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Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler — In-depth Review

Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

Our aim in this review is to arm you with all the knowledge you need to have about the Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler.

But first, let’s learn a little about the manufacturer, shall we?

Wine Enthusiast was founded 4 decades ago by newlyweds Adam and Sybil Strum. At the time the company was founded, Adam was a professional wine salesman just as his father was. Sybil, on the other hand, was a TV girl. And it happened that the couple’s love for wine was so intense that the passion was hard to miss.

When they started out, they sourced these scarce items and delivered them to different homes. And by the end of the first year, they had delivered 100 orders. Then came the brand, Wine Enthusiast.

It’s been 40 years since Adam and Sybil birthed this brand that is now world-class and renowned in the industry for supplying wine accessories. The family legacy is still being sustained today by Erika and Jacqueline; who are daughters of the founding pair.

That said, if there’s one thing you should know about this New York-based brand it will be that the brand’s idea of making wine accessories accessible to the public is that its products are not just accessible but functional, innovative, and affordable.

Come with us and let’s find out if the Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler is a testimony of what Wine Enthusiast claims to be about.

Who Needs The Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler?

One good reason most people shop for 12-bottle wine coolers is that they are particular about small wine collections. If that’s the case, such people may want to consider opting for this wine cooler by Wine Enthusiast.

The Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler offers storage to 12 standard-sized wine coolers and will accommodate larger bottles if one or more of its shelves are removed.

What’s more? The portability and compactness of the Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine cooler makes it suitable for those who have small spaces but are keen on having a wine cooler.

How do we mean?

Well, for starters, the wine cooler is designed in such a way that it is unarguably space-efficient. So, users can decide to place it on a countertop, under a cabinet or in between cabinets, on the floor, or on a table.

More so, moving it from one place to another, should the need to move it arises, is quite easy and hassle-free because of its size.

If you also happen to be someone who is very keen on appliances that are not noisy, then this wine cooler may be what you need; because while it cools wine bottles efficiently, it actually runs noiselessly.

Nonetheless, zeroing in a little more on the features of this wine cooler will help you decide on whether this unit is the perfect one for you.

Come along!

Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler -- 1

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Features Of The Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

Efficiency and Noise Level

One of the perks of having the Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler is that it cools efficiently.

However, as advised in the instructions that come with this unit, once you have it installed and plugged, you may need to wait a while for the unit to reach the set temperature.

Meanwhile, with this unit, you can bank on temperature consistency.

One other good thing about this unit is that it runs quietly. If any sound is produced at all it will be from the fan. More so, the sounds are usually bearable and can be ignored.

Being a single zone wine cooler, this unit will not be able to store both red and white wines at different temperatures at the same time. However, the temperature range can allow it to store either red or white wines.

So, if your collection has either of the two wine types, you can be sure that this wine cooler will cater to your storage needs.


The size of this wine cooler is probably one of the reasons that some customers love it. It is compact and portable. And these features make it a suitable option for those who have issues with the amount of space they can give up for a 12-bottle wine cooler.

It also means that moving it will be hassle-free and easy. So, you can decide to change the position of the unit till you are satisfied with where it is placed.

Typically, because of its size and portability, this wine cooler can be stored in almost any location in your kitchen – on a counter, under a cabinet, between cabinets, or on a table.

So, if you are looking for a good countertop 12-bottle wine cooler, you may want to consider this one.


The Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler also has an elegant and attractive design.

The stainless steel look makes it suitable in almost any space in a home; such that you don’t have to worry that the unit will look awkward in a place where there is an existing theme.

You may also like the fact that the handle is recessed and located at the side rather than protruding from the door.

Still on the design, the see-through glass door makes the wine collection visible and reduces the chances of having to open the unit to find out what you have in it every time, while the soft LED light makes night visibility possible.

What’s more? Since the touch buttons and the LCD screen are located on the unit’s door rather than inside the unit, you’ll have fewer reasons to keep opening the unit.

Energy Consumption

The Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler is a low energy consumption appliance. This means if you choose this wine cooler, you’ll be saving a few bucks on electricity.

Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

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Pros Of The Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

i. Attractive and elegant design.

ii. Runs efficiently and quietly.

iii. Portable, compact and lightweight for those with space constraints.

iv. Suitable as a countertop wine cooler.

v. See-through glass door and interior light makes the wine collection visible.

vi. Precise temperature control reduces the chances of fluctuations.

vii. Low on energy consumption.

viii. Easy installation.

Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler -- 2

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Cons Of The Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

  1. A few customers complain that the shelves are not as well-spaced as they would have liked.

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Alternatives to The Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

Smaller and More Affordable Option

Westinghouse 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Westinghouse 6-Bottle Wine Cooler passes for a small and efficient wine cooler. It will be suitable for you if you are new to wine collection and want to start one step at a time.

If you also just like to keep your wine collection really small just for the fun of it or you have space constraints then it will be just fine for you.

Because of its portability and compactness, this wine cooler can literally be stored anywhere – counter tops, under cabinets, on a table or on the floor in your living room.

If you are also stuck on gift ideas for someone who you are sure loves or collects wines then you may want to consider getting him or her this wine cooler.

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Option with Upright Bottle Storage

Nutrichef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

The shelf spacing in the featured product may not be perfect for large bottles. Not to despair, we found this 12-bottle wine cooler that offers flexible storage.

And by flexible we mean it allows you store the wine bottles both in the traditional horizontal way and in the upright way. This means you get to store the large bottles in the upright position. You may also take advantage of this section to store open wine bottles that still have some wine left in them.

And since the control buttons can be locked, the chances of the little ones tampering with the temperature settings will reduce.

The Nutrichef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler comes in an elegant design, is compact and lightweight, and it cools wines efficiently and quietly.

You may want to read our full review of this product here to learn more about it.

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Dual Zone Wine Option

Nutrichef 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This wine cooler comes with a number of features that make it a good buy.

First of all, it’s a dual zone wine cooler. This means it can allow a wide variety of wines irrespective of their recommended cooling temperatures.

And in terms of capacity, this wine cooler offers much more than the featured product. It also offers flexible storage so that you can store bottles in upright and lying positions.

So, instead of leaving an open bottle out of the unit because it won’t stay horizontally in the wine cooler, you can now place it in an upright position without fears of leaks and spills.

We should also let you know that this wine cooler takes a short time to reach a set temperature.

Moreover, installation is a walk in the park.

So, once you get your order delivered, all you need to do is plug the unit, set the temperature, and wait a little while for the unit to resume its duties as a wine cooler.

NutriChef 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

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Quick Comparison  

Featured Product Smaller and More Affordable Upright Bottle Storage Dual Zone Option

Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler -- 1

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Westinghouse 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

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Nutrichef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler


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Nutrichef 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

NutriChef 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

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Dimensions 15.25 inches x 15.75 inches  x 19.75 inches 10 inches x 20.25 inches x 14.875 inches 9.9 inches x 25 inches x 19.7 inches 20 inches x 13.6 inches x 25.4 inches
Capacity 12 Bottles 6 Bottles 12 Bottles 18 Bottles
Zoning Single Zone Single Zone Single Zone Dual Zone
Installation Type Freestanding Freestanding Freestanding Freestanding
Cooling Technology Thermoelectric Thermoelectric Thermoelectric Thermoelectric
Available Sizes 12-Bottle 6-Bottle




12-Bottle 18-Bottle
Shelves 3 Wooden Shelves 2 Chrome Shelves 2 Full-wire and 3 Half-wire Chrome Shelves 2 Full-wire and 3 Half-wire Chrome Shelves
Color Stainless Steel Black Black Black

What Users Are Saying About The Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler, according to most users, is a good choice for an efficient 12-bottle wine cooler.

Word out there is that the unit is an elegant and attractive stainless steel wine cooler that can conveniently cater to the storage needs of standard-sized wine bottles.

In fact, wine lovers who love the bliss of tagging their names to a small wine collection love the fact that this wine cooler can make their dream come true.

This wine cooler doesn’t just score well in the aspect of space and preference for small collections alone but is also suitable where efficiency is concerned.

For some customers, the extra joy is that the unit runs quietly. So, those with kids have fewer worries especially when their toddlers are taking a nap.

Some customers have also mentioned how suitable this wine cooler is as a countertop wine cooler. It can literally be placed anywhere in a kitchen – under the cabinet, on the counter, between cabinets and on a counter. And that’s because of its portability.

More so, if the unit seems to be a bit too high in a preferred location, then the feet can be removed to make it fit in.

That said, the major drawback for most customers is in the shelving of the unit. A good number mentioned that the racks were a bit too tight for some bottles to fit in. And the solution to getting them to fit in was taking out a rack. Of course, as you may know, doing that reduced the number of bottles that can be stored.

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Our Verdict

The Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler is a good recommendation for a 12-bottle wine cooler except that the space between the shelves is a bit too small for even some 750ml bottles to fit in.

Of course, this is where the need to remove at least one rack for the bigger bottles to fit in comes in. But again that will reduce the number of bottles that can be stored in it.

It would have been really cool to have wide-spaced shelves. But we reasoned that taller heights between the shelves may mean a slight change in the design.

And by that we mean that one may not enjoy the portability and compactness that the unit currently has. But again we don’t think the difference can be ignored to an extent.

That said, the high points of the unit are reasons we will recommend it to someone who needs a 12-bottle wine cooler.

We like the fact the unit runs quietly and efficiently and that it is low on energy consumption. It is also attractive and brings aesthetic value to any space it is placed in.

We also love that it is portable and compact enough for those who don’t have so much real estate to give up for a bigger wine cooler.

So, we think this cooler is good and worth considering.

Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

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