Put the filter back into the casing

Check out the video below for a visual explanation of the procedure above and further information

How to Reset a Jenn Air Refrigerator Compressor

To reset your Jenn Air refrigerator compressor, simply reset the refrigerator. We have given a step by step procedure on how to rest your Jenn Air refrigerator earlier in this article. However, you could reset it manually if you are not satisfied with just resetting the refrigerator.

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Follow the steps below to reset your fridge’s compressor.

Step 1: Locate the power cord of your fridge and disconnect it from the power socket

Step 2: Turn the fridge’s control to “0” or “off”. Then plug back the fridge into the power socket

Step 3: Adjust the fridge’s temperature back to its regular or desired setting

How to Reset Jenn Air Refrigerator Over Temp Alarm

To reset your Jenn Air refrigerator, locate the “reset alarm” button and press it. The over temp alarm only comes on when there’s an abnormality with the refrigerator’s temperature.

Therefore, if the temp issue is fixed, the alarm automatically resets itself. However, if you reset the alarm without fixing the problem, the alarm will come on after every 4 hours.

If you are looking for more reputable refrigerator brands, we recommend Frigidaire. Check out this Frigidaire ice and water model below.

Is There a Reset Button on a Jenn Air Ice Maker?

A Jenn Air ice maker does not have a dedicated reset button. There are other ways of resetting the ice maker, but you must check the appliance’s user manual for specific instructions to reset the ice maker.

How to Reset a jenn Air Ice Maker

You can use the wire shut-off arm to reset the ice maker. While the machine runs, push the arm up to turn it off. Wait a few minutes before pushing it up to turn on the machine.

Alternatively, turn off the machine by unplugging it for about five to ten minutes. Then, turn it on and see how well the ice maker works. If the reset method does not work and the ice maker keeps malfunctioning, have a technician check it out.

How to Reset a Jenn Air Fridge: FAQ

1. How to Reset a Jenn Air Ice Maker

To reset your Jenn Air ice maker, find the on/off switch at the side of your ice maker. The on/off switch is a wire shutoff arm, so lift it; this will turn off the ice maker.  Then lower it back to the on position, and you would have successfully reset your ice maker.

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