Samsung Refrigerator Sounds Like…[How to Fix]

If a Samsung refrigerator sounds nothing like a refrigerator, it means something is wrong. Therefore, this article discusses how to fix the origin of the odd sound.

Samsung refrigerator sounds like
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Samsung Refrigerator Sounds Like a Jackhammer – What to Do

In the event you find that your Samsung refrigerator sounds like a jackhammer or even a helicopter, check to see if there is an ice buildup around the evaporator fan. When there is ice around the fan, the blades of the fan would hit it and the sound would be like a jackhammer.

Melt the ice by defrosting the unit manually. However, you have to find why there is ice there in the first place. It could be a malfunctioning component in the defrost system. Therefore, test the components one by one to find which is malfunctioning and replace them.

Avoid using a hair dryer or any other heat source to melt the ice around the fan. This is because the heat could warp the plastic in the refrigerator and damage the unit beyond repair.

If you are not sure about checking and replacing parts in the refrigerator, contact a professional refrigerator agent for assistance. And if replacing any faulty part does not solve the problem, contact Samsung to report the issue and request service.

Watch this video to learn how to fix the problem of ice building up around the evaporator fan…

Check Water Filter, Housing and Water Inlet Valve

You can also check the head of the water filter. If there is any damage to it, it can cause the jackhammer sound to come from the refrigerator. Replace the filter if there is damage to the head. And if you are not sure about how to replace the filter, check the user manual of the refrigerator for instructions.

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However, if the filter is not damaged and is the right type for a Samsung refrigerator, then check the water filter housing. Any damage to it can cause the jackhammer sound. Replace the housing if this is the case.

There is also a chance that there is damage to the water inlet valve. So when it is opening to let water flow into the ice maker, it makes that sound.

To determine this, time the cycle of ice production to know when the valve opens and closes. This will help you narrow the possibilities. Replace the valve if you find that it is the problem.

DA62-00914B Replacement Part by OEM Mania for Water Valve - compatible with Samsung Refrigerator






Samsung Fridge Sounds Like a Cricket – Solutions

If you find that your Samsung fridge sounds like a cricket, check the motor of the evaporator fan. It could be that the bearings of the motor are getting too tight on it and the friction is creating the noise. If this is the case, replace the motor of the fan.

But if the evaporator fan motor is bad and the blades are not obstructed, check the condenser fan. The motor could be malfunctioning, causing the blades of the fan to become stiff. And when they try to turn, they generate the sound like a cricket.

To determine this, turn the blades of the fan with your hand. If they are stiff, it could be an indication that the motor is no longer working well so should be replaced.

Also, be sure to clean the blades of the condenser fan so that no external object or debris is obstructing and causing them to turn with effort.

In addition to the above, check the compressor. If the compressor rattles, it could make a sound like a cricket. Try fixing this by insulating the compressor in such a way as to reduce the noise to almost a non-existent level.

But do it carefully so that you don’t block the flow of air to the condenser coils. Otherwise, the coils may overheat and cause a cooling problem in the unit.

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Samsung Fridge Sounds Like an Owl – Quick Fix

Check the condenser fan to see if there is a significant amount of debris on the blades. Clean the blades thoroughly. Next, check to see if there is ice jammed in the ice chute. If there is, dislodge it and see if the sound stops.

This happens because the motor of the ice maker is trying to dump ice when there is ice jammed along the way.

There is also a chance that there is an ice buildup around the ice maker fan. Unplug the fridge and allow the ice to thaw. Once this happens, the sound should stop. However, find out why there is ice there in the first place by testing the components of the defrost system.

Samsung Refrigerator Sounds Like a Dog Barking – Solution

Check the evaporator fan behind the inside back panel of the freezer to see if there is ice around the fan. Defrost the unit manually to melt the ice but find out why the ice is there and fix the problem. Most likely it is the defrost system.

However, if there is no ice, check to see if the motor of the fan is loose. The bearings could be worn and if this is the case, replacing the motor of the fan is the only solution to the problem.

And if there is dirt stuck in the motor, clean the motor thoroughly to remove every dirt or debris. This is because it would sound as if a dog is howling or barking when air passes through the motor.

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Samsung Refrigerator Making a Whooshing Sound – Quick Fix

A whooshing sound from a Samsung refrigerator is normal. It comes when you open and close the door of the refrigerator. The sound is that of the air pressure equalizing so it is not a sound coming from a faulty part of the refrigerator.

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However, if it is a continuous sound, it is abnormal and the refrigerator requires service. Contact Samsung Service center to report the issue and request service.

Samsung Refrigerator Sounds Like Water Running – Quick Fix

If you hear sound like running water in your Samsung refrigerator, it is most likely the sound of water filling the ice maker from the valve. This should last for only a few seconds and is not a cause for concern as it is normal.

The sound should be low and should be able to be ignored. However, if it is loud enough to interrupt thought or conversation, report the issue to Samsung and request service. You can also chat with any of our qualified refrigerator technicians who can readily assist you.

Another possible cause of the sound is when oil and refrigerant are flowing. While it is occasional and should not be loud, you can hear the sound sometimes when the house is quiet.

Yet another possible reason for the sound is the dripping of water into the drain pan after a defrost cycle. This may not be called running water but if the dripping is fast and steady, it could sound like slow running. Again, this is normal.

To cover all bases, check the water dispenser and the ice maker to be sure none has sprung a leak, causing the running water sound. If any of them is leaking, have a refrigerator technician come out and fix it or replace the faulty part.


A Samsung refrigerator, or any other refrigerator for that matter, is never totally quiet. It is designed to make low but steady noises, coming from different parts.

However, if a Samsung refrigerator sounds odd or makes a loud sound, have a certified technician take a look at it, determine where the sound is coming from, why it is there and fix it.

Contact Samsung Service center to report any odd sound and have them service the refrigerator. Alternatively, chat with any of our experienced refrigerator technicians so they can assist in fixing the problem permanently.

Remember to unplug the refrigerator before replacing any part that is defective. And if there are in-depth diagnostics work to be done, disconnect it from power. Doing this prevents accidental electrocution or even damage to the refrigerator.


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