Age of a Maytag Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

The age of an appliance is often vital in determining whether or not you should replace it. This article helps you know the age of a Maytag refrigerator.

age of a Maytag refrigerator

Age of a Maytag Refrigerator

You can determine the age of your Maytag refrigerator by using the serial number. Knowing a Maytag refrigerator age by serial number is simple, but you must find the location of the number. The brand tags its serial numbers on refrigerator parts that you do not usually touch to avoid weakening the tags or earring the numbers. 

You may find it in the upper left-hand corner of the crisper drawer or the upper left-hand corner of the food liner. But these locations are just a few out of the many possible ones. You may want to consult the refrigerator’s user manual to find the serial number or contact Maytag for assistance.

Next, find the month and year code within the serial number. These serial numbers usually have two alphabets that represent the manufacturing month and year. Typically, they are the ninth and tenth characters within the serial number. In other words, Maytag refrigerator serial numbers contain ten characters.

Once you find the two alphabets, you can determine the month and year of the refrigerator. Each letter represents a month and year, but you may find that two letters may represent one month. Sometimes, X and Z may represent December. HN may mean the refrigerator was manufactured in the month of July in the year 1993.

In other words, you may need to contact the Maytag Service Center or use the user manual to determine what the two alphabets mean. That way, you are sure of the exact date and can calculate the age of the unit. It is crucial to know the exact way to determine the age of the refrigerator if you need to replace the unit.

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You can also use this guide to find the month and year. Here are the alphabets and what they represent:

A – January                                                   E – 1980, 2004

B – January                                                   G – 1981, 2005

C – February                                                  J – 1982, 2006 

D – February                                                  L – 1983, 2007

E – March                                                      N – 1984, 2008

F – March                                                      P – 1985, 2009

G – April                                                        R – 1986, 2010

H – April                                                        T – 1987, 2011

J – May                                                         V – 1988, 2012

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K – May                                                        X – 1989, 2013

L – June                                                      B – 1966, 1990, 2014

M – June                                                     D – 1967, 1991

N – July                                                       F – 1968, 1992

Q – July                                                       H – 1969, 1993

P – August                                                   K – 1970, 1994

S – August                                                   M – 1971, 1995

R – September                                            Q – 1972, 1996

U – September                                            S – 1973, 1997

T – October                                                 U – 1974, 1998

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W – October                                                W – 1975, 1999

V – November                                              Y – 1976, 2000

Y – November                                              Z – 1977, 2001

X – December                                              A – 1978, 2002

Z – December                                              C – 1979, 2003

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Quick Recap

This article is a detailed guide on the age of a Maytag refrigerator. You can determine the age of your appliance by checking the serial number, finding the last two characters, which should be alphabets, and looking at the guide to find which month and year correspond with the letters. You can also contact Maytag for further assistance.

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