Maytag Refrigerator Fan [Problems & Solutions]

A Maytag refrigerator fan is one of the crucial parts of the appliance’s functionality. If the fan stops working or is improperly installed, the refrigerator may stop cooling or working.

Maytag Refrigerator Fan Not Running – Solved

If you find that your Maytag refrigerator fan is not running, the first thing to do is to turn off the refrigerator. Disconnect the power cord or turn off the circuit breaker. Check the condenser fan at the bottom back of the unit; disconnect the unit from the wall outlet and move it.

Next, check to see if the fan is still fixed to the motor shaft. Sometimes, it may loosen and fall off, even though you may hear it clanging against the housing. If the fan is not on the shaft, reattach it to the shaft, ensuring it fits securely. But if the fan is attached to the shaft, check the blade.

Turn it with your hand to see how well it turns. If it is stiff, ensure there is no debris stuck in it. The fan’s location makes it vulnerable to dirt and debris over time. So, you should clean it as often as you clean the condenser coils. Therefore, get a rag and remove the dust on the fan, the blade, and the motor. Try the blade again and if it remains stiff, the motor bearings may be worn. And if the bearings are worn, replace the motor.

However, if the motor bearings are intact and the blade is in good working condition, yet the fan is not running, run a continuity test on the motor using a multimeter. If the motor shows no continuity, replace it.

Ensure the area around the fan, compressor, and condenser coils is clean. If the area is always dirty, the dirt compromises the motor’s functionality, affecting how the fan runs, if at all. Have a regular cleaning routine for the refrigerator and all its parts, at most once every three months.

Evaporator Fan

If the evaporator fan stops running, the likeliest cause is a faulty motor. To be sure, keep the refrigerator running and open the freezer door. The evaporator fan is behind the rear panel inside the compartment. Typically, the fan motor should stop running once the door, but activating the door switch starts the motor.

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Therefore, activate the door switch and see if the fan starts running. Ensure the switch is not sticking; a faulty switch can affect the fan’s functionality. If the motor does not work, test the switch with a multimeter and replace it if it is not working. But if the switch is the cause of the fan problem, test the fan motor for continuity. Replace the motor if there is no continuity.

The fans in a Maytag refrigerator are part of the unit’s cooling system. Therefore, they are crucial to how well the unit runs. If either of the fans becomes defective, the refrigerator may stop cooling or may not work altogether. Contact the Maytag Service Center to service the refrigerator if necessary.

Maytag Refrigerator Fan Keeps Running – What to Do

The cause of a constantly running refrigerator fan depends on which fan is faulty. If it is the evaporator fan, the refrigerator will always freeze. One primary reason the fan always runs without stopping is a faulty motor. Check the motor’s continuity and replace it if there is none.

Also, check the thermostat. A faulty thermostat may keep the fan up and running even after the refrigerator has achieved the desired internal temperature. If the thermostat becomes faulty, it may trigger the fan to run all the time because of delivering false readings. Test the thermostat with a multimeter and replace it if you find no continuity.

However, if you find that the condenser fan in your Maytag refrigerator keeps running, you can also check the thermostat. A defective thermostat can affect the fan and cause it to run all the time. Repairing or replacing the thermostat can fix the condenser fan problem.

Apart from the thermostat, check for dirt in the condenser coils. Thoroughly clean the condenser coils to remove dirt and it may improve the fan’s functionality. If the coils and compressor are dirty due to the fan pulling dirt when blowing air over them, they will be less likely to dissipate heat. Consequently, the dirt forms insulation over the condenser coils, builds heat and keeps the fan running all the time.

Furthermore, check the clearance around the refrigerator. You may have to move the unit to create enough space around it. That way, air can move around it and reduce the heat accumulating in the condenser compartment. Typically, create two inches of space on either side of the refrigerator, but your specific model may have other requirements.

Additionally, check the fan and motor. The blade or motor may be faulty, causing the fan to run more than necessary. In such a situation, the only solution is to replace the entire fan assembly. Ensure you purchase it with the refrigerator’s model number to get the correct replacement part.

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Maytag Refrigerator Fan Making Noise – Quick Fix

The most probable reason a fan in a Maytag refrigerator makes noise is a loose blade. If the blade loosens from the motor shaft, it hits the sides of the fan housing and creates noise. Another reason is a faulty fan motor. Debris can stick to the motor and when the motor attempts to run, there is noise.

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Therefore, check the fan blade and thoroughly clean it. Remove every debris and ensure nothing is sticking around it. Do the same for the motor. Check to see if the blade is firmly fixed to the shaft and is not bent. A bent fan blade indicates damage due to hitting something or something hitting it.

If the blade is bent, you may have to replace it. Trying to straighten it may not work. And if the motor is the problem, you may have to replace it to stop the noise, even though a noisy fan motor may keep working for some time.

Maytag Refrigerator Fan Working But Not Cooling – How to Fix

One of the primary reasons a Maytag refrigerator stops cooling is a faulty fan. But if the fan is working without the refrigerator cooling, there are other parts to check. Troubleshoot the start relay, temperature control thermostat, thermistor, and condenser coils, as this article explains. You can also check the start capacitor, temperature control board, and main control board.

How to Replace Fan in a Maytag Refrigerator

The following are steps to replace the condenser fan in a Maytag refrigerator:

Turn off the refrigerator by disconnecting it from the wall outlet. Move it to access the bottom back so that you can remove the access panel over the condenser fan, condenser coils, and compressor. Next, disconnect the wire harness from the condenser fan motor and remove the three screws holding the motor in place. Then, remove the mounting bracket out of the way.

When you do that, remove both the motor and fan blade from the mounting bracket and place them aside. Now, take the new fan assembly and attach the blade to the fan if it is not already so. Fix the fan assembly to the mounting bracket and secure it in place. Reconnect the wire harness to the motor, secure it tightly, replace the access panel, and reconnect the refrigerator to electric power. Then, test the fan.

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Here is a video showing how to replace a condenser fan motor…

The following are steps to replace the evaporator fan in a Maytag refrigerator:

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power by unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet. If you cannot reach the outlet, you may have to turn off the breaker controlling the refrigerator. Next, open the freezer section; the evaporator fan is usually behind the rear panel.

Empty the freezer of all contents, racks, and shelves so that you can remove the panel. You will need a nut driver to unthread the screws holding the panel in place. When the panel loosens, disconnect the wires connected to the light bulbs and the wire harness connected to the fan motor where it applies. Then, remove the cover. The fan is attached to it, so you must carefully move the cover.

Remove the light bulb cover and the light bulb with the socket. Doing this enables you to work on the fan without damaging the light. But take this step only where it applies. Next, remove the motor wires and other wires connected to the fan, so that you can pull off both the blade and motor.

Take the new fan assembly and install it in the place of the old one. Reconnect all the wires, put the light fixture in place, and check the fan’s stability is firmly in place. Now, place the rear cover back into the freezer section and reconnect the wire harness to the motor. Also, connect the wire back to the lights before securing the panel inside the freezer. Thread the screws back into the holes and turn on the refrigerator.

This video shows how to replace the motor of an evaporator fan in a Maytag refrigerator…


It is crucial for a Maytag refrigerator fan to work because the unit needs it to cool. The fan is part of the cooling system, along with the compressor and coils. If the fan stops running, which can happen for a number of reasons, the refrigerator stops cooling or working.

Therefore, regularly service the refrigerator, especially the moving parts, to ensure they are in good working condition. It is usually easier to find faults and replace defective parts before they become big problems. If you are unsure what to do, contact Maytag Service Center to report the issue and request service. Alternatively, hire an independent technician for further assistance.

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