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Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator — In-depth Review

Phiestina 106-Can Beverage RefrigeratorThe Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator is made by a brand known as Phiestina. While we don’t have so much information about the brand, we found out during our research that the brand also manufactures other products like wine coolers and water faucets.

Customers’ reviews also show that the brand does a fine job of ensuring that its products are made from high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting use.

It will also help to know that the end goal of its manufacturing process is to ensure that the user has a pleasant after-sales experience.

In this review of the Phiestina 106- Can Beverage Refrigerator we will help you determine whether you will indeed have a pleasant after-sales experience.

Who Needs The Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator

If your refrigerator looks quite choked up at the moment and you keep quite a number of canned drinks and bottles in it along with your fruits, food, and vegetables, then rest assured that your problem can only be solved with a good beverage refrigerator.

However, what defines a good beverage refrigerator apart from it being able to deliver well on its features depends on what the user actually needs.

For instance, one reason that the Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator will be useful to you is if you are in the market for a beverage fridge that can store and cool at least 100 cans of sodas and/or beers.

And that’s not all…

While the general need for a beverage fridge is to deal with having to consume room temperature beers and sodas, this unit’s temperature range may be, in fact, what you need.

Why do we say so?

Well, for starters, a temperature range of 38 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, like the one this fridge offers, is often considered a good range for cooling drinks to acceptable consumption temperatures.

Meanwhile, user-friendliness is another thing you may want to consider when deciding on a beverage fridge.

That said, this one by Phiestina seems like a good candidate in that regard. Thanks to its digital control panel, selecting a preferred temperature can be done easily with its touch buttons while the actual temperature inside the unit can be monitored easily from the LED display screen.

However, there’s still more to learn about this beverage refrigerator before you can honestly decide on whether or not it is the perfect one for you.

We will flesh all these out in the next section – the features section.

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Features Of The Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Efficiency and Noise Level

One of the perks of having the Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator is that it has a powerful compressor. This feature is responsible for the unit’s efficiency in bringing room temperature drinks to desired temperatures in a short period.

With this beverage fridge, the difference will be clear in a matter of minutes.

What’s more? For a compressor-based fridge, it runs quietly (not silently). However, it may get slightly louder when it cycles. But you have to be in the same room to hear it cycling.

So, you need not worry that a sleeping child will be forced to break his or her nap because there’s a refrigerator in the house.


The Phiestina 106-Can Beverage refrigerator features 6 metal shelves. Each of these shelves has a small fixed gate at the tip to hold the cans in place so that they don’t slide or fall forward.

What’s even more useful in terms of storage is that the shelves are removable and adjustable. This makes it easy for the user to customize how his or her canned drinks are stored.

That said, in its default arrangement, the 2nd and last shelf in the unit are spaced in such a way that the cans can be made to stand on the shelves for full display. Also, because they have more space than the other 4 shelves, they can come in handy whenever the Red Bull canned drinks arrive.

Moreover, stacking is also possible with these shelves as well as the very first shelf in the unit. So, you can have the cans lie on top of each other to maximize the available space.

You see, with this unit, the display and arrangement of your canned drinks is entirely up to you.

Temperature Control

A temperature range of 38 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit is a fair range for cooling drinks as it accommodates not just beers and sodas but water and juices as well.

And for those who like their beers served cold and frothy, 38 degrees Fahrenheit is fair enough to make that happen.

However, much more than its temperature range, the Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator holds temperatures well.

As you may know, the temperature in a cooling unit, like a fridge, tends to rise when the door is opened and warmer air gets in.

But with this frost-free beverage fridge, the temperature stabilizes quickly after the door is shut.

Unfortunately, there’s a tendency for condensation to form on the glass door on warmer days.

Ease of Use

The user-friendly nature of the Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Fridge is evident in its digital controls. This unit features touch buttons for increasing or decreasing the temperature in the unit, one for turning the interior LED light off and on, and another for changing the unit of measure from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Thankfully, these buttons are well-labeled to indicate what they are meant for.

So, apart from the general instruction to allow compressor-based coolers to sit for 24 hours before they are cooled, there’s actually little to no help that the user requires to get this unit up and running.

Oh, we should also mention that the control panel also has a digital screen that displays the temperature in the unit at every given time. Because of this feature, you can save the money that you may have needed for a separate digital thermometer.

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The Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator has a slim profile that makes it a go-to for an appliance that offers generous capacity without taking up so much of the user’s real estate.

If its dimensions of 15.6 inches width by 22.5 inches depth by 33.1 inches height make it a good fit for your available space, then you may want to go all-in with this beverage fridge.

However, we also suggest that the space that you are looking to have it installed in has at least 3 inches extra since it is a freestanding unit and will require ample clearance for ventilation.

That said, the overall design is a good one.

You may like the black cabinet’s contrast with the stainless steel trim on its glass door. In our opinion, the colors make it suitable in any location.

The design also includes other features like the stainless steel towel-bar handle and the see-through glass door.

Meanwhile, the transparent glass door makes a clear display of the unit’s contents without the need to open the unit, while the interior LED light enhances the aesthetics of the unit and provides good visibility in poorly-lit places.

Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator -- Digital control

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Pros Of The Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator

i. Shelves are removable and adjustable to customize storage space and accommodate tall cans.

ii. Interior LED light creates a nice ambiance and provides good visibility.

iii. Has a slim design that doesn’t take up so much floor space without compromising on capacity.

iv. Features user-friendly controls and a display screen that displays the temperature in the unit.

v. Installation is a breeze.

vi. Temperature range is wide enough to accommodate beers, sodas, water, and juices.

v. Runs efficiently and quietly.

vi. Holds temperatures well and consistently.

vii. It is frost-free

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Cons Of The Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator

i. Condensation builds on the glass door on warm days.

ii. Some users wish the door was reversible.

Alternatives to the Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Option with Reversible Door

Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator

The door of featured product opens to the right side of the unit but it is not reversible. If one reason that you are skeptical about this product is that it doesn’t give you control on the orientation of the door, then this one by Kalamera may be a better alternative.

However, it is important to note that the Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator has a capacity that is 10 bottles less than the featured product. So, if you don’t mind you can actually opt for this one instead.

That said, these two products are a lot alike with respect to other features. For instance, they both have slim designs that make them suitable for installation in small corners.

This product is also a compressor-based one and it functions efficiently and quietly.

What’s more? It has a temperature range that can accommodate wines, beverages and soda while promising safety for your collection with its lock feature.

Think this is a more suitable beverage fridge for you? Then you may want to learn more about this product in this detailed review before you make a choice.

Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler -- side

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Dual Zone Option

NewAir Dual Zone Beverage Cooler

A dual zone beverage cooler will be an ideal option for you if you are in the market for a cooler that is suitable for a variety of drinks that need to be cooled at different temperatures.

And this is where this dual zone beverage refrigerator by NewAir comes in.

This cooler is split into two distinct sections with the top section boasting a temperature range of 36 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This section can be used as the perfect storage center for beers and wines that you may like to consume at really cold temperatures.

The bottom section, on the other hand, has a temperature range of 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit for red wines and absolutely any other thing you deem perfect for the cooling range.

At the end of the day, with this cooler’s temperature ranges and its 70-can and 22-bottle capacity, it is entirely up to you to cool what you want wherever you want.

You may also like that this high-end refrigerator has a unique shelf design that makes it accommodating of more cans and bottles.

Other features that this product delivers well on are design, efficiency, ease-of-use, and noise level.

NewAir Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerator

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Different Color

Whynter 120-Can Beverage Refrigerator

More than having a larger capacity, this beverage fridge by Whynter has a unique white color that makes it pop and blend with existing appliances and furniture.

It also has a wide temperature range that accommodates different kinds of drinks including beers, soda, and water.

This well-designed cooler may be what you want because it  comes in white. But there are a few more things we think you should learn about it.

For a chance to get a full picture of what to expect with this fridge, you can read our detailed review of the product here.

Whynter 120-Can Beverage Refrigerator

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Quick Comparison  

Featured ProductOption with Reversible DoorDual Zone OptionDifferent Color

Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator

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Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Refrigerator

Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler -- side

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NewAir Dual Zone Beverage Cooler

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Whynter 120-Can Beverage Refrigerator

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Dimensions 15.6 inches wide x 22.5 inches deep x 33.1 inches high14.9 inches wide x 22.4  inches deep x 33.9 inches high22.6 inches long x 23.70 inches wide x 33.6 inches high19 inches wide x 17 inches deep x 25.25 inches high
Capacity106 Cans96 Cans70 Cans and 20 Bottle120 Cans/ 3.4 Cubic-feet
ZoningSingle ZoneSingle ZoneDual ZoneSingle Zone
Installation TypeFreestandingBuilt-in/FreestandingBuilt-in/FreestandingFreestanding
Cooling TechnologyCompressorCompressorCompressorCompressor

(degrees Fahrenheit)

38 – 5038 – 50Top: 36 – 50 Bottom: 50 – 6630 – 60
Available Sizes106-Can96-Can70-Can/20-Bottle120-Can
Shelves6 Metal Shelves6 Metal ShelvesTop: 1 full wire shelf and half wire shelf Bottom: 2 Wooden Shelves5 Metal Shelves
ColorStainless Steel/BlackStainless Steel/BlackBlackWhite(Also available in Stainless Steel Color)

What Users Are Saying About The Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator

For a good number of users, the Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator is a good one to have. And these users have reasons to back their claim.

For instance, quite a number loved that the unit has a slim profile that makes it take up only some space in their real estate without compromising on its capacity.

And speaking of capacity, being able to hold almost 5 packs of 12-ounce canned drinks was noteworthy for some of the users. Plus the fact that the shelves are adjustable and removable gave them the leverage to also include taller cans, have some of the cans stacked, and get some beer and water bottles into the unit.

For some of the users, this unit is not in any way silent. However, there appears to be a consensus on the fact that it is a low noise level refrigerator. So, even though it actually does produce some sounds, it helped to know that the sounds were not unbearable.

That said, the temperature range was quite accommodating of a number of user preferences. For instance, the lowest temperature being 38 degrees Fahrenheit could give some of the users the icy and frothy beer that they love.

On the flip side, the fact that some condensation forms on the surface of the glass door; especially on the warm days in summer was not expected. However, there hasn’t been so much fuss about it except a few mentions.

Nonetheless, a major issue for some of the users was that the door isn’t reversible. So, they were confined to having the door open to the right-hand side.

Our Verdict

If the choice was left to us, we may advise you to go for the Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator because of its design, quality, user-friendliness, and generous capacity.

We particularly love that the brand was able to merge little footprint with considerable capacity to meet the needs of users who don’t have all the space in the world for a larger fridge.

More so, this unit solves the problem of those who have choked up refrigerators because their drinks share the same space as their fruits and vegetables – it decongests their main fridges.

Its user-friendliness is another feature that we love because it gives the user fewer concerns about how to get around using it.

Its digital controls are well-labeled to provide information on what they are meant for, while the display screen helps the user to monitor the temperature in the unit.

Our only concern with this unit is that it only opens to the right side because the door is not reversible. This only reduces the choices that the user has when it comes to where he or she can install the unit.

For instance, if the available space in the kitchen has appliances on its right side, then there’s a limit to have far to the right that the unit can open to.

With all that said, we think there are many reasons to have this beverage unit than to do otherwise.

Phiestina 106-Can Beverage Refrigerator -- Shelves

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