Miele Refrigerator Error [Solution]

If you are reading this article, it means you have troubles with your Miele refrigerator error codes. Learn more about them.

Miele refrigerator error

Miele Refrigerator Error Codes – Quick Fix

The following are Miele refrigerator error codes you will commonly find:

1. nA

When you see this error code, then know that the freezer temperature is too high and rose due to power failure over some days. Fix this by pressing the ‘alarm off’ key while ‘nA’ is lit on the display.

When you do this, the warmest temperature the freezer reached during the failure will appear on the display for about a minute. Then, it will show the current freezer temperature.

As long as the temperature was set at the right point prior to the power failure, the freezer will keep cooling after power is restored. So, there is no need to adjust it.

2. F0

The error code means there is a fault in the fresh air Biofresh sensor.

3. F1

When you see this error code, check the sensor of the refrigerator section for faults.

4. F2

The evaporator sensor has a fault if you see this error code displayed.

5. F3

This error code indicates that the air sensor of the freezer is faulty.

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6. F4

The error code signifies that there is a failure in the sensor evaporator.

7. F5

The microprocessor control card is malfunctioning if you see this error code displayed on the panel.

8. 01, _F, 21

These error codes indicate that there is a problem with the production of ice. Something is stopping the ice from forming and dropping.

You can try to fix this by turning off the toggle switch. You will find it under the electronic touch panel.

9. FE

This is an error code but the exact fault it represents is not clear. You need to call a technician to see it and fix it.

10. Lit Up Alarm and Sensor Symbols and Audible Alarm

These indicators alert you to the fact the door alarm is active. The alarm will come only if the door is open for long or if it is not properly closed.

Simply close the door and the audible alarm will go off. The indicators will also go off.

To fix all the error codes listed above, it is important to call the Miele customer service center and request service. Another option to fix them is to contact a trusted and qualified refrigerator technician.

Here is a video explaining the error codes on a Miele refrigerator…

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Reminder: Switch the refrigerator off before you begin any diagnostic or repair work. This is an important first step for any repair on an electronic appliance. It will save you from possible electric shock and keep your refrigerator from inadvertent damage.


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