Danby 120-Can Beverage Center [Extensive Review]

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS

Family-owned and Canadian-based consumer appliance brand, Danby, manufactures the Danby 120-Can Beverage Center.

This brand’s goal is to make life easier and more fun-filled for everyone with its home solutions and appliances.

Danby is committed to ensuring that the products that it manufactures are well-designed and constructed to ensure durability and long-lasting use.

The brand also believes that those who have space constraints and are not able to purchase standard-sized products don’t have to give up on their desires. This is why it also makes space-efficient products.

Over the years, the brand has kept its word. It now boasts a large and growing customer base that it is proud of today.

Danby also has an excellent customer support group that is often ready to help users with their complaints, issues, and suggestions for a good after-sales experience.

In this review of its 120-Can Beverage Center, we will let you in on all you need to know about this beverage center and how it may be what you’ve been looking for.

Who Needs The Danby 120-Can Beverage Center?

Beverage Centers don’t just chill beverages. They actually bring them to really cold temperatures; which is often the temperature at which most people like their sodas and beers served.

If this happens to be you, then this beverage center may be worth considering. It boasts a temperature range of 43 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit within which your beverages can be cooled.

Also, the fact that this beverage center offers a capacity of 3.3 cubic feet (93.5 liters) could mean a lot. First, if you own a bar or you run one and are looking for the right cooling appliance to hold beverages for your guests and customers, then the capacity of this beverage refrigerator should do the magic.

It also means that you can treat your customers and guests to a wide variety of beverages. And that’s not excluding the possibility of this beverage center being very useful at a large event that you may be hosting soon.

And if you are considering gifting options for someone, who knows? This beverage cooler may be the right choice for that person; especially if he or she collects and stores beverages.

You really can’t run out of options of what to store in this beverage center.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS




Features of The Danby 120-Can Beverage Center

Ample Storage

A beverage center that offers storage capacity for up to 120 cans is something to look at. If you ask us, 120 is quite a number.

And like we mentioned earlier, if one of the reasons that you are in the market for a beverage center is that you want the right conditions for you to store quite a number of beverages, then this one may be what you need or even something close.

It could come in handy at an event that you will be planning or one that you will be hosting. Having it at that event will mean that you will have a good number of drinks for your guests.

Good Temperature Control

Now, when we say ‘good temperature control’, we mean that this beverage center is able to hold temperatures consistently without fluctuating.

One of the perks of having it will be its efficient compressor cooling system that ensures that you are able to bring your drinks to temperatures within its stated range.

But we should also let you know that the thermostat in this beverage center is mechanical. This and what we are about to let you in on is some information you want to keep at your fingertips especially if you are considering this wine beverage center.

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Now, at first, getting this wine cooler to get to temperatures below 46 degrees Fahrenheit may seem possible. But it actually isn’t.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Place a digital thermometer on a rack in the unit.
  • Then go to the back of the unit to remove the knob on the mechanical thermostat.
  • Use a Philips screwdriver to turn the metal under the number.
  • Then monitor the temperature in the unit with the digital thermometer.
  • Do this until your preferred temperature is reached.

Yeah, it seems like some work; especially for an appliance that is supposed to be pretty straight-forward. But it’s fine if you don’t mind doing this. The good thing is that you don’t have to keep doing this till there’s a need to change the temperature in the unit.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS




Simple and Nice Design

The design of the Danby 120-Can Beverage Center is a simple and nice one. So, it means it can sit in any space without disturbing the existing theme or looking awkward in a setting.

So, whether it will be in a living room, kitchen, dining area, office space, game room, or man cave, you can rest assured that the design will be a good addition to that space.

That said, what does this design include?

First, the contrast in colors between the black cabinet of this unit and the stainless steel frame on the glass door is one that makes it blend with almost all other appliances that may exist in the space.

Its simple design also includes a recessed handle on its door that makes it easy to open and close the unit.

And speaking of the door, the unit boasts a tempered and heavy-duty glass door that makes it easy for the user and/or his or her guests to see what is in the user’s collection without the need to open the unit. So, choices on what to drink can be made easily by just taking a peek.

This glass door is also reversible. The reversibility feature is not just for fancy but helps the user to decide on what location to place the unit.

If for instance, there are appliances, or obstacles to the left of this cooler when it is installed in the user’s preferred space, he or she will have the privilege of changing the door to the right side where there are no obstacles to opening the door.

This unit also features interior LED light; which comes on automatically when the switch is left on. However, it can also be turned off manually by using the same switch.

Adjustable Shelves

The Danby 120-Can Beverage Center has 3 full-length wire shelves and one half-length shelf. However, while all the shelves are removable, the 3 full-length ones are adjustable.

So, the fact that they are adjustable makes it easy for the user to customize how the cans and, maybe, bottles can be arranged in the unit. That way, the user can also optimize the storage space available to include different can sizes including the regular 12-ounce cans and the taller ones like the Red Bull style.

And like we mentioned earlier, bottles may even be included at the bottom of the unit, for instance. So, they can also stand upright and visible through the glass door.

Safety Lock

The Danby 120-Can Beverage Center also has a lock feature that makes it easy for the user to restrict access to the contents of the beverage center.

It helps the user to monitor what goes into the unit and what goes out of it. Plus, if there are alcoholic beverages that he or she wants to keep out of the reach of the under-aged, the lock makes it possible to do that.

Pros Of The Danby 120-Can Beverage Center

i. Cools drinks efficiently.

ii. Features a safety lock to restrict access to the unit.

iii. Shelves are removable and adjustable to accommodate taller cans and some bottles.

iv. Removable shelves make cleaning and maintenance easy.

v. Has a durable and sturdy construction.

vi. Has a simple and nice design.

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vii. The door can be reversed to have it open from the left side or right side.

viii. It is low on energy consumption.

ix. Features an interior LED light to make the collection more visible in the dark.

x.  Lights come on automatically when the door opens but can be turned off with the switch.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS




Cons Of The Danby 120-Can Beverage Center

i. The thermostat is located at the back.

ii. Some users will have loved it more if they didn’t have to open the unit to switch the interior light off.


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Alternatives To The Danby 120-Can Beverage Center

Smaller Option

Costway 60-Can Beverage Cooler

The Costway 60-Can Beverage Cooler is one cooler we will recommend to you if your idea of a smaller cooler is something with a capacity that is half that of the featured product.

This cooler is small, space-efficient, and compact. So, if the reason that you want a smaller wine cooler is that you don’t have so much space to install one that is as big as the featured product, then you’ll find this particular one suitable for you.

What’s more? This small beverage cooler by Costway runs quietly and it is equally efficient in bringing drinks to desired temperatures within its range in no time.

It also boasts durability, functionality, and style.

You may read our full review of this product here to get more information about what to expect with it.

COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler – 62 Cans Capacity Mini Drink Fridge with LED Light, Adjustable Thermostat, Glass Door, Removable Shelves for Soda Beer or Wine for Office, Bar (1.6 cu ft)






Dual Zone Option 

NewAir Dual Zone Beverage Cooler

One of the perks of having a beverage cooler like the NewAir Dual Zone Beverage Cooler is that you get to cool drinks at two different temperatures in the same unit.

In this particular cooler, the first section has a temperature range of 36 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and can be a perfect place to cool beers and wines like the white wines. The bottom section with its temperature range of 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit can be a suitable place for any other type of drinks. But at the end of the day, you call the shots. So, you can actually decide to put whatever wherever.

The shelves are also uniquely designed with NewAir’s SplitShelf™ configuration. Not only do these shelves make it easy to accommodate cans and bottles of different sizes, but they also add to the overall aesthetic value that the cooler offers.

You also get to enjoy the benefits of separate control buttons, interior LED light and control, and display screens for each of the cooling zones.

NewAir Beverage Cooler 22 Bottle and 70 Can Capacity Dual Zone Built in Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine, AWB-400DB Stainless Steel





Built-in Option

Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler

The reason we recommend the Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler is that it is a built-in model. So, if you fancy that neat profile and Zen-style that built-in appliances add to your kitchen, then this may be the perfect cooler for you.

Moreso, this built-in beverage cooler is durable, efficient, and stylish. This means that you get to also get good value for your money.

This cooler also has a temperature range of 38 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you are that beer lover who appreciates beers more when they are really cold, then this may appeal to you.

And just before we forget; one of the unique features of this beverage cooler by Kalamera is its temperature memory function. This may be one of the things you need in a beverage cooler especially if you want to be sure that your drinks are well catered to if a power blip occurs in your absence.

Kalamera 15" Beverage Cooler 96 can Built-in or Freestanding Touch Control Beverage Fridge with Blue Interior Light





Quick Comparison  

Featured Product  Smaller Capacity  Dual Zone Option  Built-in Option

Danby 120-Can Beverage Center

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS

Click here to get it on Amazon!

Costway 60-Can Beverage Refrigerator

COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler – 62 Cans Capacity Mini Drink Fridge with LED Light, Adjustable Thermostat, Glass Door, Removable Shelves for Soda Beer or Wine for Office, Bar (1.6 cu ft)

Click here to get it on Amazon!

NewAir Dual Zone Beverage Cooler

NewAir Beverage Cooler 22 Bottle and 70 Can Capacity Dual Zone Built in Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine, AWB-400DB Stainless Steel

Click here to get it on Amazon!

 Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler

Kalamera 15" Beverage Cooler 96 can Built-in or Freestanding Touch Control Beverage Fridge with Blue Interior Light

Click here to get it on Amazon!

Dimensions 33.7 inches high x 18 inches wide x 19.75 inches deep 17.5 inches long x 18 inches deep x 19.5 inches high 22.6 inches long x 23.70 inches wide x 33.6 inches high 22.4 inches wide x 14.9 inches deep x 33.9 inches high
Capacity 120 Cans 60 Cans/1.6 Cubic-feet 70 Cans and 20 Bottles 96 Cans
Zoning Single Zone Single Zone Dual Zone Single Zone
Installation Type Freestanding Freestanding Built-in/Freestanding Built-in/Freestanding
Cooling Technology Compressor Compressor Compressor Compressor
Temperature Range

(degrees Fahrenheit)

43 – 57 39 – 61 Top: 36 – 50Bottom: 50 – 66 38 – 50
Available Sizes 120-Can 60-Can120-Can 70-Can/20-Bottle 96-Can
Shelves 3 Full-length Shelves and

1 Half-length Shelf

2 Metal Shelves Top: 1 full wire shelf and 1 half wire shelf

Bottom: 2 Wooden Shelves

6 Wire Shelves
Color Stainless Steel/Black Black Black Stainless Steel/Black
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What Users Are Saying About The Danby 120-Can Beverage Center

The general consensus on the Danby 120-Can Beverage Center is a good one. And a good number of users have reasons to back their validation.

For instance, some users love that this cooler is able to bring their drinks to a reasonable temperature within its range. They also thought that it was just fine in spite of the challenges of getting the unit to really cold temperatures.

The design of the unit was another aspect that some users zeroed in on. They thought that having a unit with a reversible door was a good one. So, they could adjust the side to which the door opens easily whenever the need to that arises. Plus, the recessed handle being on either side of the door made it easy and convenient to have the door reversed.

Also, the fact that there is an interior LED light that lights up the unit in this cooler were another feature that some users liked. Even more, was the fact that the light came on automatically whenever the door was opened but could be turned off with the switch.

Another feature that some users considered worth mentioning is the lock feature. With this integrated lock, they could safeguard their collections especially in cases where the room where the unit was installed was being shared with other people. This came in handy at events and even in personal spaces where kids and under-aged person’s access to alcohol had to be monitored.

All that said, the major drawbacks for the users include the extra effort that was required to get the unit to low temperatures and the fact that the thermostat is located at the back of the unit and the light switch inside the beverage center.

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Our Verdict

There are good reasons that we think the Danby 120-Can Beverage Center is worth considering in the first place.

So, like a good number of users rightly pointed out, we agree that getting this beverage center to cool at low temperatures of its range is unnecessarily stressful.

However, it may be worth overlooking in the light of other features that it offers. For instance, this beverage cooler features adjustable and removable shelves that make cleaning the interior quite easy. But even more, they help the user to customize and optimize the storage capacity of the unit.

So, for instance, the last shelf can be moved up a little so that the space between it and the bottom shelf is enough to have beer bottles in upright positions.

We also love that the design is one that blends in almost any indoor setting at all. And this will include the color, the reversibility of the door, the recessed handle, and the transparent and heavy-duty glass door.

The lock feature is another part that makes this cooler worth checking out. With it, unwanted hands are kept away from the contents of the cooler and under-aged kids are restricted from gaining access to drinks that are not meant for people their age.

Meanwhile, we think the location of the switch and the thermostat in this unit is quite obscure and adds to reasons why setting the temperature to low levels, for instance, is some work.

However, considering the price at which this product is currently selling at, we think that having this cooler may not be a bad idea.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS