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ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge — In-depth Review

ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge

The ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge is one of the products produced by ThinkGizmos, a gadget manufacturing company.

ThinkGizmos is known mostly for the toys it produces, which are becoming some of the leading RC toys in the world today.

Aside from manufacturing toys, ThinkGizmos also manufactures home appliances such as mini-fridges, washing machines, and ice makers. Their products have ranked top on Amazon, and have gotten lots of positive reviews from customers.

Let’s take a look at what ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge has to offer.

Who Needs the ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge?

The ThinkGizmos 10-Liter  Mini Fridge will be suitable for individuals who are not looking for something too large to place in their homes or vehicles. The mini-fridge is a good choice for those who do not want to store more than 12 soda cans in their fridge.

With this mini fridge, ThinkGizmos joins other manufacturers in the thermoelectric industry that produce mini-refrigerators that can be used for both cooling and warming. This gives people a better reason to buy mini-fridges.

So, rather than having to buy a separate cooler and warmer to cool and warm foods, this product provides the user with the benefits of having both functions in the same unit.

What’s more? The compact design of this product makes it the ideal appliance for catering to the needs of a small number of people.

So whenever you’re thinking of a sleepover, a garage or camp party with a few friends, or a road trip with the family, the ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge will be useful in keeping your drinks cold and your foods warm.

It also helps to know that it has both AC and DC adapters. So, you won’t be constrained to using the fridge only when there’s an electric socket within reach.

You can easily connect to a DC source in your car or RV vehicle. That way, you won’t run out of what to eat or what to drink.

ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge

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Features of the ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge

Power Options

Having a power source to connect your appliance to is very important, but having a range of options is even better.

The ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge comes with both AC and DC adapters.

The AC adapter is the main adapter designed to power the fridge. But there’s the option for users to use their mini-fridge with the 12V DC cigarette lighter of their vehicles while they are traveling.

If you can’t use a portable mini-fridge in your vehicle, you really shouldn’t get it except there’s a far greater advantage it brings.


The ThinkGizmos portable mini-fridge comes in two sizes: the 10-liter and 15-liter. You can purchase any depending on the size and number of items you plan to store in it.

The small design gives it a nice appearance, and the blue and white colors make it look cool enough to be placed anywhere including office spaces.

The ThinkGizmos mini-fridge has two removable shelves in it, which allows you to vary the sizes of items you keep in it. When you remove the shelves, you can fit in tall large bottles and you can keep the shelves if you plan to use it to cool canned beverages or warm small food packages.

The mini-fridge has a cool retro style design with a very strong handle on the top for carrying it about.

Its compact design also makes it easy to keep it anywhere in your vehicle, and even in small corners of your room.

Warming/Cooling Function

Dual temperature function in mini-fridges is no longer a novel thing, but it remains a feature you wouldn’t find in many larger refrigerators.

The ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge works by using a dual function semiconductor to control the cooling and warming processes.

Unlike larger refrigerators, this mini-fridge does not make use of heavy compressors to operate. This helps to eliminate noise when cooling or heating and leads to better and efficient working conditions.

Most people use mini-fridges for the cooling function because most people love to have a nice cold drink every now and then, whether it is a can of soda or a chilled bottle of wine.

However, the dual temperature function is very useful for people who purchase the mini-fridge for personal use in their offices or vehicles. With it, they can also warm foods that they already have but plan to consume later.


Mobility is another key feature of a mini-fridge to look out for.

Thankfully, this product offers easy mobility.

It features two handles on either side. These handles support the fridge and provide balance when the user moves it.

Temperature Control

Having a very fast and efficient way to control the internal temperature of your fridge means you don’t need to break a sweat when you replace the content of your mini-fridge and need to switch from warming to cooling function and vice versa.

The ThinkGizmos 10-Liter mini fridge comes with a switch which helps you change the temperature function easily.

Nonetheless, you will need to wait a little while for the internal temperature to either rise or fall to the temperature you want to switch to, but immediately you flip the switch; your device begins to function.

ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge

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Pros of the ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge

i. It is lightweight and can be carried very easily.

ii. It doesn’t make noise while functioning due to the semiconductor that it operates with.

iii. The fridge possesses two removable shelves and various items can be fitted into it.

iv. It doesn’t vibrate while operating.

v. The mini-fridge has several handles both on the top and sides for easy mobility.

vi. Has an easy switch for temperature control.

vii. Possesses both AC and DC adapters.

viii. It has dual temperature functions.

ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge

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Cons of the ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge

i. Condensation build-up.

ii. Cheap interior plastic.


Alternatives to the Cooluli Electric Mini Fridge for Cooling and Warming

Larger Capacity

Cooluli Concord 20-Liter Mini Fridge with Digital Thermostat

The Cooluli Concord 20-Liter Mini Fridge with Digital Thermostat is a great alternative if you’re looking for a mini-fridge with a larger capacity.

Apart from the size, the mini-fridge also comes with a better advantage compared to the ThinkGizmos 10-Liter mini-fridge – its digital controls.

Its operations are more automatic with the presence of a digital thermostat to regulate and maintain its internal temperature. This feature allows you to retain your items at a particular temperature and not worry about them getting too cold.

The digital operations also extend to the temperature controls, as you can switch from cold to hot with just the push of a button.

The mini-fridge has a very unique design with a front glass cover and a temperature display in front of the fridge.

You can fit it anywhere in your vehicle, home, or office.

If you’re planning to store items greater than 10 liters, then you may want to consider buying this product.

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Smaller Capacity

Cooluli 4-Liter Mini Fridge

The Cooluli 4-Liter Mini Fridge has been used by many people, most of which have great reviews about the product.

With its total capacity of 4 liters, this mini-fridge can only store up to 6 soda cans.

The fridge has a very elegant design and works quietly while cooling or warming your food items.

The compact design allows you to fit it into the smaller corners of your vehicle and rooms.

It also offers both AC and DC connectivity and comes with a power bank adapter which allows you to connect it to a power bank when there is no AC or DC power source.

With this versatility, you will almost always never run out of a cold can of drink a hot summer day.

If you think this is a more suitable option for you, you may want to check out our extensive review of the product here.

Cooluli 4-Liter 12V Cooler/Warmer with USB Adapter

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Freezer Compartment

Black+Decker 1.7 Cubic Feet Mini Fridge with Freezer Compartment

A mini-refrigerator with a freezer compartment may be what you are looking for.

The Black+Decker mini fridge has a small freezer compartment that can hold an ice cube tray and a few items that need to be frozen for a while.

The only disadvantage is that it isn’t small enough for you to carry everywhere you want, and because of this, there is no DC connectivity option available. This mini-fridge is mainly for people who want the unit to occupy a space in their homes or offices.

The Black+Decker 1.7 Cubic Feet Mini Fridge does not warm foods but is very efficient at cooling food and drinks.

This may be a great option for you if you don’t need a mini-fridge for road trips or outdoor occasions but for home or office use.

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Quick Comparison  

 Featured ProductLarger CapacitySmaller CapacityFreezer Compartment

ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge

ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge

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Cooluli Concord 20-Liter Mini Fridge 

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Cooluli 4-Liter Portable Mini Fridge

Cooluli 4-Liter 12V Cooler/Warmer with USB Adapter

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Black+Decker 1.7 Cubic Feet Mini Fridge 

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Dimensions 16 inches x 13 inches x 11 inches11.4 inches x 13.8 inches x 16 inches10.2 inches x 7.7 inches x 10.5 in18.5 inches x 17.52 inches x 19.72 inches
Capacity10 liters20 liters4 liters1.7 cubic feet
Weight10 pounds15.65 pounds5 pounds33.06 pounds
Temperature rangesAt ambient temperature

Cooling – 30°F-40°F

Heating – 149⁰F

At ambient temperature

Cooling – 40°F

Heating – 149⁰F

At ambient temperature

Cooling – 40ºF-45ºF

Heating – 122⁰F-144ºF

At ambient temperature

Cooling – 32⁰F-35.6⁰F

ConnectivityPossesses both AC and DC adapters.Has both AC and DC adapters.Features AC and DC adapters, and also has a USB adapter for connection to power banks.Has AC adapter.
Color(s)Blue/WhiteAqua Blue, Black, White, PinkBlack, Blue, White, Pink, Cow, Fuchsia, RedBlack, Silver, White


What Users Are Saying About The ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge

The ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini Fridge has received mixed reviews from users. The positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones as most people think the mini-fridge is very great and exactly what they hoped it would be.

Many customers complained about condensation build-up in the fridge after a few days of using it. The fridge which is a thermoelectric mini-fridge and not a compressor refrigerator does a good work of keeping the internal cooling temperature of the fridge to about 3 degrees Celsius.

That being said, when the ambient temperature drops, the mini-fridge also experiences a drop in temperature and can get as cold as 30⁰F. This sometimes causes ice to form at the back of the fridge and also freezes whatever items you have in the fridge.

Some users have complained that their fridge is not cold enough but the majority of users say quite the opposite.

The plastic cover behind the front door of the mini-fridge isn’t strong enough and has broken in some cases, but this doesn’t affect the temperature and operations of the fridge.

Nevertheless, most people have praised the products and manufacturers, promising to get larger sizes if they ever need them.

Our Verdict

The ThinkGizmos 10-Liter Mini-Fridge works efficiently and will serve the user for a long time, especially if he or she takes care of the product well.

It is not a large product, so it only serves a small number of people, and most users tend to buy it for gifting purposes or for personal use in their vehicles or bedrooms.

It has a maximum storage capacity of 10 liters, so anyone who plans to use it for more items than it has the capacity to store may need to try the other alternatives.

The DC and AC adapters give you a range of options you can employ as power sources for your fridge so you won’t have to wait so long without a hot meal too much on or a cold drink to sip on.

More so, its internal temperature depends on the ambient temperature. So, there’s a tendency for it to get to lower temperatures on cool days than on warm days.

The condensation build-up problem of the mini-fridge can be taken care of by regularly cleaning your fridge with a clean dry cloth, to prevent pools of water from forming at the bottom of the fridge.

ThinkGizmos provides good customer support. So, if your fridge gets damaged during the warranty period, you can contact the manufacturers to either get a refund or get your fridge replaced. This is usually done at no cost to you, so you should never hesitate to put a call through whenever the need to arises.

Get a visual perspective of what to expect from this unit by watching the video below.

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