How Long Does a Yeti Cooler Hold Ice?

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A Yeti cooler can hold ice in it for 7 to 10 days. This means that a week and some days will go by and you won’t need to worry about replacing the ice in the cooler. 

This is especially useful if you go on long trips regularly or if you hike in the woods, or go mountain-climbing and need a chest of ice to keep your food and drinks cold. 

Moreover, Yeti coolers are usually large enough to contain items that can cater to the needs of quite a number of people.

That being said, the brand ‘Yeti’ is an American brand that manufactures outdoor lifestyle products such as stainless-steel drinkware, ice chests, and coolers.

Its coolers are one of the most expensive coolers, but they are totally worth the cost. So, if you’re looking for a cooler to store ice for long periods, then you may want to shop Yeti’s range of coolers for a cooler that will be suitable for you.

How Long Does a Yeti Cooler Hold Ice? – When You Need a Cooler with Long Ice Life

Because not everyone needs to store items in a cooler for long periods, getting an expensive cooler that preserves your ice may not be necessary. 

For instance, if you’re going on a picnic with a friend or loved one, you can use regular coolers that would keep your items cold until you’re ready to have them. But, if you need to store items for about a week in the summer, then a Yeti cooler is highly recommended.

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Also, you could get large, dense coolers such as Yeti coolers that store ice for long periods if you plan to store a good number of items in it for a party. This is because at a party there would be constant access to the cooler and a regular cooler may not be able to hold ice for long like a Yeti cooler will when the one is opened several times.

So, before purchasing your cooler, you need to know the level of ice retention you require from the Yeti cooler to decide if it is actually what you need.




What Makes the Yeti Cooler Hold Ice for Long?

There are several components of the Yeti cooler that makes it hold ice for long periods.

Here they are:


The thickness of the material used to make the cooler plays a major role in determining how long your ice will last. Surely, you can tell that coolers made from poor materials won’t hold your ice for so long. 

The Yeti cooler and other ice retaining coolers are usually 2 inches thick. Some of them are even much thicker than that. So, you should pay attention to the thickness of your coolers before purchasing.

Although everyone appreciates a cooler that keeps ice for longer periods, this feature also comes with downsides. 

One of such downsides is the weight of the cooler. Because the material is usually heavy, the cooler tends to be quite heavy and a tad bit stressful to carry around.


Smaller coolers don’t store ice as long as their larger counterparts. Here’s how we mean –

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When you open a small cooler, all the cold air can escape at once. But for larger coolers, there’s a better distribution of cold air. So, when you open the cooler for a longer time, the internal temperature affects small cooler than larger ones.

YETI Tundra 35 Cooler, Desert Tan

Latches and Hinges  

It is typical of ice retention coolers to have tighter and stronger latches. If the latch of your cooler lid doesn’t fit well or is loose, the cooler would leak cold air. As a result, the temperature will rise and the ice will dissolve. 

Moreover, when moving around with a cooler that has a weak latch, the lid can come off at any time. The terrible thing about this is that you might not realize what has happened and the ice may have completely melted when you finally realize it. 

Type of Construction 

Some coolers are constructed with several plastics. As a result, there are weak points on the sides or corners. 

These weak points usually lead to a loss of cold air after a while. 

The Yeti cooler, on the other hand, is constructed with just one type of plastic (rotomolded construction). There is no weak point around the edges and your ice stays for longer periods.


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Type of Material 

Very strong and high-quality plastics make up the Yeti coolers. In addition, the materials used are very dense. So, there’s almost no way for your ice to escape. Regular coolers are made from permeable plastics and metals riddled with weak points. But the toughness of Yeti coolers prevents any weak points where ice may escape from.

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In addition to ice retention, the quality plastic also lends a Yeti cooler the ability to withstand scrapes and bumps really well. This is why the durability of a Yeti cooler is one of the reasons users love it. 

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A Quick Recap!

When considering how long a Yeti cooler holds ice, first decide if an expensive cooler is right for you. 

Some of the properties of a Yeti cooler include high density, thickness, rotomolded construction, large size, and high-quality lid. These properties make Yeti coolers one of the most preferable coolers for storing ice for longer periods. 

Meanwhile, note that the length of days your cooler holds ice depends on various factors like the ambient temperature and how much ice you use.

So, if it’s within your budget, you can decide to get a Yeti cooler for yourself or a loved one and enjoy the benefits of its great ice retention capacity.

To shop Yeti coolers, you can visit the Yeti store on Amazon here.

You may also take advantage of our post on how to clean a Yeti cooler to learn how to clean one.