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Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler — In-depth Review

Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler - DoorKalamera is a California-based manufacturer of wine coolers and beverage coolers including the Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler which we’ll be zeroing in on in this review.

The brand has a collection of some of the popular built-in and freestanding wine and beverage coolers; with some as thermoelectric appliances and others as compressor models.

Kalamera’s presence in the market has earned it a wide customer base. And the brand attributes its success to its commitment to ensuring that its existing and potential customers get a good experience while using and shopping its products. This is why it prioritizes quality as a tool for customer satisfaction.

Should you run into challenges with its products, Kalamera also promises a good after-sales experience.

Come with us and let’s show you how this product may be what you need.

Who Needs The Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler?

The Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler is designed for those who need a wine cooler that is able to store at least 40 wine bottles.

So, if you are in the market for a cooler that will help you to expand your wine collection while you explore the various wine types that there are in the market, then we suggest that you take a look at this wine cooler and see if what it offers matches what you are looking for.

Also, some users seem to have preferences when it comes to the cooling technologies of their wine cooler. And this happens for a number of reasons.

For starters, this is a compressor wine cooler that may appeal to someone who is really keen on a wine cooler with good efficiency. This is because compressor wine coolers tend to be more efficient at cooling than their thermoelectric counterparts.

What’s more? Thermoelectric compressors usually have wider temperature ranges than the thermoelectric units. That said, this wine cooler may be your plug for growing your love for wines if you want a cooler that gives you control on the temperature at which your wines are stored.

So, if you are keen on a compressor wine cooler that actually delivers, then this one by Kalamera may be what you need.

That said, there are some other features of this wine cooler that you may want to check out in the next section before you make a final decision on this cooler.

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Features Of The Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler

Efficiency and Noise Level

One of the downsides of compressor wine coolers is that they are noisier than the thermoelectric units. And the reason is understandable. It is because, unlike the thermoelectric coolers, they have moving parts.

But thankfully, the Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler is a quiet wine cooler.

How do we mean?

Well, even though this wine cooler has moving parts like every other compressor unit in the market, the manufacturers were kind and considerate enough to ensure that they used technologies that make the wine cooler noiseless.

So, you may even be in the same room with the unit without hearing a sound coming from it.

That said, it is important that we point out the fact that you may hear kicking sounds coming from the compressor whenever it cycles on. But even that isn’t a nuisance. So, it is a win-win for the most part.


The Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler also has a stylish design that makes it a beautiful addition to any space without offsetting the already existing décor or theme.

It features a black cabinet which makes up most of its external structure, and a steel-trimmed glass door which is see-through so that users, guests, and customers can have a good view of the contents of the wine cooler.

What’s more? The Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler features blue interior lights that create a cool and nice ambiance in the unit. Plus the soft glow the light casts on the bottles makes them not just visible but a pleasant sight to behold.


One of the perks of having the Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler is that it helps users to manage their space.

One will think that the capacity that this wine cooler offers will make it a really big wine cooler. But it is not. It really doesn’t take much of one’s real estate.

So, if you are in the market for a wine cooler that has this capacity and won’t require so much installation space, then this may be what you need after all.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is probably one of the things to look out for when shopping wine coolers. This is because the taste and quality of your wines will depend on how efficient the cooling is. So, a wine cooler with fluctuating temperatures may be an issue.

Thankfully, this wine cooler doesn’t fall into that category.

With this wine cooler, you have good control of the temperature at which your wines are stored. Moreover, the wide temperature range means you can pick the perfect cooling temperature.

Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler

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Pros Of The Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler

i. Solid and appealing design.

ii. Wide temperature range.

iii. Good temperature control.

iv. 7 removable wooden shelves to accommodate large wine bottles.

v. Runs quietly and efficiently.

vi. Doesn’t take up so much installation space.

vii. Intuitive and user-friendly controls.

Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler - Controls

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Cons Of The Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler

i. There are a number of complaints that it gets hot at the top.

ii. It is not able to store up to 50 wine bottles except the collection is comprised of mostly standard-sized wine bottles.

Alternatives to the Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler

Smaller Option

EdgeStar 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

The EdgeStar is a good option for a smaller wine cooler. It would be useful to have this wine cooler if you have worries that the space you would like to dedicate to it won’t be sufficient for a large wine cooler or if you need some place to store a small wine collection.

This single zone wine cooler has a temperature range of 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit; making it suitable for storing either red wines or white wines. So, it doesn’t matter which one of these two wine types you prefer, this wine cooler is able to bring your wines to perfect temperatures.

What’s more? This unit runs efficiently and cools quietly while maintaining the proper temperature. So, you can rest assured that your cooling needs will be met within the stipulated temperature range.

The engineering of this wine cooler also makes it possible for you to install it as a freestanding or built-in unit. So, there’s really no limit on where to store this wine cooler provided you have the right amount of space required for it.

That’s not all. The wine cooler features 5 full-depth wire shelves and 1 partial depth wire shelf; all of which slide out for easy loading and offloading of wine bottles. These shelves are also trimmed with wood to add a touch of elegance to the unit.

The bottom compartment of this wine cooler is separated in such a way that the space created is suitable to store 3 extra-large wine bottles.

You may also like the fact that the wine cooler comes with a carbon filter to deodorize the wine cooler and keep the unit smelling fresh.

EdgeStar 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

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Thermoelectric Option

NewAir 32-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Some people prefer thermoelectric coolers to compressor coolers for a number of reasons. Two of the common reasons are that they are quieter and don’t vibrate as some compressor wine coolers do.

Your reasons may be the same or they may differ. Whichever way, if it seems like you would choose a thermoelectric wine cooler over a compressor type, then you may want to consider this wine cooler.

The reason is that the capacity of this wine cooler seems to be one of the largest offered by a thermoelectric wine cooler. Usually, these wine coolers aren’t bigger than this because of their cooling technology.

What’s more? The temperature range and dual-zone cooling make it possible for you to store a wide variety of wines at the same time.

We have done a detailed review of this product already. So, just in case you are interested in it, you can read the full review here.

NewAir 32-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - side2

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Larger Capacity

Kalamera 157-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

The word out there is that if you can tell that wine collecting is a biggie for you and you’ll be collecting wines for a long time, then you need ample storage to make that happen with ease.

Can you tell already? Or have been in the market for extra storage? Then we recommend the Kalamera 157-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler.

This large wine cooler is designed to meet the needs of an avid wine collector such that even if he or she can’t use up the space at once or immediately, he or she can rest assured that whenever the need to expand the wine collection arises, there will be ample space to store it.

Apart from the huge capacity that this wine cooler offers, we can vouch for the quality of the removable wooden shelves used in this wine cooler. These shelves are well-spaced such that even Cabernet bottles can go into the wine cooler without hassles.

You will also appreciate the user-friendly and intuitive controls that are designed to make setting the wine temperature easy.

It also features bright lights that give the unit a beautiful and appealing look.

Interested? Then you may need more information about it to make a decision. We have a detailed review of this product here to give you all the 411s that you need. 

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Quick Comparison  

Featured ProductSmaller Capacity Thermoelectric OptionLarger Capacity

Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler

Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler

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EdgeStar 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

EdgeStar 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

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NewAir 32-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

NewAir 32-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - side2

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Kalamera 157-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

Kalamera 157-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - front

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Dimensions 19.5 inches x 22.8 inches x 33 inches22.6 inches x 11.6 inches x 34.2 inches13.5 inches x 19.88 inches x 32.4 inches26.8 inches x 23.4 inches x 69.6 inches
Capacity50 Bottles18 Bottles32-Bottles157 Bottles
ZoningSingle ZoneSingle ZoneDual ZoneDual Zone
Installation TypeFreestandingBuilt-in or FreestandingFreestandingBuilt-in or Freestanding
Cooling TechnologyCompressorCompressorThermoelectricCompressor
Available Sizes50-Bottle18-Bottle32-Bottle157-Bottle
Shelves7 Beech Wood Shelves5 Wire Full-depth and 1 half-depth Wire Shelves trimmed with Wood14 Chrome-plated Shelves15 Beech Wood Shelves
ColorBlack/Stainless SteelStainless SteelBlack or Stainless SteelBlack/Stainless Steel

What Users Are Saying About The Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler

With the Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler, users have noted the positives and negatives. However, most of them think that it is a good wine cooler in spite of its downsides.

Here’s what we mean:

The popular opinion about the wine cooler is that it is an efficient wine cooler that is able to hold temperatures constantly while giving the user a wide range of temperatures to choose from.

According to some users, this wine cooler has a nice design that makes it aesthetically appealing in their personal spaces.

And speaking of spaces, it helps to know that in spite of its capacity, this wine cooler is space-efficient.

What’s more? The construction is solid enough for the wine cooler to be considered a durable appliance.

And that’s not all.

The fact that the wine cooler runs efficiently is, in fact, a plus for most people. But the extra catch is that it runs quietly. And that’s one of the reasons some users are happy to have it.

On the flip side, they observed that the 7 wooden shelves were a bit tight, the capacity claims were not true for the most part, and it occasionally gets hot at the top.

Some of those who got the wine cooler decided to remove some shelves to fit large bottles in; especially when they didn’t have so many bottles to fit in.

So, while the downsides were disqualifiers for some people, some ignored them or found a solution to the problem and decided to opt for the wine cooler anyway.

Our Verdict

The Kalamera 50-Bottle Wine Cooler is a stylish and compact wine cooler that is not just efficient but runs quietly.

However, we think the narrow space between the shelves is a concern for us.

Here’s why:

We observed that fitting 50 bottles into the wine cooler is not an easy task and it is because of the narrow spaces between the shelves. So, except the plan is to store all-slim bottles, the highest number of bottles one can fit into the unit is 42. It may even be less depending on what the collection is comprised of.

The solution may be to remove one or more shelves to allow large bottles in. But doing that will reduce the capacity even further.

That said, this happens to be the only major concern.

Overall, the wine cooler is an efficient, noiseless, and compact one. So, it is worth trying.

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