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Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge — Detailed Review

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The Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge is a product manufactured by a brand called Chefman.

Chefman is a brand with a vision of a world where cooking is made easy, fun, and memorable. It believes that everyone who desires to be a great cook can eventually be.

And with that, it has released several products which include portable refrigerators, kettles, coffee makers, coffee grinders, deep fryers, air fryers, pressure cookers, rice cookers, slow cookers and great content that all work towards building better cooks who love their craft.

It also offers a number of other cooking products that make it easy for users to make good food available in the shortest possible time.

The development of these products not only cut into the food industry but also makes an impact in the thermoelectric and other electrical industries where products are developed daily to satisfy customers’ needs.

Let’s see what the Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge has to offer.

Who Needs the Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge?

With the growing demand for appliances that make life easier for the everyday user, manufacturers are now offering innovative products to meet the dynamic demands of the users.

The Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge comes in as that functional product that caters to the needs of users who would like to have a can or bottle of drink however and whenever they want it.

With its 4-liter capacity and compact size, a user can fit up to 6 cans of drinks in it without hassles.

What’s more? It is not only suitable for beverages, food, and snacks but can also suffice as a medicine fridge or the perfect appliance for storing beauty products.

The portability and connectivity options that come with the product make it suitable for use in vehicles while going on a trip. So, it can easily pass as a must-have car companion.

It would also come in handy at picnics, small gatherings, family union and any other get-together that involves cold drinks and warm food.

And speaking of warm food, this unit isn’t just a fridge. It also doubles as a warmer. So, you can choose to use the cooling or warming function whenever you want.

This is great news for people who don’t consume their food immediately they get it because they can bank on the fact that they will be able to warm the food whenever they want to.

There’s a lot more to learn about this product. We will show you more in the next section which is the features section.

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Features of the Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge

Power Options

When it comes to power options for a regular and compact mini fridge, there’s always a restriction to AC sources.

But this mini fridge by Chefman comes with options.

It has both AC and DC connectivity options. So, it comes with two cables You will also see the adapter at the back of the unit.

The AC adapter and cord is for the usual connection to 120V AC socket at home or in the office, while the 12V DC adapter is meant for connection to the 12V cigarette lighter of your vehicle.

Note that you shouldn’t connect the fridge to a 24V DC vehicle because it is not compatible with it.

With the right connection, you can enjoy your long trips knowing that a can of cold drink will be within reach when you want it.


The design of the mini-fridge makes it look great anywhere. It also makes it easy for you to place it in really small spaces in your rooms, a loft, man cave, RV vehicle or your personal car.

What’s more? It comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

This mini fridge also has a removable shelf which lets you fit in items of different sizes. It can even take up to 4 bottles of water if you remove the shelf completely.

The sleek fridge has a nice silver handle which not only lets you shut and open the front door properly but also keeps it locked so that warm air doesn’t get into the fridge.


The compact size of this unit makes it very easy to move around.

Portability is also not a problem because the Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge is lightweight and can be handled by an adult or a teenager.

It also has a small handle on the top which allows you to transport it easily from place to place.

Although the handle appears so small that it may hurt your fingers when you’re holding on to it, it suffices for its intended purpose.

In fact, carrying it by its handle may not be a big problem if you’re not trying to walk several kilometers with it in your hand.

If you would be carrying it for a while, then we advise that you carry it by the sides to prevent it from slipping from your hands.

You may also want to keep it out of children’s reach so that it retains its durability.

Cooling/Warming Function

Many portable mini-fridges manufactured in recent times come with a dual temperature function. This mini-fridge is no different.

The Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge can either cool items or warm them depending on what the user wants at the moment.

It is important to note that the fridge depends on the ambient temperature and the temperatures of the products placed in it.

What do we mean?

You cannot put a very warm item into this mini-fridge and expect it to get cold in an hour or two, neither can you put a cold item and expect the fridge to heat it. The mini-fridge can only maintain the temperatures of whatever you put into it and sometimes, make it slightly better.

So, if you want to cool an item, try keeping something that is almost cold or already cold to enjoy good results.

Temperature Control

The method of controlling the temperature function of your mini-fridge is an important aspect to take note of.

The Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge allows you to change from cooling to warming and vice versa with only the flip of a switch.

It is important to also note that you have to switch off the fridge before pushing the switch. Doing this is to ensure that your fridge runs smoothly.

Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge

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Pros of the Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge

i. It has a low noise level.

ii. It is 100% Freon-free and Eco-friendly.

iii. It has a switch for easy temperature control.

iv. It comes with both AC and DC adapters and cords.

v. Possesses dual temperature function – can be used for cooling and warming.

vi. Has a removable shelf.

vii. It has a handle for easy mobility.

viii. It is lightweight.

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Cons of the Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge

i. Poorly fitting power cord.

ii. Doesn’t get as cold as expected.

Alternatives to the Cooluli Electric Mini Fridge for Cooling and Warming

Larger Capacity

Cooluli Concord 20-Liter Mini Fridge with Digital Thermostat

The Cooluli Concord mini-fridge comes in a much larger size than the Chefman 4-Liter mini-fridge. Despite having similar body structures and equally elegant design, this mini-fridge comes with a bigger package than just a larger size.

While it can take in more of your canned beverages, fruits, snacks, and other items, its mode of operation is also more modern and top-notch.

The mini-fridge operates digitally, using a digital thermostat to regulate the temperature inside the fridge. It lets you set the temperature so you don’t worry about your items getting too cold or too warm.

It also displays the temperature readings in front so you can see what is happening whether you’re in your homes or vehicles.

If you would prefer something of a larger size, which is also affordable, stylish, and modern, you should check out this mini-fridge.

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Adapter Option

Cooluli 4-Liter Portable Mini Fridge

Power options are important when it comes to choosing the perfect mini-fridge. Having options on how you can power up your mini-fridge gives you great liberty to use it anywhere.

The Cooluli 4-Liter mini-fridge comes with a USB adapter which allows you to power up your fridge with just a power bank. This is great news!

Power banks come in various sizes and you can get one strong enough to last you for a long time and keep your fridge alive.

Do not try to connect your fridge to laptops or any personal computers as they do not generate enough energy to power your fridge.

Fancy this mini-fridge? Learn more about this product in our detailed review.

Cooluli 6-Can Mini Fridge -- 1

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Freezer Compartment

Black+Decker 1.7-Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator with Freezer Compartment

Just in case you are in the market for a mini-fridge with a freezer since portable mini-fridges rarely come with this function, this one by Black +Decker may likely be your plug.

While this refrigerator cannot be used in a vehicle since it is too large and does not have a DC adapter, it sure pays as a stay-in-place refrigerator that you can install in your homes and offices.

It offers a larger capacity, comes in a jet black color, and has a compact and elegant design.

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Quick Comparison  

Featured ProductLarger CapacityAdapter OptionFreezer Compartment

Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge

Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge --3

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Cooluli Concord 20-Liter Mini Fridge 

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Cooluli 4-Liter Portable Mini Fridge

Cooluli 6-Can Mini Fridge -- 1

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Black+Decker Compact Refrigerator

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Dimensions 9.6 x 7.3 x 10.6 inches11.4 inches x 13.8 inches x 16 inches10.2 inches x 7.7 inches x 10.5 in18.5 inches x 17.5 inches x 19.7 inches
Capacity4 liters20 liters4 liters1.7 cubic feet
Weight4.55 pounds15.65 pounds5 pounds33.1 pounds
Temperature rangesCooling – 32°F -35⁰F below ambient temperature

Heating – 150⁰F

At ambient temperature

Cooling – 40°F

Heating – 149⁰F

Ambient temperature

Cooling – 40ºF-45ºF

Heating – 122⁰F-144ºF

At ambient temperature

Cooling – 32⁰F-35.6⁰F

ConnectivityPossesses both AC and DC adapters.Has both AC and DC adapters.Has DC/AC adapters, and also has a USB adapter for connection to power banks.Features an AC adapter.
Color(s)Black, Blue, Pink, WhiteAqua Blue, Black, White, PinkBlack, Blue, White, Pink, Cow, Fuchsia, RedBlack
Removable shelves1211


What Users are Saying About the Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge

The Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge has had lots of reviews from users of the product, of which as many that liked the product also disliked the product.

The mixed reviews posed some confusion as to whether more users should buy the product, but we’ll help clear things out.

This mini-fridge works very great for people who live in low-temperature areas, as the internal temperature depends on the surrounding temperature. As opposed to the description which says the fridge temperature drops 32-35 degrees below ambient temperature, it does not drop that low. At most, it only drops 25-26 degrees below.

It can be pretty bad for people who are living in warmer climes because their beverages rarely get cold.

Another problem almost everyone has with the mini-fridge is that it doesn’t last long. Many users have reported their mini-fridges giving up just a few months after purchase. Some of them even got damaged a few days or weeks after the users got them.

Condensation build-up is something almost everyone using this fridge has experienced. The fridge doesn’t get so cold to form ice, but there’s always water at the bottom of the fridge which makes things messy and causes leakage if it doesn’t get wiped on time.

Even with some reports of faulty power cables, many users are still satisfied with the products and have very little critical reviews to give. You must take note of what you want to use the fridge for before attempting to purchase it.

Our Verdict

The Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge works quite well for people in colder climes.

Although it works great for some people, there’s a 50% chance that it might not work so well for you. This implies that the product isn’t so trustworthy. In some cases where people bought 2 mini-fridges, one of them came with a perfect power cord while the other came with an ill-fitting cord.

You can’t exactly predict if your purchase would make the difference, so it’s advisable to only leap if you have money to spare.

Chefman, the company that manufactures the product, gives a 1-year warranty on it. This means if you decide to buy the product and it gets damaged within one year of purchase, you should immediately contact the manufacturers to have it replaced or to get a refund.

That being said, several other products fall in the price range of the Chefman 4-Liter Mini Fridge or just a little higher, that can provide better quality than this product. Although it is a good product and sometimes could prove to be efficient, there seems to be a lot of poorly made ones and it remains uncertain whether the mini-fridge you have purchased will be a good one.

Here’s a video from Chefman about what to expect from this product:

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