Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator [Detailed Review]

Whynter BR-091WS, 90 Can Capacity Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator with Lock, White

The Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator is manufactured by a home appliance brand known as Whynter.

The brand, Whynter, has been in the market for a while and has manufactured a wide range of products in the period.

Whynter believes that it has the power to help its customers define how they live while noting that every single minute of their lives matter. The brand is passionate about making everyday living easier and more worthwhile.

So, whether it is how to make the best of a hot summer afternoon or what to do on the morning of a cold winter day, Whynter believes it has the right product just for you.

And in case you are also a fan of looks, that is, how much aesthetic value appliances add to your space, Whynter’s commitment to designs may fuel your passion to shop its range of products.

So, come with us and let’s find out if the Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator lives up to the hype that Whynter associates with its products.

Who Needs the Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator?

The Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator is a compressor cooler that offers a 90-can storage capacity to users without compromising on space-efficiency and compactness.

So, it is designed in such a way that even though you can store up to 90 12-ounce cans in it, you don’t necessarily need so much installation space to have it up and running.

This unique feature makes this beverage cooler worth considering because it will readily appeal to someone who hopes to install it in small spaces.

This beverage cooler also features 3 removable and adjustable shelves. With these shelves, the user can easily customize how he or she wants the drinks in the cooler to be arranged. The fact that these shelves are removable means that even bottles can find room in the unit whenever the user chooses to include them.

What’s more? We know how annoying it is to have frequent episodes of missing items in one’s fridge. This is why we think the lock that comes with this unit is a good reason that someone may need it.

That someone may be a person who works in an office and likes to have a can or bottle of drink within reach at any time but also wants to be sure that his or her collection is safe.

Irrespective of the setting, this feature makes it easy for the user to restrict access to the collection.

Whynter BR-091WS, 90 Can Capacity Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator with Lock, White




Features of the Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Efficient and Quiet Cooling

The Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator is quite efficient at its primary job; which is to cool drinks to set temperatures.

With temperatures ranging from the high 30s to the Mid 60s, this cooler is able to get drinks cold in a short time. It also features an internal fan that circulates the cold air in the unit for uniformity.

The mechanical thermostat also requires the user to adjust select a temperature with the warmest temperature at the 1st mark and the coldest temperature set at the 7th mark.

However, since the thermostat is digital and there’s no way to tell what temperature the unit is cooling at, we suggest that you get a fridge thermometer into the unit to be sure about it.

That said, this beverage cooler is also quiet. It is not unexpected that because it is a compressor cooler, it will make some humming sounds. But even those are manageable and not as audible as when someone gets close to it.

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Compact and Portable

One of the perks of the Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator is that it offers generous capacity while giving the user the benefits of a space-efficient appliance.

So, if the user is looking to install it in a place that doesn’t have all the installation space in the world like a loft, office space, dormitory, or some part of a shared apartment.

This means that no one has to give up their dream of owning a cooling box of drinking pleasures just because of installation space.

Removable and Adjustable Shelves

The Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator has 3 slide-out metal shelves and a gate at the bottom in it. The first shelf can hold up to 15 cans while the second and third shelves can hold 25 cans each.

The bottom gate is also able to hold up to 25 cans in upright positions. And in the event that you need to include beer bottles, for instance, the fact that the shelves are removable and adjustable makes it easy to include the bottles.

So, you may even decide to place the bottles at the bottom section which has a gate. The essence is to ensure that the bottles are held in properly without the risk of them falling out when you open the unit.

More so, cleaning and maintaining a neat interior is made easier since the shelves can be removed to get the job done.

Whynter BR-091WS, 90 Can Capacity Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator with Lock, White



Nice and Modern Design

One of the striking features of the Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator is its all-white color. It makes the unit stand out in a nice and subtle way that doesn’t make it conspicuous wherever it is placed. It can blend easily with other existing appliances and furniture with ease.

So, whether you choose to have it placed in your loft, living room, office space, study, man cave, or game room, it will make a nice addition.

That said, this unit also features a glass door that is trimmed all around with metal. The glass door is transparent and makes it easy to take a peek into what drinks you have in the unit without the need to open it.

One feature that enhances the visibility of the contents of the unit is the interior LED light. This soft blue light is bright enough to light the unit and doesn’t emit any heat that may affect the cooling efficiency in the unit.

What’s more? The light has a switch. So, the user gets to determines when the lights come on or go off.

The unit’s simple design also features a recessed handle to further emphasize how compact and space-efficient it is.

We should also mention that one of the ways Whynter ensures stability in the unit is by including the leveling feet. These leveling feet are located under the unit and can be adjusted to ensure that the unit is well-balanced and doesn’t vibrate or tilt to one side.

Safety Lock

This cooler also comes with a lock and a pair of keys to safeguard the collection in the unit. This feature will come in handy in different settings.

For instance, if you are hosting an event soon and this cooler will be needed there, you want to be sure that you have control over what goes in and out of the fridge.

And if this cooler is for personal use, you also want to be sure that if you have alcohol in your collection, your under-aged kids don’t have access to it.

So, it is pretty much a useful feature for keeping unwanted hands out of your unit.

Pros of the Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator

i. Has a low noise level

ii. Simple and modern design makes it suitable in most settings and spaces.

iii. Has a temperature range that accommodates beers, sodas, water, and juices.

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iv. Has a recessed handle.

v. It is compact and space-efficient.

vi. Features an internal fan to circulate the cold air in the unit for uniformity.

vii. Features 3 slide-out metal shelves and a gate at the bottom section.

viii. Shelves can be rearranged to accommodate bottles.

ix. It is easy to clean and maintain.

x. Features a safety lock to keep unwanted hands out of the unit.

Whynter BR-091WS, 90 Can Capacity Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator with Lock, White





Cons of the Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator

i. Condensation may form on the glass door at low temperatures.


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Alternatives to the Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Smaller Capacity 

RCA 70-Can Beverage Cooler

Apart from being one of the small yet reliable beverage coolers that we can recommend, this beverage cooler by RCA is actually true to its capacity claims. So, if you eventually decide to go for this cooler, you can be sure that up to 70 12-ounce cans of drinks will be able to fit into the cooler.

Because it is compact and space-efficient it is very likely that it will fit into small spaces like corners in your office on a kitchen counter, on a table, or somewhere on the floor.

This beverage cooler also has a simple and nice design that makes it suitable in almost any space that you place it.

You may want to read more about this product to learn more about it.

RCA 70 Can Beverage Cooler, Black





Dual Zone Option

Phiestina 24-Inch Dual Zone Beverage and Wine Cooler

Having a dual-zone cooling appliance is one of the best things that can happen to a beer lover or someone who likes to have his or her name tagged to a cooling chest of drinking delight.

This particular one by Phiestina has a unique French door style that marks the demarcation between the two zones. So, on the left side of the unit, the left door opens to a section that has a temperature range of 38 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The other side of the unit then opens to a section that has a range of 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. With these two zones, there’s no limit to the type of beverage, soda, or wine that you can cool in this unit.

What’s more? The unit features a kick plate at the bottom through which it vents air and allows proper ventilation. This simple mixture is one reason that you, as a user, will be able to install the unit as a freestanding model or the more Zen style built-in model.

Phiestina 24-Inch Beverage and Wine Cooler

Larger Capacity 

Whynter 120-Can Beverage Refrigerator

One beverage refrigerator to consider when it comes to large capacity is the Whynter 120-Can Beverage Refrigerator. This capacity could come in handy whenever the need to host people at an event comes up. With it, you are sure that your guests will be catered to when they ask for a can of drink.

And that’s not all, this beverage fridge has a wide temperature range that can cover most of the desire cooling temperatures that users love. So, if you want our beers cold, for instance, it can get to the 30’s range to give you that desired coolness.

What’s more?  This beverage fridge is efficient at bringing drinks to desired temperatures in a short time. So, you can bet on how reliable it is when you need to grab a can of drink quickly.

You can also read more about this product in this in-depth review.

Whynter BR-128WS Lock, 120 Can Capacity, Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator, White




Quick Comparison

Featured Product Smaller Capacity Dual Zone Option Larger Capacity

 Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter BR-091WS, 90 Can Capacity Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator with Lock, White

Click here to get it on Amazon!

RCA 70-Can Beverage Cooler

RCA 70 Can Beverage Cooler, Black

Click here to get it on Amazon!

Phiestina 24-Inch Dual Zone Beverage and Wine Cooler

Phiestina 24-Inch Beverage and Wine Cooler

Click here to get it on Amazon!

Whynter 120-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter BR-128WS Lock, 120 Can Capacity, Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator, White

Click here to get it on Amazon!

Dimensions 19 inches wide x 17 inches deep x 25.25 inches high 19.5 inches x 21.2 inches x 21.5 inches 23.4 inches x 22.4 inches x 33.9 inches 19 inches wide x 17 inches deep x 25.25 inches high
Capacity 90 Cans/ 2.2 Cubic-feet 70 Cans 20 Bottles and 63 Cans 120 Cans/ 3.4 Cubic-feet
Zoning Single Zone Single Zone Dual Zone Single Zone
Installation Type Freestanding Freestanding Built-in/Freestanding Freestanding
Cooling Technology Compressor Compressor Compressor Compressor
Temperature Range (degrees Fahrenheit) High 30s – Mid 60s 50 – 60 Beers: 38 – 50

Wines: 40 – 66

30 – 60
Available Sizes 90-Can 70-Can 20-Bottle/63-Can 120-Can
Shelves 3 Metal Shelves 2 Vinyl-Coated Shelves Left: 7 Metal Shelves

Right: 6 Wire Racks

5 Metal Shelves
Color White Black Stainless Steel White
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What Users Are Saying about the Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator

The Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator has more positive comments than negative comments because a good number of users think it is a pretty good beverage fridge.

Here are a few reasons why some users think this fridge was worth their money:

First, some users pointed to the efficiency of the compressor-based system to cool their drinks and bring it to the right temperature.

They also loved that the shelving was a bit flexible such that including beer bottles in the unit as possible. More so, the fact that they were removable also made it easy to clean the fridge whenever necessary.

What’s more, is the design of the unit. And this includes how much space the unit offers without compromising on it space-efficiency. The color and the transparent glass door also add to how nice and elegant the unit was. So, placing it in a location of their choice – whether it was the kitchen, man cave, living room, or anywhere else – was an easy task.

Need we say that some users also loved that installing the unit was pretty easy. In fact, there really wasn’t anything to install or fix in place. The unit is a plug ‘n’ play appliance.

However, some users clearly pointed out that the formation of condensation on the unit was a drawback for them.

Nonetheless, most of the users think it was a good buy for them and some of them will recommend it to someone who is in the market for something of the sort.

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Our Verdict

We think the Whynter 90-Can Beverage Refrigerator is worth trying as well. And this is because it is efficient, stylish, durable, and functional.

We love that it delivers well on cool efficiency. And this is all thanks to its reliable compressor system. This cooling efficiency couple with uniformity provided by the internal fan that circulates the cold air is another reason to consider giving this beverage fridge a try.

Also, the sheer fact that there’s a lock feature in the unit makes it easy to place it in just any space. This is simply because, as long as the lock feature is used, the user knows that his or her collection is safeguarded. He or she gets to determine who gets into the fridge and takes what.

The style and design of this cooler is another reason that we love this cooler. This is because it makes the unit suitable for installation in just any space. Its design will then include its recessed handle, its all-white cabinet, its transparent door with stainless steel trim, and its interior LED lights.

Lastly, it is good to know that this cooler offers such a generous capacity while factoring in possible space constraints that users may have. So, while it makes a good home for sodas, beers, juices, and water, it is also a possible solution for someone who is in the market for a beverage refrigerator that is not too big.

On the flip side, just as some users mentioned, we think some extra work could have been done on this cooler to prevent condensation from forming on the door.

But all in all, we still think this beverage fridge is worth trying out.

Whynter BR-091WS, 90 Can Capacity Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator with Lock, White