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Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator — In-depth Review

Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler -- side

Kalamera is a leading brand in the consumer appliance industry that manufactures wine coolers and beverage coolers including the Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator.

Apart from its success with its line of wine coolers and beverage coolers, Kalamera boasts a large and growing customer base that has now extended to Canada, the United States, and Europe.

More so, there are talks out there that the brand plans to include compressor car fridges in its product line.

So far, the general opinion from Kalamera’s customers is good; with some highlights on the quality and attention-to-detail that Kalamera puts into its manufacturing process.

Who Needs The Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Every good beverage refrigerator should bring beverages to desired temperatures in a short period. The Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator does this and even more.

However, what may make this unit a necessity for you is if you are keen on a beverage fridge that can hold 4 packs of canned drinks all at once without looking all choked up.

We may even just be scratching the surface with this feature because another slant to the storage that this unit offers is its removable shelves.

These shelves make it easy for you to revamp the arrangement of the unit to include more cans in upright positions as well as bottles of beer and/or water.

More so, if you are in the market for a built-in refrigerator that offers the kind of capacity that this one offers, then this may be what you’ve been looking for the whole time.

The Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator has a nice kick plate at the bottom that vents the hot air from the unit to the front so that you won’t need as much clearance as you will need with a model that is restricted to freestanding installation.

So, you can rest assured that if your goal is to create that Zen style kitchen then this refrigerator will contribute to making that goal a reality.

Not sure about this fridge yet, there’s actually more to learn about it. And we are more than happy to give you the good and the bad in the features section.

Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler -- side

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Features Of The Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Efficiency and Noise Level

One reason that the Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler will be a plus to its owner is that it efficiently brings room temperature drinks to desired temperatures in no time.

Oh well, this unit has its powerful compressor to thank for this efficiency.

Now, at the mention of compressors, there’s a tendency to associate some buzzing or humming sounds to the unit in question.

However, such thoughts are dispelled where the Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler is concerned because it runs quietly.

More so, because it is a built-in model, the usual sounds that compressor-based unit make when the compressor cycles are muffled when this unit is installed between cabinets.

So, if your little one decides to take a nap after a meal on his or her high chair in the kitchen, you can rest assured that the sleeping one won’t be rudely interrupted with this unit in the same space.


The Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator has 6 metal shelves and each of them has a metal gate at the tip to hold the cans in place; irrespective of how the cans are arranged.

This feature ensures that the cans don’t stay flush against the glass door and that they don’t roll out of the unit when the door is opened.

What’s more? The shelves are removable.

Wondering why that’s anything to be happy about?

Well, for starters, the fact that the shelves are removable makes it easy for the user to determine how the drinks are arranged in the unit.

With this feature, he or she will also be able to include taller cans like that of the Red Bull energy drink as well as water bottles and beer bottles.

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Ease of Use

One of the perks of the Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator is that it is user-friendly. This makes it the kind of appliance that the user may be able to operate without reading the user’s guide.

The reason we say this is because, apart from the common rule of leaving a compressor-based unit for 24 hours before plugging it, getting this unit to work is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

For instance, it features digital controls at the top to make operating the unit easy. What’s more? Each of these control buttons is well-labeled to guide the user on what they are meant for.

So, there’s a button that controls the interior LED light, one that makes it easy to change the unit of measure and 2 buttons for increasing and decreasing the temperature in the unit.

The display screen is another user-friendly feature that makes it easy for the user to monitor the temperature in the unit at any given time.

All that said, finding the perfect location (of course, with easy access to power source) and placing the unit there, is pretty much all the work that the user needs to do.

Lock feature

When you have alcoholic drinks stashed in one place, there’s a fraction of the world’s population that shouldn’t have access to said drinks.

If that fraction is represented in your home, then you definitely need a unit that has a lock feature.

Thankfully, this unit has a lock feature.

So, for whatever reason you need to restrict access to your treasure chest of drinking pleasures, this unit is up to the task.

What’s more? The lock feature will also reduce the number of times that the unit is opened unnecessarily.

It’s not likely that you want warmer air to keep getting into the unit. We say this because this opening the unit frequently can affect its efficiency.

Temperature Control

According to the International Association of beer and soda drinkers (Uhm… this doesn’t exist!) –those who love beers and sodas – it is best to consume these fizzy drinks at cold temperatures.

And in the name of all things nice and perfect, no one deserves to drink a can of soda that is at room temperature.

This is where this beverage fridge does a fine job.

Its temperature range accommodates consumption temperatures of different drinks including juices, sodas, and water without getting to extremely cold temperatures that may threaten to burst the cans and make a complete mess in the unit.

So, for all its worth, a temperature range of 38 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit is a good and acceptable one.

There’s more – A temperature memory function!

This feature ensures that your temperature settings are preserved in your presence and absence whenever a power blip occurs.

So, instead of returning to a default temperature, once power is restored, the unit continues to cool at the temperature you set.

Carbon Filter

As with most refrigerators, when the door is opened and closed, there is usually an exchange between the cold air in the unit and the warmer air outside the unit. That may cause the unit to retain some unwanted odors.

However, because it also features a carbon filter, the air that gets into the unit is filtered out. The idea is to ensure that the interior of the unit remains fresh constantly.


The design of this Kalamera fridge is slim, simple, modern and elegant.

Its slimness makes it a refrigerator that takes up just a small fraction of the user’s real estate. So, it may be a perfect solution for a user who doesn’t have all the space in the world for a large unit.

It also features interior LED lights that cast a soft glow on the drinks and make them visible through its reversible heavy-duty glass door.

Externally, the black cabinet and stainless steel trim make the unit blend easily into any space, while the stainless steel towel-bar handle contributes to the overall look.

It also has a kick plate that allows proper ventilation from the front of the unit so that the unit can be installed between cabinets as a built-in model.


Installation? A walk in the park…

And we say this because there’s actually nothing technical about getting this unit to function. All the user needs to do is find a suitable location with a power source and the unit will be ready to serve in no time.

Well, this will be right after the unit has been allowed to sit idle for a while because of its compressor.

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Pros Of The Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator

i. Can be installed as a freestanding or built-in unit.

ii. Removable shelves can be rearranged to accommodate tall cans and some bottles.

iii. Runs efficiently and quietly.

iv. Has a good temperature range to accommodate beers, sodas, water, and juices.

v. Features a carbon filter to keep bad odors away.

vi. Has a simple, modern, and elegant style that makes it attractive and suitable in indoor spaces

vii. Features temperature memory function to retain user’s settings after a blackout.

viii. Has a security lock to keep unwanted hands out of the unit.

ix. User-friendly controls and display screen make it easy to control and monitor the temperature.

x. The door can be reversed to open to the left or right.

Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler -- sideClick here to get it on Amazon!




Cons Of The Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator

i. Some users think the lights would have been better on the sides rather than on the ceiling of the unit because they don’t get past the second row of drinks.

Alternatives to the Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Smaller Capacity

EdgeStar 62-Bottle Beverage Cooler

Are you thinking that the featured  product may be too large for the installation space you have in mind? Well, we think a smaller beverage cooler may be a better alternative. This is why we recommend the EdgeStar 62-Can Beverage Cooler.

However,while this unit isn’t so quiet when it is in operation, you can dampen the sound that comes from it by allowing ample clearance around it for ventilation. The noise level also tends to drop when the unit is fully loaded.

Its not just the fact that you can control the noise level of this unit that makes it worth having but that you can also control what goes into it. So, its shelving system is designed in such a way that you can have canned drinks in the unit and also have some bottles as well.

It can accommodate 62 cans of standard 12-Ounce drinks, or 32 Gatorade or Vitamin water-style 20-Ounce bottles, or 51 slim cans like the Red Bull Style, or 40 units of 16-Ounce taller cans known as ‘tall boy’.

Meanwhile, you may want to read our detailed review of this product for  more information about how it may be a better option for you.

EdgeStar 62-Can Beverage Cooler -- Open

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Dual Zone Option

NewAir Dual Zone Beverage Cooler

Thinking of a dual zone beverage cooler? We recommend this product as an alternative to the featured product because of its efficient dual cooling.

It has a temperature range of 36 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in its top section and a range of 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit in its bottom section. So, this makes it an ideal fridge for storing different kinds of wines and beverages at different temperatures.

So, it is entirely up to you to choose the perfect section for your drinks to get cooled. And that included wines, beers, juices, water, and sodas.

This high-end beverage cooler has the capacity to hold up to 70 canned drinks and 20 wine bottles. You may also like that its flexible shelving system allows large wine bottles and taller cans into the unit.

Moreover, it also delivers well on design, efficiency, ease-of-use, and noise level.

NewAir Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerator

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Option with Brighter Interior Lights

Avallon 140-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Alternatively, you may want to consider the Avallon 140-Can Beverage Refrigerator if you are keen on a beverage cooler with larger capacity.

It can accommodate up to 140 standard-sized canned drinks while boasting removable shelves that will allow taller cans to get into the unit.

However, the reason we recommend it is primarily because it has good lighting. There are two interior LED lights at either sides of the cooler so that the entire unit is well-lit.

In addition, its durability is evident in the quality of materials used in its construction and that includes the glass shelves,

Other features of this beverage fridge include a key lock for security, carbon filter to keep bad odors away, and a good temperature range between 34 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate beers, wines, water, sodas, and juices.

Avallon 140-Can Beverage Cooler
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Quick Comparison  

Featured Product Smaller CapacityDual Zone OptionOption with Brighter Interior Lights

Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator


Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler -- side

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EdgeStar 62-Bottle Beverage Cooler

EdgeStar 62-Can Beverage Cooler -- Open

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NewAir Dual Zone Beverage Cooler

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 Avallon 140-Can Beverage RefrigeratorAvallon 140-Can Beverage Cooler

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Dimensions 22.4 inches deep x 14.9 inches wide x 33.9 inches high20 inches high x 17 inches wide x 18.5 inches deep22.6 inches long x 23.70 inches wide x 33.6 inches high34.5 inches high x 23.9 inches wide x 23.7 inches deep
Capacity96 Cans62 Cans70 Cans and 20 Bottle140 Cans
ZoningSingle ZoneSingle ZoneDual ZoneSingle Zone
Installation TypeBuilt-in/FreestandingFreestandingBuilt-in/FreestandingBuilt-in/Freestanding
Cooling TechnologyCompressorCompressorCompressorCompressor

(degrees Fahrenheit)

38 – 50High 30s – Mid 50sTop: 36 – 50 Bottom: 50 – 6634 – 50
Available Sizes96-Can62-Can70-Can/20-Bottle140-Can
Shelves6 Metal Shelves1 Wire ShelfTop: 1 full wire shelf and half wire shelf Bottom: 2 Wooden Shelves3 Glass (Sanded) Shelves
ColorStainless Steel and BlackStainless Steel and BlackBlackStainless Steel

What Users Are Saying About The Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator

The Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator has won the hearts of many of its users because of its durability, design, versatile installation, low noise level, temperature control, and memory function.

One of the features that the users love is the temperature range. The sheer fact that this is unit is, first, efficient, and then able to accommodate different drinks was a plus for some of them.

What’s more? They appreciated the fact that they could have beers at cold temperatures without the concern that the drinks will get extremely cold and the cans will burst open.

One other feature that they liked is the vent located at the bottom. This feature gave them the choice to install the unit not only as a freestanding unit but as a built-in one.

Meanwhile, they also loved that they could protect their collection with the lock feature and keep malodorous smells away from the interior with the carbon filter.

On the flip side, the location of the interior light was a no-no for some of the users – at the top. The location prevented the light from getting past the second row of drinks.

So, some opined that placing the lights at the sides may have been a lot more appropriate.

Our Verdict

If we were to recommend a good wine fridge based on some key features and their proper delivery, we will gladly recommend the Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator. This is because apart from having the right features and more, this unit actually delivers well on them.

For instance, the design of the unit offers ample capacity to someone who wants to be able to store up to 6 packs in it without compromising on its compactness. This means that someone who has only a small fraction of their real estate to give up can take advantage of this unit.

We also love that this unit runs efficiently and has a low noise level.

It also helps to know that the unit is user-friendly and requires no technical knowledge to get it up and running.

That said, the memory function, lock feature, reversible door, and the unit’s versatile installation form are some other features that we think make this unit stand out.

However, just as a good number of the users pointed out, it will have been a lot better to have the interior lights on the sides. The suggested location, unlike where they are, will make it possible to have most of the unit’s interior lit up even when the unit is fully loaded.

Nonetheless, we think it is a refrigerator worth considering. We will also gladly recommend it to someone who is in the market for something of the sort.


Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler -- sideClick here to get it on Amazon!











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