Lec Fridge Freezer Not Freezing [Solved]

This article shows you how to solve the problem of a Lec fridge freezer not freezing. If you have this problem, you have come to the right place.

Lec fridge freezer not freezing


Lec Fridge Freezer Not Freezing – Quick fix

If your Lec fridge freezer is not freezing, there are a few things to inspect first:

1. Temperature Setting

If you set the temperature lower than it should be, it will affect the output of the freezer. While it is true some seasons of the year, such as winter, require you to increase the temperature, it is important to lower it when the season is over.

Adjust the temperature if there is a need for it. And when you do this, give the freezer time to adapt to the new setting. Consult your owner’s manual to check the recommended temperature setting for your fridge freezer.

2. Air Circulation

Poor circulation of air in the freezer reduces the cooling capacity of the freezer. One of the main reasons why air circulates poorly is overstocking. Putting more items than the freezer should contain reduces the space for air to move around.

Therefore, reduce the contents of the freezer if it is overstocked. This makes room for the air to flow well. And leave the vents free; placing food too close to the vents causes the food to freeze and restricts air from coming into the freezer.

3. Location

Ensure the location of the freezer in your house is conducive, temperature-wise. If there is poor ventilation or direct sunlight into the room, it will affect how well the freezer freezes.

Check the room temperature and relocate the freezer if the temperature is not favorable. Be sure there is no heat source close to it.

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4. Gasket

A torn gasket compromises the temperature in the freezer. It means the freezer door won’t seal tightly, thereby letting cold air out and warm air in easily. It is important to check the gasket and replace it quickly if it is torn or loose.

When you inspect all the above and everything is in order yet the Lec fridge freezer is not freezing, do the following:

1. Check the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils, which you can find under or behind the freezer, help release heat from the freezer so it can function properly. If the coils are dirty, the unit will retain the heat, causing its freezing capacity to reduce.

Therefore, clean the condenser coils and maintain the cleaning habit. Be sure to clean them once or twice every year.

2. Check the Start Relay

Unmount the relay from the compressor’s side and test it between the start and run terminal sockets using a multimeter. The aim is to check for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the relay.

The compressor will have a hard time starting and running if the start relay is not working. And if the compressor does not run, the freezer won’t cool and freeze.

3. Check the Evaporator Fan Motor

Open the door of the refrigerator and press the door switch to activate it. This should get the motor of the fan running. Once you open the door, the motor stops running but activating the door switch gets it running again.

However, if the motor doesn’t run even when you press the door switch to activate it, then the motor has stopped working and the fan cannot work. Replace the motor.

The fan is there to circulate cold air in the freezer after passing air over the evaporator coils to cool it. If it is not working, there ill be no cold air.

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4. Check the Evaporator Coils

Unscrew the inside rear wall of the freezer to assess the coils. That means removing the shelves, too. If the coils have ice on them, thaw it by defrosting the freezer manually.

Empty the freezer, storing food in another freezer. Unplug the freezer for about 24 hours and leave the door open so that the ice can melt. Be sure to put a pan on the floor close to the edge of the freezer to collect dripping water. And put rags around the freezer to mop up the water.

After the defrosting process, the ice accumulated on the coils will also defrost. So plug the freezer back in and give it some hours to see if it starts freezing again.

However, troubleshoot the components of the defrost system to see which of them is defective. This is because it is only a defective component of the defrost that will cause ice to accumulate on the evaporator coils.

Test the defrost heater with a multimeter to check for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the defrost heater. For the defrost timer, rotate it anti-clockwise using a screwdriver until the heater turns on. If this happens, then the timer is defective and should be replaced.

You can also test the defrost thermostat and the defrost control board to check if any of them is faulty.

5. Check the Temperature Control Thermostat

Move the thermostat from the lowest to the highest point. Wait to hear a click. The click tells you that the thermostat is not defective. But if there is no audible click, then test the thermostat using a multimeter to check for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the thermostat.

The thermostat enables the compressor and fan motors to run by directing voltage to them. If it is defective, these freezer parts won’t get voltage and the refrigerant won’t run. As a result, the freezer won’t cool or freeze.

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6. Check the Condenser Fan Motor

Turn the blades of the fan to see if they turn without a hitch. If they don’t, the bearings of the motor are worn so the motor must be replaced. But if the blades turn well and they are free of every restriction, test the motor with a multimeter to check for continuity. If you don’t find continuity, replace the motor of the fan.

The condenser fan passes air through the condenser and takes it over the condenser coils. If the motor of the fan is faulty, the fan cannot work and the unit is likely not to cool.

While it is rare for the compressor or any of the boards to become faulty, it happens. So in the event, all the other less-intricate parts of the freezer are in good working condition yet the freezer is not freezing, check the main control board, the user control and display board or the compressor.

It is even rarer to find a leak in the sealed system of a unit. But you can check it, especially if one part of the freezer is not freezing or a section of the cooling coils has frost on it.

Fixing a leak in the sealed system is usually more expensive than buying a new freezer. So you may have to replace the freezer if this is the case.

However, contact Lec to send a repair agent or chat with our experienced refrigerator technicians. They are always available to assist you.

Important Note

If you find it hard to troubleshoot or fix your Lec fridge freezer that is not freezing, chat with any of our experienced refrigerator technicians.

Always unplug the fridge freezer before you remove or replace any part of it. This is the first safety step in working with electrical appliances, especially refrigerators and freezers.


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