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Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer — In-depth Review

Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer

The Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer is manufactured by a Swedish brand known as Dometic.

Dometic is a brand that offers mobile lifestyle solutions that are useful for users who are constantly on the road. Such users will include explorers, offshore workers, travelers, and those who live in mobile homes.

With the increase in minimalism and outdoor living, there has been a corresponding increase in demand for products that ensure good quality of life, even away from home. This is why Dometic creates products that have varying applications in different aspects of mobile life such as climate, health, and sanitation, hygiene, foods, beverages, security and safety systems, etc.

Even though it originated in Sweden, the brand has a global reach, with operations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.

In a bid to make mobile life easier, Dometic partners with the manufacturers of cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, etc. to have its products installed in theirs.

But that’s not all. It also sells products like spare/replacement parts and upgrades to end-users directly.

Its products include air conditioners, doors, windows, blinds, roof vents, mobile kitchens, refrigerators, coolers, safety systems and equipment, and mobile toilets.

However, our focus in this review is its 70-liter portable cooler.

Who Needs The Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer?

This 12V portable cooler is for someone who is in the market for a heavy-duty, portable, convenient and efficient cooler that can be used anywhere and will support his or her outdoor lifestyle.

Once in a while, you feel like you want to unplug and go away from the hustle and bustle of city life and retreat into the countryside for a weekend. You may also just want to go on an adventure or camping trip alone or with friends and family.

This is where the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer comes in.

This portable fridge offers ample capacity, has a rugged build and runs reliably and smoothly.

What’s more? It offers AC, DC and solar power options, such that there’s no limit to where you can use it.

The capacity also enables you to stock up on adequate foods and drinks without needing to pack extra ice as the freezer feature makes it self-sufficient.

More so, because the cooler offers dual temperature zones and gives you easy control with the control panel, you can go to town with whatever you want to store in it.

Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer

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Features of the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer


At first glance, the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer comes across as heavy-duty and it stays true to that impression.

It features a tough-looking box built with strong materials, as well as fortified corners to withstand shock. This is handy for lugging around crosscountry without needing to worry about damage to the unit.

The unit’s handles are tough and fold down to conserve more space.

The lids are also connected to the box with hinges made of stainless steel and are well-lined and insulated. They also close with a click mechanism which minimizes temperature loss.


This 12V cooler is divided into two compartments with separately controlled temperature zones. That way, the unit can run simultaneously as both a refrigerator and a freezer or just as a cooler to maintain the state of your items.

No ice is needed. Just plug in, regulate the temperature and you’re good to go.

Note that the divider that separates the two compartments is insulated and can be removed to convert it to one zone. There is also a removable storage basket in each compartment and LED lighting is present to ensure visibility when searching for items.

The unit also has an uber-classic control panel which houses various controls, from temperature to power indicator settings.

Since we’re still on about cool features, the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer ups the ante with its wireless app control. Through this technology, you can monitor and adjust settings even without seeing or touching the cooler itself. As long as it is connected, a few clicks on the app is all you need.

Power options

Many cooling units like 12V portable fridges come with both AC (110V) and DC (12V) connection options.

This cooler has these dual options, plus a solar power option.

Needless to say that the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer can be used anywhere at any time.

Furthermore, it has three levels of battery protection, which ensures your battery doesn’t run down, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The cooler generally has a low power consumption rate, which reduces energy requirements for long-lasting cooling.

And should a user need to charge USB-enabled devices, he or she can take advantage of the USB port on the unit.

Temperature Range and Control

This cooler also has a temperature range of – 7 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit that can be adjusted for both refrigerator and freezer use.

Thankfully, there’s an assurance of temperature consistency irrespective of temperature preference.

Just like we mentioned earlier, apart from the control panel on the unit itself, the temperature can be controlled using the wireless application.

All the user needs to do is to download the app and connect.

Cooling Efficiency

This Dometic 12V cooler cools down to – 7 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to freeze items well, from foods to beverages and even ice cream. The fast freeze option also helps it drop down fast.

What’s more? You can use this unit to make ice for your drinks.  Imagine you finish hiking a rock and decide to have a nice drink on the rocks, literally!

Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer

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Pros of the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer

i. It has a sturdy, shock-proof and long-lasting build.

ii. It is lightweight and compact.

iii. It is a multi-purpose unit: freezer, refrigerator, and cooler.

iv. It features AC, DC and solar power options.

v. It has a leveling mount feature that makes it suitable for use in trucks, RVs, cars, vans, boats, etc.

vi. It has a low power-consumption rate.

vii. It provides three levels of battery protection.

viii. It also includes innovative and convenient wireless app control.

ix. There are 2 removable storage baskets to enhance capacity.

x. It has useful indicator lights as well as interior LED lighting for visibility.

Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer

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Cons of the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer

i. It is quite pricey.

ii. The DC cord is quite short and may require an extension.

Alternatives to the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer

Smaller capacity

ICECO 20-liter 12V Portable Cooler

The ICECO portable cooler is compact, sleek and highly efficient, a good fit if you’re looking for a decent cooler with a freezer feature that doesn’t exceed your small storage needs.

It is suitable for storing foods, drinks, cosmetics, medicines, and the likes.

This unit can be taken along almost anywhere. It’s really handy for a quick trip out. Like the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer, it also features app control for remote monitoring and regulation of the unit.

In addition, it can be used as a fridge and freezer via the two compartments which are separated by a removable divider.

As for power, it has dual (AC and DC) options, with low consumption and 3-stage battery protection.

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Cheaper Alternative

Alpicool 55-liter 12V/24V Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

Rugged, versatile and portable, the Alpicool 55-liter Portable Refrigerator/Freezer is a cheaper alternative to the featured product.

The price of this unit falls within the range of $200 to $400 as against the current price range of $1200 – $1400 of the featured product.

With a temperature drop-down of – 4 degrees Fahrenheit, it cools down quickly and keeps items cold for long.

At home or on the road? Using this cooler is hassle-free.

It comes with both AC and DC power cords and can be connected to solar units too.  So, the cooler can be used in trucks, RVs, boats, vans, cars, as well as in homes and offices.

In terms of ruggedness, it is resistant to vibrations and can work even at a 45° tilt.

Of course, something has to give in exchange for its affordable price and that is the lack of app control. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you don’t mind doing without the feature.

Other features include a removable storage basket, battery protection, and side handles for easy mobility.

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Larger Capacity

Domestic 88-liter 12V Portable Cooler with Freezer

Considering a portable 12V refrigerator with larger capacity? Look no further than this unit.

It is also from Dometic and has similar features as the featured product but with increased capacity.

With a storage capacity of 88 liters, it takes up to 146 cans of drinks.  This is perfect for an extended trip with more people.  You can even throw in a bonfire party one of those nights and trade adventure stories while enjoying nicely chilled drinks.

Despite being of bigger size, it also maintains a low energy demand and automatically shuts down when the automobile power source gets low to protect the battery. That way, you don’t have to sacrifice your own mobility for well-preserved foods and beverages.

The Domestic 88-liter 12V Portable Cooler with Freezer, just like our featured product, promises you no worries, no hassles, no messy vehicles from ice melting all over the seats and floors.

In Dometic’s words, you simply enjoy the freedom to go off-grid!

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Quick Comparison

 Featured Product Smaller Capacity Cheaper Alternative Larger Capacity

Dometic 70-Liter 12V Cooler with Freezer

Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer

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ICECO 20-Liter 12V Portable Cooler

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Alpicool 55-Liter 12V/24V Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

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Domestic 88-Liter 12V Portable Cooler with Freezer

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Dimensions18.5 inches x 34.9 inches x 19.4 inches22.4 inches x 12.6 inches x 12.4 inches27.2 inches x 13.6 inches x 20.6 inches18.6 inches x 37.7 inches x 20.9 inches
Temperature Range

(degrees Fahrenheit)


-7 to 50


0 to 50


Deep freezes to -4 degrees Fahrenheit


-7 to 50

ZoningDual ZoneDual ZoneDual ZoneDual Zone
Smart FeaturesRemote Control via WiFi AppRemote Control via Bluetooth AppNoneRemote Control via WiFi App
Storage basketPresent (2)AbsentPresent (1)Present (2)
Capacity 70 liters20 liters55 liters88 liters
Price range$1200 – $1400$400 – $600$300 – $500$1400 – $1600
ColorBlack/GrayWhiteBlack and GrayBlack/Gray

What Users Are Saying About The Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer

You know a product hits the right spots when it elicits a “where have you been all my life?” kind of reaction from users. The Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer has received mostly positive feedback from the majority of its users.

For instance, some consider it a gift to the outdoor community, as it offers adequate capacity, convenience and reliable operation which help to deliver a great experience over several trips. Those who installed the unit in their homes enjoyed its smooth operation too.

In addition, battery protection was a hit.

One user, in particular, described how this feature had saved his family from being stuck with a dead car battery. The 12V cooler had automatically shut down overnight on detecting a low battery level. So, rather than draining it completely, it left enough power to start the car the next morning.

Not only did it protect the car battery, but it also maintained the temperature on the inside, such that the food items were kept fresh and frozen, without risk of spoilage.

On the flip side, the length of the DC power cord was a turn-off for most people, as it is very short. Now, while some had been able to manage and use it, it posed a restriction to many users, especially in terms of placement in their vehicles. Nonetheless, some people were able to solve this problem by attaching an extension cord to it.

Some also felt that, although it promised low power consumption, it drew more power under high ambient conditions. That being said, someone suggested having an extra battery pack on hand to supplement the power options.

Despite these issues, the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer still scores high among most users, both for home and outdoor use.

Our Verdict

The innovative features of this portable cooler have made a major positive impression with us. We love the heavy-duty build and the effortless convenience it offers. We think this is one unit that can be used over the years and still deliver a good performance.

In addition, we love the easy, precise and stable temperature settings which give the assurance that one can simply make changes that won’t alter after a while. This enables the user to enjoy a hassle-free retreat, event or adventure.

There’s always room for improvement and Dometic could definitely do better with its accessories, especially the DC (12V) power cord.

It is very short and therefore is of no use unless it is placed very close to the power outlet or an extension is used. For a 12V cooler that goes everywhere, such a seemingly small but important aspect could pose an inconvenience.

Even at that, we still think the pros far outweigh the cons and although it is going to make a significant dent in your pocket cost-wise, it is worth the purchase in the long run as it will serve you well.

Watch this video to get a more visual perspective on what to expect from the Dometic 70-liter 12V Cooler with Freezer:

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