Can You Switch the Door Swing on a KitchenAid Refrigerator? [Detailed Answer]

Reversing the door swing of your refrigerator may help to keep the door from swinging wide. But can you switch the door swing on a KitchenAid refrigerator? Learn more in this article.

can you switch the door swing on a KitchenAid refrigerator?
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Can You Switch the Door Swing on a KitchenAid Refrigerator?

You can switch the door swing on a KitchenAid refrigerator. The door swing is the side to which a refrigerator door opens and where the hinges are located. A refrigerator with a left-side door swing has the hinges on the left and the door handle on the right, where applicable. And a door with a right-side door swing has the hinges on the right side and the door handle, where applicable, on the left. 

So, you can switch the left-side refrigerator door to the right and vice versa. However, door swing reversal may be impossible on French-door models; it works best on top-mount models. You must check the user manual or contact the KitchenAid Service Center to determine whether or not you can reverse the door swing on your specific refrigerator model.

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power; unplug it from the wall outlet or power down the circuit breaker. Get a hex-head socket wrench and unthread the three 5/16-inch hex-head screws holding the hinge on the door. Lift the door up and off the middle hinge and set it aside on a flat and smooth area. Remove the washer from the center hinge pin and keep it in a safe place.

Next, get a hex-head socket wrench and open-ended wrench, and remove the screws holding the middle hinge in place. When the screws are out, keep them safe and carefully remove the hinge before lifting the bottom door up and off the bottom hinge pin. Use the wrench to remove the screws on the bottom hinge and pull the hinge out.

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Switching to the Opposite Side

Use a putty knife to remove the cabinet hole plugs from the top of the other side of the refrigerator where you want to install the door. Insert them in the hinge holes on the side where you removed the doors. Now, remove the flat-head screws on the bottom door handle and use a ⅛- inch hex key to remove the screws on the top door handle. Release the handle from the door, lifting off the mounting stud.

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You will find a flat plastic tool to pry the brand tag from one side to reveal the hole for the door handle. Gently remove it, switch it to the other side, and rub some dishwashing soap on any residue of adhesive where the brand tag was. Rinse the soap off with warm water and dry it with a soft towel. Next, unscrew the mounting stud from one side to the opposite one. Then, put the brand tag over the hole created by the mounting stud.

Remove the cap from the door handle hole on the opposite side and discard it. Secure the door stop to the bottom of the doors, ensuring that they are perfectly aligned with the screw holes. Next, fix the bottom hinge to the opposite side and secure it with the screws. Do not completely tighten the screws, but place the washer on top of the hinge pin. Set the bottom door on the hinge pin and keep it steady while you fasten the middle hinge.

Place the washer on the hinge pin at the center and set the screws in place. Secure them but do not completely tighten them. Now, set the top door on the middle hinge and set the top hinge on top of the door, aligning it with the screw holes. Check the door alignment and tighten all the screws on the hinges when everything is in place. Test the doors for looseness and make further adjustments where necessary.

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